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Mary J Blige: Keyshia Cole Cannot Sing A Tribute To Me!

YBF sources (who also work on BET's production team) tell us that Mary J. Blige and her MANager Kendu relieve Keyshia Cole of her tribute duties recently.  The BET Honors Event was taping here in DC during Inauguration weekend. And Mrs. Blige received an award for her accomplishments and contributions to the world.

Sanaa Lathan & Reagan Gomez's New Gig+WTF Urshmeka?

We've got exclusive casting details on the new "Family Guy" spinoff  "The Clevelands".   Reagan Gomez has been recast as the voice of the teenaged daughter.  And YBF chick Sanaa Lathan will play the voice of her mom.  Reagan tells TheYBF.com that she's "really excited about it".  The Clevelands are the black family friends with the main character family on "Family Guy" and they are now getting their own show on Fox.  Congrats to the YBF chicks!

YBF ON THE SCENE: The Root Inaugural Ball Exclusive Flicks

TheYBF.com was on the scene at  The Washington Post's The Root Inaugural Ball this week at the Smithsonian's National American History Museum.  And we've got some exclusive pics from the event: Oprah skipped the red carpet and headed straight for VIP.  Looks like she worked out her Inaugural dress "situation" quite nicely. Tatyana Ali hit the carpet looking fab. And Chris Tucker and Michael Eric Dyson exchanged numbers on the red carpet.  Yes, Michael and I bonded over our love for our Blackberry Bolds as well. Photographer: Scott Taylor of BlackStar Multimedia More pics when you read the rest...

YBF ON THE SCENE: Exclusive HSAN Inaugural Ball Flicks

YBF served as the premiere online sponsor for the Hip Hop Social Action Network Inaugural Ball this week. So y'all already know we were on the scene partying it up with your fave celebs. And we've got exclusive celebrity flicks of the red carpet, awards show and party. Check it: Tatyana Ali was on hand to interview folks around the party--like cutie T.I. Y'all know Tiny wasn't far. Teyana Taylor hit the carpet in an extra interesting get up. And Don King was looking like who dunnit and why. And Dawn and Que hit the carpet.  Something is just real suspect about that Que these days... Photographer: Scott Taylor of BlackStar Multimedia Lots more pics when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z Talks With YBF About Business

Jay-Z and Lisa Price shout out TheYBF.com--Watch in HD here.

Jay-Z was here in D.C. all week and TheYBF.com had the fabulous opportunity to have a one-on-one in-person chat with Mr.


As you all know, YBF was on the scene for several Inaugural balls and events and parties over the last several days. Most celebs were nothing short of fabulous, YBF lovers, or just having a great time all around. But we came across a few celebs who need to recognize what's really hood. Here's the scoop: At the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball, Ashanti was being quite "Hollywood" and "didn't feel like posing for pictures" while in her VIP area. Not even for the sponsors of the event. And even frowned up and shooed people away. I find it odd--though--that as soon as the "other" type of Hollywood media asked for pics of her, she quickly obliged. I'm not saying Ashanti--but I'm just saying. Funny that I didn't know who it was she was so enthralled in her couch convo with until I saw the foolywang black and white fur coat on one person and way too small "cocktail" dress on the other. It became apparent it was Momager and sister Shi Shi. SMDH. No Nelly in site either. Basically people just don't recognize which media are really the ones keeping their names in the media... We hear that Beyonce was upset that she couldn't get to her hubby's concert rehearsal Monday afternoon because all of the streets around the venue were cut off. She reportedly pitched a fit because she didn't want to trek the 4 blocks in her stilettos in the extreme cold. the cops didn't care who she was and weren't budging. So her security turned around, took her and Jay-Z back tot heir hotel at the Mandarin Oriental, just for her to change into some more walk-worthy shoes. Gotta love it. More ish when you read the rest...

Oh Ray-J+EXCLUSIVE: Chris Paul's Baby Mama Drama Continued!

Sigh.  Some things just are not about to change in '09: Ray-J's new reality show is officially official.  It's called "For The Love Of Ray-J" and premieres Feb. 2nd at 10:30/9:30pm cst.    He's already named his girls and they're some doozies--upgraded from ish like Seesinz and Buckeey.  He's got Caviar and Cashmere and Unique and others.  Check out VH1 for the rest of the up close and personals with the "ladies".  Ray-J insists that his sow is the un-Flavor of Love and he respects his girls--and brings them on upscale trips like helicopter rides.  Stop laughing.  Make that money Ray-J. In other news, a story hit the net about my crush NBA baller Chris Paul and his girlfriend's new pregnancy.  That story said it was planned and the two are happier than pie--even though N.O. Hornet Chris may get disowned from his fam a la Kobe Bryant.  But we've got the real story from our source back home in New Orleans who is extremely close to the situation as well. Allegedly nothing was planned, and the girlfriend, Jada, has been trying to "trap" Chris for years, and no one except for Jada is happy about this situation.  Our exclusive lowdown is after the jump...