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TEASERS: Jacksons, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke

Here's the teaser video (y'all know how I feel about these damn teaser videos!) for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" video:

Which means the real thing is dropping either later today or tomorrow.  The two will be performing this track at the World Series tonight as well--7:30p EST.

Speaking of Jay, Rap Radar has a snippet of his and Robin Thicke's new song “Meiplé (Me I Play)”. Check it here.  Hov slips in a shout out to his wife too. The Jackson reality show trailer when you read the rest...

Black Face In French Vogue?+Real Housewives Demanding Syndication Money?!

So there is a 14-page French Vogue spread featuring model Lara Stone in blackface/black body coming out. It's sending lots of folks into an uproar.

Some folks say this was a cheap gimmick with an empty purpose. Others say it's an interpretation of high fashion. But what are your thoughts?

In other news, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are clamoring around trying to get artist credentials. Why? So they can get a cut of the big bucks Bravo is about to ring in off their syndicated episodes of the show on their sister networks. The issue is: EVERY housewife signed a contract stating they would not be paid as an actor due to the "reality show" nature of the program. But y'all know that's not stopping these Atlanta Housewives. Here's what one of them allegedly said about it:
“This is some bull shit, we’ve been fighting their as* for the longest to keep the show from going to syndication without us making a dime … Damn, we not getting a dime and they making all the money… WOW … They can play the show forever and we will never get a check that aint right.”
Source Probably should have negotiated that before signing that contract all quick because you're extra excited about being a "star". Speaking of these chicks, the previews for tonight's show are under the cut...

VIDEO FAB: Alicia Keys & Jay-Z Film "Empire State Of Mind" Vid+Tyra In "Gossip Girl"

NEW Atlanta Semi-Housewives Hitting The Reality Scene?!

What in the swagger jacking hell? There's another reality show coming to Atlanta! It's about 4 black women (plus a white woman) and a black guy/girlfriend who's in the mix (pictured on the end).  Sound familiar? They had a pre-production party last night in Atlanta. Crazy enough, we hear it's being shopped to Bravo and is tentatively called "Real Women of Atlanta". Here's pics and a short snippet about each "cast member":

The show is about women--Jamilah, Regina, Nicole, Cade, and Krista--who do not live off of men or wealthy boyfriends and make money for themselves. The show starts taping this fall with anticipated Spring 2010 air date. This is a mess...

Photographer: Paras Griffin The other Housewives' previews when you read the rest...

Afternoon Bits

A few tidbits for my YBF Londontowners:

Jay-Z DID Flip Out On Lil Mama?+Chris Rock's Wife No Likey Kerry Washington?

Jay-Z Out In England & Sneak Peak On "Oprah"+ON THE SET Of Cookout 2

Jay Z was spotted with BBC Radio One presenter Jo Whiley as they left Jo's Northampton home after performing on the Live Lounge show:


About the Kanye situation, he says:


“He’s just a super-passionate person.  Of course it was rude, because it was her moment, but that’s the way he really felt. I think it was rude, but the way they’re treating him…He’s on the cover of every paper. He didn’t kill anybody. No one got harmed.”


Here's a sneak peak of Jay-Z on "The Oprah Show". And here in the states, Charlie Murphy, Faizon Love, Rick Ross, and Lady Rage were all spotted on the set of Cookout 2:

Oh goodness. More pics when you read the rest...