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Rev. Al Sharpton’s Selfie Game Is Strong + Michelle Obama Has The Ultimate Girls’ Fitness Session

Y’all can’t tell Rev. Al Sharpton anything about his selfie game. He’s out here sharing selfies like the best of the best. Meanwhile, former First Lady Michelle Obama has us grabbing our gym shoes ready to work up a sweat. Get it all inside…

Shaq 'Embraces' Baldie & Tragic Hairline, Son ROASTS Him

Shaq has jokes! And so does his son Shareef O’Neal. Get your laugh on inside…

Hall Of Fame Inductee Jay Z Does Twitter THANK YOU Spree To His Favorite Rappers (Including Beyoncé), Promises He's Not Drunk!

We've all been there.  You log out of Twitter just to log back in months later and all the ish is different AF.  Jay Z went on a Thank You spree to his fave rappers tonight, and could barely figure out the app.  Hilarity ensued....

Tinashe Says Her ‘Colorism’ Comment Is NOT What You Think

Tinashe is speaking out about those colorism comments she made recently. Read her response inside…

CHECKMATE! Now That We've Digested The #ComeyHearing, Get Into These Tweets

Now that we've all had a day to digest the tv gold that was yesterday's congressional hearing, let's discuss.  Former FBI director James Comey spoke before the Senate to clear his name in the Russian hacking drama. Everyone had something to say about it. Peep the best tweets from the Comey hearing inside….

Tank Gets Blasted For Performing Shirtless At Pride Event, But He's Got A Response + Lil Kim Was There...Looking Different

Tank is receiving backlash for performing shirtless at a gay pride event in D.C. Also, Lil Kim was there…looking different. Get it all inside…

Tyson Beckford Gets Into It With A Man Over His Girlfriend, So Tyson Exposes Him

Tyson Beckford got all caught up in some relationship drama. It wasn’t his drama though. Find out what we mean, plus deets about a rapper named Ali Vegas making claims that Tyson is on the down low inside….