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Drake Reveals His Dating History With Certain Celeb Chicks On "Ellen" + Rihanna & "Pour It Up" Video Director Are Beefing...Will Video Get Shelved?

Drake revealed all--kinda--about the celeb chicks he's been rumored to have had some type of relationship with.  So Ellen Degeneres played her tamer version of "Smash Or Pass" with the rapper on today's episode of her talk show.  Check it inside, plus the drama with Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video...  


FOOLERY: Floyd Mayweather's Ex Fiance Shantel Returns Ringside...In Same Dress As His Daughter...Baby Mama Josie POPS OFF!

Uh oh!  It's a fashion faceoff between Floyd Mayweather's fairweather fiancee' and his daughter Jirah....and it's not a friendly one.  Especially since Jirah's mom Josie Harris is popping off about her daughter being dressed like a "gold digging hoochie"....

Will Smith SHOWS Off His ABS And PECS While Working Out + Russell Simmons CLAPS BACK At Andre Leon Talley, "I've Done More For Blacks In Fashion & Gay Rights Than You"

Will Smith was spotted working out and flexing his abs and pecs during a recent movie shoot down in New Orleans.  Find out what he's filming inside and see Russell Simmons blast Andre Leon Talley for his "back row" approach to Blacks and gays in fashion.    

RAPPERS POP OFF: Kanye West GETS LOOSE Off The Grey Goose AT Pusha T's Release Party, BLASTS Industry Sellouts + Kendrick Lamar Calls Out LAME Diss Tracks

Two of our favorite and most controversial rappers had a few things to say to corporate America and lame rappers who need to step their game up.  Watch Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar pop off on camera inside.....

APOLOGIES ACCEPTED! Keyshia Cole & Michelle Williams KISS And MAKE UP On Twitter....Moving PAST The Drama!

Over the weekend, Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole apologized to each other for negative comments/tweets that went viral a few months ago.  See the ladies' make their public apologies inside....


This Is STILL Dragging On? Michelle Williams Offers to Have "Woman-To-Woman" With Keyshia Cole, Keyshia AGREES (Kinda)

Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole may have a "woman-to-woman" sit down so they may put the drama of KC's Super Bowl 2013 comments behind them.  See who extended the olive branch inside.....


SHOTS FIRED: Lil' Kim STINGS Lil' Wayne On Twitter For Mixtape DISS + Miley Cyrus Says She "Made History" With Twerking At VMAs & Y'all Are Overthinking..

Rapper Lil' Kim has fired shots at Lil' Wayne over a diss from his latest mixtape.  See what she said inside and watch Miley Cyrus defending her twerking and explicit VMA performance.....