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Why is Paula Abdul still trying to cheerlead somewhere? Somebody gave her another reality show called "Rah" and it's about College Cheerleading teams competing.

Celebs Kick It Courtside+Blair Underwood Confirms "Dirty Sexy Money" Is Dunzo!

And that's a wrap for ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money".  One of my fave shows so I'm pretty pissy to say the least.  Blair Underwood told media folks that while ABC is saying the "C" word, they for damn sure aren't on the schedule for next year.  So that means Cancellation.  We reported a while back that our sources said the Disney parent company ixnayed the show and it only has a couple more episodes.  So I guess it's true.  No more sexy Simon Elder for us.... LaLa Vasquez and Baby Kiyan hit up the Denver Nuggets game vs. ATL Hawks in Atlanta this week.  They were there to watch Daddy Carmelo play.  EDIT: Apologies for stating the man in the picture was Carmelo's father as it is impossible for it to be. I was unaware of the situation and was simply reporting the information as it was stated by the photographer of the pics--which clearly was incorrect.
LaLa looked pretty cute. And Jeezy made an appearance. More pics when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Lil Kim Covers "Disturbia"+Diddy's Past Catches Up+Behind The Scenes With Notorious

EXCLUSIVES: BET's "The Black Carpet" CANCELLED!+ "Real Housewives of DALLAS" Set To Go?

We've found out some exclusive tidbits going on in TV land. With all those cuts Viacom talked about making last week, it looks like BET's gossip and entertainment news show "The Black Carpet" is dunzo. Toure, one of the show's hosts, confirmed that it's indeed over with. Interesting, since that was pretty much the only show on BET that wasn't wack as all hell. Even though I don't think people were even watching.

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Blair Underwood's "Dirty Sexy Money" CANCELED?+Lauren London No Longer Strictly D*ckly On "90210"?

Beyonce Mania Continues: "Ave Maria" At Rockefeller Center+A Hefty Donation+X-Factor Appearance?

Check out Beyonce's performance of "Ave Maria" at last nights Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at NY's Rockefeller

Aicia Keys Does "The Tyra Show"

On a show airing Friday, December 5th, Alicia Keys stops by “The Tyra Banks Show” to discuss everything from rumors of her performing at the Inaugural Ball to the fundraiser event she recently hosted for the charity she co-founded “Keep A Child Alive.” “The Tyra Banks Show” also surprises one of the HIV-positive children whose life has been saved by Alicia’s charity. Noah, a 15-year-old aspiring musician from Rwanda, performs on the show his original song co-written by producer Swiss Beats with Tyra and Alicia serving as his backup dancers. Tyra also surprises Noah with clothing, an ipod, a digital music recorder to record his music with and a $5,000 donation to his family. Cute. Here's what AK said about rumors circulating that she will be performing at President-elect Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball:
“I’m very excited about that. That’s very very exciting. It’s such a historic moment. I’m very excited. Nothing is confirmed yet though.  I can’t confirm that…If it were to happen…I would have to put together something special.”
And she almost had an alter ego stage name :
“Wild…Alicia Wild. Its fierce, its rebellious, its tough…I was like, ‘Ma, What do you think?’ and she’s like, ‘It sounds like a stripper.’”
Glad that didn't happen.  We have enough multiple personalities running around these parts. More about AK on Tyra when you read the rest...