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EXCLUSIVE: New Couple Chilli & Larry Johnson SPOTTED!

Well looky here. TheYBF.com exclusively caught new lovebirds Rozunda "Chilli" Thomas and NFL baller/Jay-Z's BFF Larry Johnson putting their new couple status on display. The two hit up Headliner Market Group's Thursday night party at Bongos in Miami last night hand in hand. They were bottle poppin' all night in their VIP section, while Chilli sat between her man's legs all cuddled up. Chilli and Larry were shutting down any cameras in their faces. But of course, we got pics anyway. More pics when you read the rest...

YBF EXCLUSIVE! WORLD PREMIERE of Chrisette Michele's "Epiphany" Video

EXCLUSIVE: New ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss Has Skeletons In Her Bed!

We've got some exclusive dish about Kandi Burruss and what you will...and won't see...on this season of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta". Kandi is newly engaged--which her publicist has confirmed to TheYBF.com. But get this: We've found out that she's actually engaged to a well known ATL "street pharmacist" named Ashley Jewell, b.k.a. A.J. And he has 6 kids that he allegedly hasn't been taking care of. Wack ass baby daddy drama Take 1... A source very close to one of A.J.'s baby moms tells TheYBF.com that A.J. is extremely trifling and it's a shame that Kandi is even dealing with him--let alone marrying him. Kandi and A.J. just bought a house together in Buckhead, ATL. But A.J. pays no support to his baby moms/ex-wife/former R&B singer Danah . Allegedly, he doesn't pay her alimony and even took Danah's truck when they divorced. Danah and A.J. were married in 2005 and divorced in 2008. The drama continues when you read the rest...

Ginuwine's Video Shoot: The REAL Dish On Ginuwine & LisaRaye+On The Set Flicks+Tyrese Wilds Out!

While certain "media sources" are claiming that LisaRaye has moved on to messing around and having dinner with married man Ginuwine, it's all untrue...as usual. After a four year absence from the music scene, Ginuwine, has returned and has filmed the video for his new single "Last Chance" (produced by Bryan Michael-Cox) in L.A. over the weekend. Since LisaRaye is now in need of money, she's slipped back into her video chick roles and she's his leading lady. Folks took flicks like these behind the scenes shots and ran with it. TheYBF.com spoke with Ginuwine's publicist about the rumor, and she confirms that Ginuwine is still happily married to Sole' and there was no hanky panky between the two at all. Our photographer source on the set does admit to us they had some undeniable chemistry though. The photog dished to us:
"There was a lot of flirting and smiling at each other. Lisa Raye even reported in an interview on set in front everyone that she was gonna have sex with Ginuwine."
Maybe she was just talking about in the video. Or not. We also found out that Tyrese--who's also in the video--went all "Black Ty" on folks and popped off about the photogs shooting him and his daughter together while on set. We're told he was screaming
"I don't need that right now with everything going on with his baby mama!"
More pics from on the set when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE: The Dream Cheating On Christina Milian ALREADY?!

YBF snitches caught The Dream extremely cozy with a D.C. chica at the fancy Mandarin Oriental hotel when he hit up the D.C.

EXCLUSIVE: YBF Catches Up With Lauren London & Derek Luke

TheYBF.com exclusively caught up with Lauren London and Derek Luke at the Nike Black History Month Cabaret event in L.A. over weekend. While the two were busy giving back to the community during the event, Lauren London exclusively dished to YBF's L.A. correspondent Shannan about her personal life.  Ms. London confirms she is NOT dating Diddy or Lil Wayne.  She told us she "never mixes business with pleasure" and wants to make clear that she does not have a myspace or facebook page--those people are imposters.  And yes, she's just as fab in person.  More pics of Lauren and Derek when you read the rest...

*UPDATED* SPOTTED: Chris Brown & Rihanna Jet Set Out Of Miami...Together!

Well looky here. Rihanna has finally come out of embarrassment hiding and was caught boarding a plane out of Miami headed to L.A. late last night with Chris Brown and her friends.  It's their first time being spotted together since the assault situation a month ago: Rihanna hid herself in her black cape and shades. Interesting that she's hiding from the paps so much these past few weeks while Chris totes around in front the cameras like he doesn't have a care in the world. Spending a few days at Diddy's mansion with your boyfriend--while letting your face heal because of your boyfriend--brings a whole new light to kissing and making up. To each her own.... By the way, traces of blood were said to be found in the Lambo Chris and Rihanna were driving the night of the incident. *UPDATE*: Here's a video update of what went down with the two in Miami:

Word also has it Chris has been recording his new album during his stint in Miami. More pics when you read the rest...