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50 Cent Exposes Rick Ross' Baby Mama's "Job"+Tina Davis Denies Sexting Chris Brown

Rick Ross has caught another L.  50 Cent is exposing his baby's mom--one of them at least--named Brooke.  And apparently she is/was a porn chick. After Officer Ricky told a radio station this week that if 50 was really gangsta, he would have tapped the one baby mama he flew up to NY and took shopping--and then put it on tape.  50 decided to scout out Brooke's tape instead, and he's set to release it on his new site BooBootv.   Here's the NSFW screenshot.  Some folks are saying it's not her. And some folks are saying not only is it her, but the man in the vid is a celeb we know.  WTF is really hood? Chris Brown manager Tina Davis' "denial" when you read the rest...

Keri Hilson Talks To Ciara & Backtracks On The Diss Track+On The Set With Slim

CHECK THE CREDITS: Keri VS. Beyonce-Diss Or No Diss+Beyonce Snaps Back?

The internet's abuzz with folks saying Keri Hilson fired shots at Beyonce (and Ciara) on her remix to "Turnin Me On" ft. T-Pain and Weezy. I have some sources whispering in my ear that they know for a fact Keri was going at B because they were in the studio when it went down. I have other folks whispering that all this is bullsh*t and there is no diss.

Rihanna & Chris Shack Up At The Beverly Wilshire+Bow Wow Regrets Beefing With Soulja Boy

So much for time apart before the trial. Chris Brown and Rihanna are reportedly shacking up as we speak at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. They arrived into L.A. after private jet-setting together from Miami Sunday night.

Lil Kim & Others Set For Dancing With the Stars+50 Cent Is STILL Wildin' On Rick Ross+News On Farrah's New Group

Even though the cast wasn't supposed to be announced until tonight, sources have found out who are the next stars to dance with...the stars. In the upcoming season number...whatever...of Dancing With The Stars--Lil Kim, David Allen Grier, and NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor will all be putting on their dancing shoes. The rest of the competition is Denise Richards, Nancy O'Dell, Chuck Wicks, Steve O, Ty Murray, Gilles Marini, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's, Steve Wozniak of Apple, and Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shawn Johnson. And dammit, I'm pulling for Kim on this one...
50 Cent is continuing his foolywangery of video attacks against officer Ricky Ross. And this time he's donning a wig that supposedly looked like Ricky back in the day and saying he's Pimpin' Curly:

Straight reckless. And this dude is not slick at all. He knows how to pimp stuff (and people) to make his ass some change... Meanwhile, Ricky's baby moms Tia is still going around yapping her mouth telling her tales to sell some more of her upcoming books:

What some chicks will do for a fur, Gucci shoes, and 20 minutes of fame. Damn shame. More when you read the rest...

GOSSIP BITS: Tameka Raymond, LisaRaye & Beyonce

Tameka Raymond is allegedly not happy about being left behind by her hubby Usher.  Insiders say she was told to stay home with the kids, Babies Usher V and Naviyd Eli, while Usher went to Vegas to work on his album.  Apparently she's now "stuck at home"  because when Ursh was working on the last album, she was in the mix entirely too much:
"Tameka is really upset that she was asked not to come to Vegas with Usher in

Etta James: Beyonce's Going To Get Her Ass Whipped For Singing My Song!

Oh snap!  Just when we thought Etta James may have been happy about Beyonce singing her song "At Last" for the Prez and First Ladies' First Dance on Inauguration night, we were thoroughly wrong.  Fierce Kitty Etta showed who the real Diva was and popped off extra hard on Beyonce during her concert in Seattle a few nights ago.