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But Will My Weave Be OK?


Caught On Video: Keyshia Cole's Sister vs. Sanaa Lathan+T.I.'s Thanksgiving

Seriously? Shawty Lo's & T.I.'s Camps Fight?!

Who at Radio One is still allowing this hood mess called the Dirty Awards to even take place? They went down last night in Atlanta--it's the fourth year--and at the end of the show while T.I. was performing, a fight broke out in the audience. Sources everywhere are saying it was T.I.'s camp and their rival Shawty Lo's camp. They've been beefing over some B.S.

"Real Housewives Of ATL" SMACKDOWN FOOTAGE!: Kim vs. NeNe & Lisa

Because we just haven't tortured ourselves enough with this foolishness... The season finale of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is tonight.  Which means the reunion show is next Tuesday.  And rumors have been spreading for several days now that tone def botox queen Kim is about to catch a smack down from Lisa Wu and NeNe.  And now....the pre-footage

Real Housewives SMACKDOWN!: Lisa vs. Kim

Some serious drama is about to pop off on the upcoming "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Reunion Show.  If you've been watching this foolishness, you'll know that Kim Zolciak--mistress of a married multi millionaire--is the messy wino who believes she's actually 29 and really believes she can sing.  Chick sounds like a dying hyenna.  Anyways, Lisa Wu Hartwell--ex wife of Keith Sweat and current wife of an injured NFLer--is usually the busy bee social butterfly

Katt Williams ARRESTED....Again!+Rihanna Faints On Stage!

Apparently Rihanna got really sick on stage in Australia earlier today. She was performing Umbrella, had just come down from flying around on a harness, then hunched over and signaled that she was not ok after she hit the stage. Chris Brown had already come out to sing with her. Rihanna ran off stage, Chris finished the song, then ran to her side. She was rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The concert ended with no word on Rih Rih's status.

We Called It...

Just last week I put money on it that at least 10% of the $80 mil Beyonce made last year was from the worth of her wig crypt.  And then a report comes out today saying Beyonce's custom wigs are worth over a million dollars.  Not quite 10%, but dammit y'all catch my drift.  According to

Queen Pen No Likey Rocsi!

Queen Pen has gone on video about how much she can't stand Rosci from 106 and Park.