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But Will My Weave Be OK?


WHAT'S BEEF: Evelyn Lozada Still Beefing With Kita Of "T.O. Show"...& QUITS Reality TV?

Even though Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens might be besties--their girls surely don't get along.  "Basketball Wife" Evelyn Lozada arguably took a stab (via her follower) at "T.O. Show" star Kita the other night on Twitter.  And she went with the low blow--dissing her weave and features.


Apparently the girls have been beefing ever since both Mo and Kita called Evelyn a disrespectful non-mutha f'in factor.  And now Evelyn says she's quitting reality tv. Deets inside...

BRAWL DETAILS: Teyana Taylor & Movie Director's BLOODY Knock Down Drag Out FIGHT On Set!

In case you weren't aware (hell, we weren't either), Teyana Taylor's shooting a new movie (pictured here on set) called Gang of Roses 2 co-starring Amber Rose, her man Wiz Khalifa, and a few other folks.  And while the movie itself will likely be straight-to-DVD, the drama on the set is surely getting all types of coverage.


Apparently, Teyana went bad on the movie's director, Jean-Claude La Marre.  The Harlem chick tried to whoop his ass because he wouldn't let her leave set to tend to a toothache.  Deets inside...

FIGHT NIGHT: Chrissy VS. Kimbella! Punches Thrown During "Love & Hip Hop" Filming!

Aaaaaaand they're off!  The "ladies" of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" are already off to the races....and by races we mean hard core fight nights while filming takes place.


We got a tip today from a show insider that details how Chrissy and newcomer (Julez' Santana's baby mama) Kimbella are already at each other's throats.  And why do we believe it? Because we ALSO heard from a VERY credible source similar details...involving Chrissy punching Kimbella out!  Deets inside....

OH SNAP! Jennifer Hudson GOES OFF On A Fan Who Accuses Her Of Having Lipo & A "Gay Fiance"

Don't tell Jennifer Hudson she got to an alleged size 0 (according to Joy Behar from "The View") simply due to liposuction.  And definitely don't talk ish about her husband-to-be David Otunga.  At least not on Twitter.  Because chick will POP OFF.


Check out the fierce twitter fight J-Hud just had with a follower inside...


Katt Williams is back up to his antics again.  This time--he (and his 3 "lady friends") got into a rock throwing match with a man driving a tractor.  Sigh.


Deets inside....

FIGHT NIGHT In Italy For The "Basketball Wives" Tami & Meeka!

And it's round 2 for Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton!  The "Basketball Wives" trekked it to Rome for an Italian vacay.  And last night, drama popped off again with Meeka catching a punch to the face.


The drama when you read on...


When you're extra grown and extra beautiful, you can still be ugly as all get-out.  A source on the set of Queen Latifah's new scripted VH1 show, "Single Ladies," exclusively tells YBF that co-stars LisaRaye McCoy (44) and Stacey Dash (45) have been in a nonstop catfight on set!  And we've got the inside deets on how Stacey almost caught a Player's Club style beat down from Ms. McCoy.


Deets when you read on....