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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson Fans Remember The Times

YBF NY correspondent Kourtney "K-Rich" Richard was on the scene in Times Square last night getting reactions and celebrations from the true Michael Jackson fans.

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Everybody In The Club Gettin' Tipsy...With Mario

YBF correspondents were on the scene for Flaunt Fridays at VAIN in Chicago last night. And Mario was supposed to be the special guest, but dude was too tipsy for his own good:

He didn't even hit his own party until a half hour before the club shut down. But when he finally popped up, he was climbing rails, dancing on top of tables with Young Jeezy Sean Garrett, and singing his own impromptu remix of Drake's "Best I Ever Had".   He did manage to belt out a couple of his own new tracks in his drunken daze though. Gotta love it.

Willie from Day 26 was also there with his wife Lashanda aka "Niyana". They were both admittedly tipsy as all hell and she posted a pic on Twitter. I'm still trying to figure out why the Mrs. has 2 completely different names. Maybe one is her "dancer name".

More pics when you read the rest...

Are You Ready For Vivica-Wear?

Chanel Iman Plays Hostess+EXCLUSIVE PICS From Lebron James' More Than A Game Movie Premiere

Gorgeous chick Chanel Iman hosted the Bensoni Cocktail Party in NYC last night. Loving her red dress and shoes. YBF D.C. Correspondents were on hand Monday evening for Lebron James' More Than A Game movie premiere:

He and his five best friends from his high school basketball team, bka  "The Fab Five", and their coach were honored at the SilverDocs documentary Film Festival in downtown Silver Spring. Lebron and his teammates were featured in the documentary.  It's about the trials and tribulations that they all faced in high school as a team and how they overcame those tribulations to become the young men they are today. And they're all still BFFs.



'Bron's fiance Savannah was by his side the entire night.  And no, she's not pregnant.  The two were being pretty private all night, then kicked it at the outdoor concert for before leaving.

More pics when your read the rest....

*EXCLUSIVE PICS*: Kanye & Amber Rose On The Set Of Drake's New "Best I Ever Had" Video

It seems to all be coming together for Drizzy DrakeKanye is directing his new video for "Best I Ever Had" and YBF photogs were on the scene yesterday getting some exclusive behind the scenes shots:

Looks like a basketball theme.  The vid was shot at Bishop Ford Academy in Brooklyn. And guess who was there to bring her baby 'Ye some lunch?:

Amber Rose of course.  Chick was strutting around the set like she owned that piece.  Broken up my ass... More pics when you read the rest...

WEEKEND HOTTIES: Halle, Vernon Davis, & Rihanna

Halle Berry trekked over to China this weekend for the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival opening ceremonies:

Looking gorgeous as ever in both looks. We hear it was groupie central over at Station 9 in D.C. last night--since, of course, the Baltimore Ravens were throwing a party:

Talk of DC hosted "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" with Vernon Davis and his Celebrity NFL Friends.  And it looks like Vernon was sharing groupie love (does homegirl in the first pic have on a wedding ring?) in the club all night.  I mean, can we really fault the ladies?  His body is on ridiculous status.

And Rihanna was spotted on a night out in NYC last night.  Rocking her fave style jeans, white blazer, and a studded Prada clutch. More pics when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Lil Wayne & Drake Perform Together For Marcus Jordan's Graduation Party+Drake Hearts Groupie Sex?

YBF snitches were inside Michael Jordan's son's Marcus' high school graduation private party last night at Chicago's Park West nightclub:

And Lil Wayne and Drake Drizzy took the stage together to perform.  No shots fired this time.  These two rarely perform on stage together but y'all already know MJ was going to pull out all the stops for his mini-me. In other news, groupie tales of sexcapades with the rap world's most talked about up and coming talent Drake have hit the net. Check it:
I know a lot of females have put up groupie stores about Drake saying that he is big thick and long...All that non-sense which i don't believe ever happened. This is my story and i know if Drake reads this he's going to know who i am but i just want people to know that he isn't like that at all! I started talking to Drake on myspace. One day i got a message from him asking me for my aim screen name. From there we've been keeping in touch. So Wayne was having the Young Money tour and Drake told me that he would be in my town and he will reserve three tickets for me and my friends and that we should pick it up when we get there. During the concert we were able to go back stage. Basically just hanging around and listening to the performances from the back which was pretty cool becahen it was real late and i had to get back to my dorm and he gave me a kiss and hug saying he's going to miss me and already can't wait to see me again.use it was the first time i met Drake even though we've been talking on aim for awhile. He gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and was happy to see me. After the concert he invited me and my friends to his hotel room and we played xbox live, talked, ate and chilled. His homies were there also so my friends weren't feeling like third wheelers. We talk everyday even if he's busy he would text me and ask how im doing. He's a real sweet guy and he's nothing like what any of those three females were saying. Lol like come on Drake will not go down on a groupie or even on a first date! I just wanted to tell my story because everyone wanted to tell lies and U wanted to tell the truth so everyone can know what a nice person he is.
As for the truth of this ish, you be the judge. Another NSFW and raunchy sexcapade and more pics when you read the rest...