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EXCLUSIVE ON THE SET PICS: Jay-Z Shoots Rocawear Commercial

Our sources just spotted Jay-Z in Brooklyn this afternoon. He was shooting his brand new campaign for Roc 4 Life and a commercial for Rocawear's 10th Anniversary. Spike Lee is directing:

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Tameka Foster's Raymond's New Photoshoot

YBF's got some exclusive pics from Tameka Foster's brand new photoshoot.  She decided to take some fresh flicks recently with Atlanta photographer Robert Ector.  Click pics for the larger images:

ON THE SCENE: "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Party

As usual when we speak about those "Real Housewives" of ATL...foolywang material ensued last night.  YBF's ATL correspondents were on the scene at the W Buckhead hotel for the premiere party the Housewives decided to throw for themselves. We're told Bravo didn't want to have any affiliation with this ish. And we have a good clue as to why:

Um, Sheree.  WTF is going on on top of your head?!   You are not in your teens or 20's and this ish still wouldn't look cute if you were.  Looks like you swiped your nails through an electrical socket.  Try again boo.

Kim told us she's working on an album. She was all around the party taking pics with her producer.

Hairstylist Derek J and Tweet were there too. Snaps.  I just KNOW Derek walked in that piece saying "I'm the baddest b*tch in this mug."

Y'all know Tiny and Toya weren't passing up this opportunity to be seen.  By the way, we hear Toya has a new man.  Sounds like she's finally over Weezy.

On a random note, a physical fight broke out--but surprisingly the Housewives weren't involved. A football player was involved though. Shocking. Kenny Burns had to break it up. Yes, we're serious. Bravo sent over the advanced screening of the Season 2 premiere episode last week and I was completely enthralled. Lots of foolish activities going down and Sheree gets her ass handed to her in the funniest fight ever. It airs this Thursday. Lots more premiere pics and exclusives when your read the rest...
Photo Credit: G. Paras Photography/Dennis Byron/TheYBF.com

OUT & ABOUT: Chris Brown+Teairra Mari

Here's some exclusive pics of Chris Brown out in NYC last night after hitting up Topshop in Soho:

He shopped it up for about a half hour. I see he's still doing that animal tail thing. Teairra Mari was spotted out in DC last night hosting Redskins baller Devin Thomas' party:

Photogs: Vinnet Bradshaw/Geniushatescompany.com and Asico Photos

More pics when you read the rest...

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: LaLa Vasquez & Her Alter Ego

Former MTV VJ and NBA baller Carmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vasquez has done an fab old glamour Alter Ego shoot with famed photographer Derek Blanks.  And YBF's got the exclusive first look.  Click the pics to see the full sized images:

Looks like she's a burlesque dancer, a sailor and a bartender. I love anything vintage Hollywood glamour, so I'm feeling these pics.  More when you read the rest...

SCOOP FROM THE SCENE: Whitney Houston's Album Listening Party

YBF INTERVIEW: Kandi Burruss & Lisa Wu-Hartwell

TheYBF.com very recently chit chatted with the stars of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Lisa Wu-Hartwell and newcomer Kandi Burruss. Lisa's not the typical NFL baller's wife as she runs several businesses and loves the red carpet limelight.  Kandi's no stranger to the public eye as she was a member of 90's girl group Xscape, but an "ATL Housewife" is indeed a new role for her. And the two ladies--who also happen to be big YBF fans--dished on what's coming up in the new season--tears, drama, cheating husbands, and ish talking about their fellow castmates: Do you believe there's a double standard when people are simply entertained by the antics of the "NJ Housewives", but call the "Atlanta Housewives"'s antics "ghetto? Lisa Wu-Hartwell: Absolutely. It's sad but it’s always been that way. For instance, people look up to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies show. But get a black guy in there doing the same thing and it’s a problem. Does the widely used term to describe the cast "Ghetto fabulous" irritate you? Kandi Burrus: Yes. Ghetto is a frame of mind. And people relate it to color. Our show is entertaining and that’s all. Lisa, this is your second season. But is there anything from Season 1 you would "do over" if you could? LWH: {Laughs} Well, I said I would flip Kim over the couch during the Reunion taping. I probably wouldn’t have said it had I had a week or so to let things settle. There were some things said prior, and the wounds were raw and fresh. But we don’t have the liberty to say “take this off” simply because there are cameras there.

Out of all the other "Housewives" shows in the "Real Housewives" franchise, what's your preferred locale? LWH: I have some friends on "NY" so I actually like watching them. But "NJ" did keep me entertained. They were so genuine. KB: I would say New Jersey. I couldn’t get into "New York". I watched only the first couple episodes of it. Speaking of "NJ", what are your thoughts on Danielle? LWH: Blogs and media probably don’t get it 100% right. But if [the stories about her stripper and coke habit past] are true, hopefully she’s moved on from it and is in a better place. KB: I actually think she’s pretty funny when I was watching her. She’s in her 40’s now so I’m sure she’s changed. So what are we going to see different this time around from you, Lisa, than we did last season: LWH: People will see my sensitive side this season. I cry a lot. People will see me cry, not really being the busy robot like last season. {Laughs} Not sure how I’m going to feel about people seeing me be that vulnerable. Your friend/cast mate Kim's singing career was the butt of jokes last season. Was she serious about that singing?: LWH: {Laughs} O gosh. We didn’t think she was taking it seriously last season and didn’t think she had a good voice at all. But then she hooked up with megaproducer Kandi and it took a different turn. KB: Yeah, when I was watching her last season I was like “Are you serious?” But when I got to meet her I helped her step her game up a little bit. She was really broken down and stuff from people talking so bad about her. Her confidence was shot and she wasn’t sure she wanted to continue. I haven’t convinced Kim to give up smoking. I have said something to her about it though. The rest of the interview when you read the rest...