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Rocsi & Floyd Mayweather: Lovin' In The Club?!

Just when we thought Rocsi and her infiltrating ways were taking a timeout for a minute, she's spotted with yet another chick's man.  There were whispers a few months ago that even though Wrecksi was cheating with LisaRaye's husband, the Premiere of Turks and Caicos, she was also kickin' it with boxer Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather.  It's also been heavily rumored that Floyd has been dating Chilli of TLC for a long while now.  But

Gossip From The Fashion Week Tents...

NY Fashion Week wrapped up this weekend.  And YBF snitches from inside the fashion houses and beyond were all over the scene.  So here's what we heard, for those that can handle it...
  • Mashonda looked so emotionally depleted and depressed the night of the Baby Phat show that her publicist ordered her to leave the party.  Our snitches close to the now estranged Mashonda and Swizz Beatz say that Swizzy's cheating with a certain superwoman has being made ex

YBF Exclusive: Diddy Kicks D.Woods & Aubrey Out Of Danity Kane!

Oh fabulous ones...the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan!  Last night, right before heading out to the Baby Phat show, the Danity Kane chicks had a meeting with Diddy.  And it ended up with Aubrey O'Day and Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgette kicked out of the group!  Here's what went down: YBF sources who overheard the drama going down in the house dished to us about last night's meeting.  Boss man was in rare form.    The meeting ended up in a huge screaming match with Aubrey talking sly at the mouth (she does it often as I've witnessed that myself) about Dawn going solo.  Dawn clapped back at Aubrey defending herself, and brought up the fact that Aubrey did her own thing on Broadway this summer.  Puff intervened, Aubrey popped off at the mouth at him again, and he screamed "You know what?  F*ck you, you're out the group." Then he turned to D. Woods and said "I heard you were unhappy too. You can get the f*ck out too."   Damn!  And it was all caught on video since the meeting went down while they were taping this season's finale show.  I hear the footage could air on this season's finale episode or during next season's (yes, another one) "MTB" they're taping now as well. I couldn't make this ish up if I tried. More of this drama when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE: Flicks Of Beyonce's First Day On The Set Of Her "If I Were A Boy" Video!

An extra mini vid and 2 pics are floating the net of Beyonce on the set today of her new video.  But TheYBF.com snitches exclusively snapped footage on the very first day of shooting which was yesterday September 11th.  Check out these ultra exclusive never before seen flicks of Beyonce's first day on the set of her new video "If I Were A Boy": The video is currently being shot in Harlem and she's playing Mrs. Officer in this one.  And seeing that her real life bodyguard is less than 2 feet from her at all times even while she's doing shots, I for damn sure hope his sexy self is in the vid too. More pics when you read the rest...

YBF Exclusive: Alicia Keys Shows Off Her Homewrecking Skills?!

And the Mashonda/Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys love triangle saga continues. Very credible sources inside Alicia's camp (on the personal management side) have dished to TheYBF.com that Alicia Keys threw a party last night at the NY's Guggenheim Museum.  And it was far from a Welcome Back To The States party for herself.  She threw this party for Swizz Beatz's birthday!   Swizz brought his entire family (mom and co.) along to celebrate.  But it was supposed to be top secret that it was Alicia who actually threw this party for him. 


We reported a while back that the "divorce" talk from Mashonda and Swizz was just to help Mashonda save face. I'm told the couple was actually scheduled to start marriage counseling next week. 

Vivica gets DENIED At Fashion Week!+Usher Preserves His Sexy+Janet & JD Hit The Club

YBF sources on the scene at NY Fashion Week today caught Ms. Vivica Fox outside the BCBG Max Azria show.  And even though black hollywood (well, most of us) knows and loves Aunt Viv, apparently the other folks in Hollywood don't even know who she is.  As folks were being let into the show past the velvet ropes underneath the Bryant Park tents, the gatekeeper stopped the line right as Vivica was about to sashay past the ropes and to the front row.  Vivica was not even confirmed to attend this show, and she was told she wasn't getting in because it was too full and clearly no one around the tents even knew who she was.  Denied! When she tried to explain that she is Ms. Vivica Fox, the gatekeeper looked at her like she was speaking Greek.  Meanwhile, one of the stylists from her new "Glam God" show got in with no prob just minutes earlier.  Now that's a slap in the face. The photogs on the scene caught Viv looking extra shocked and salty, but I'm told she didn't act a fool on their asses.  She was asked after the show had started if she wanted to come in and stand around the back, and she bitterly turned it down and watched in the tent lounge on closed circuit tv.  Damn.  Times are rough for 50's exes these days.       Um...is that you Ursh?  More pics of Usher showing us he got his Confessions sexy back when you read the rest...  

EXCLUSIVE: Bow Wow's Fashion Spread With KING

Bow Wow is featured in the upcoming issue of King magazine.  And he's talking fashion and style.  Here's the pics and excerpts from his spread: Turns out, Bow Wow is one hell of an actor. In a Manhattan photo studio, he’s giving off a comfortable aura while wearing button-downs and paper-thin sweaters. In reality, however, the 21-year-old is in character. Away from the camera, he’s stripped down to a white wifebeater, low-slung jeans and black low-top Converse kicks, while getting his own seal of approval from a full-length mirror. “A few of those outfits [in the shoot,] I’d wear,” he says, “but it’s a lot of clothing!” Does your rapper style bleed into your silver-screen style? They’re totally different—day and night. When I’m going on the red carpet, my stylist will lay out 40 outfits for me, only the high-end stuff. But on a daily basis, I’m in a white Polo V-neck tee, some True Religion jeans and some Chucks or Jordan gear. I’m always dressed down but dressed right at the same time.   You’ve grown up in the public eye. Are there any style missteps that you regret? There’s nothing that I regret. But I did wear these beads in my hair for the “Let Me Hold You” video. I look back, and I will never do that again [laughs].   Good call. What else about your style has changed since you dropped the “Lil’”? Oh, man! It’s totally different. It’s crazy. I would have never thought I’d be wearing clothes like I’m wearing now. I remember I used to clown [Jermaine Dupri] all the time when he used to dress up, like, “What do you have on? I would never wear that!” But as you get older, those baggy clothes turn into nice, fresh-looking gear. More excerpts and pics when you read the rest...