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Come Get Ya Man, Sanaa

Celebrity Face Time: Kimora, The Bryants, Alicia, Carmelo, Nelly, Boris, Jenny, Joy, & Miss USA

Just in time for Season 2 of Life in the Fab Lane (premiering April 20th at 8/7c on Style), The YBF has an exclusive clip from the show of Kimora's first day as acting President of Phat Farm, Inc. Check it: I can't help but loves this chick.

More Bigga Wedding Scoop + Celebs Hit The Jay-Z/JD ATL Afterparty

Another source at the elusive wedding reception has dished to The YBF more details:
I was actually at the Jay-Z & Beyonce wedding reception. They are very married. Jay was very emotional and was very touchy feely. When Beyonce made a toast to how he'd changed her life, he completely LOST it. It was very sweet!

The source confirmed that the wedding (with very few people in attendance, mainly family and only a couple friends) did indeed take place earlier in the evening in a different locale. But the big reception with several of their friends, including the source who didn't go to the wedding, was at Jay's Tribeca penthouse. Apparently, most of the guests arrived through the back since he paps hadn't caught wind of celebs even entering that way. And how did Beyonce avoid all the paparazzi as she arrived to the reception site? The source reports she arrived in a moving truck to throw everyone off. Loves it.

Sanaa & Adewale: Trouble In Paradise?

Adewale Ogunleye at Karu & Y this past Thursday
Sources behind the scenes of the Headliner Market Group party at Karu & Y in Miami Thursday night dish to TheYBF.com that there may be ttrouble in paradise. It looks like everything is no longer all gravy with Sanaa Lathan and her Chicago Bears baller boyfriend Adewale Ogunleye.   Adewale hit up Karu & Y in Miami this past Thursday night, and while he usually hits it up with his main chick Sanaa, he didn't this time. Instead, he was there with another woman who was clearly not just a friend or relative. He even made a point to tell photographers that he did not want to be pictured with the curly haired and quite fit mystery woman. While the two were uber cozy and very into each other all night, the inside source says they doubt this was a new girlfriend. The two still looked to be on "kickin' it" status.  And we all know that rarely turns into something serious. More pics from the party when you read the rest...

YBF Exclusive! Trina To Khia: "Get Your Sh*t Together!"

YBF Atlanta correspondent Erica caught up with The Baddest herself Trina this weekend. And she graciously dished a bit about what's going on in her world with the new album and somewhat new drama: Trina on "Single Again" being regarded as a "diss track" toward her ex Lil Wayne: "Where do people come up with these crazy ideas? None of the songs that are on the album are about Lil Wayne. As a matter of fact, he's actually on this remix.

The Mr. & Mrs. Bigga Wrap Up

After all was said and done, a highly credible source, who is a well known fashion stylist, dished a few details very early this morning to TheYBF.com from inside Jay-Z and Beyonce's "wedding" festivities. So much for that "no cell phones were allowed" rumor. We're told that the Mrs. wore an enchantingly gorgeous custom made gown that was shipped in from Paris.

YBF Exclusive: Proof That The Beyonce/Jay-Z Wedding Hoopla Is A Hoax?

Beyonce and Jay-Z punking us?
Stop the mutha f**kin' presses! TheYBF.com sources are still on the Manhattan scene tonight and have uncovered some very interesting info. Three vans have been suspiciously parked right in the midst of the Noho area all day. Noho is not too far from Tribeca, which is the area of Jay-Z's apartment building with the suspect tents on the roof we have been suspecting will be the site of the wedding reception/party. (Or even possibly the wedding location if the wedding party is trying to throw us off by getting caught entering the Bloomberg Building across town instead.)
So what's so special about these three vans? Thanks to some fabulous connections, TheYBF.com has learned that all three vans are registered to Katalyst Films. Ironically, Katalyst Films is the production company of several of Ashton Kutcher's projects, including--of course--Punk'd (when it still taped) and The Real Wedding Crashers. And not to mention his new show Katalyst Films quite possibly has a hand-Pop Fiction. [Insert "Oh sh*t" here.] How convenient. In case you've been living under a rock, you know that Pop Fiction is a show where celebs punk the media by staging something gossip worthy and they all just watch the media frenzy ensue. We, along with other folks, have been suspecting all day that this whole wedding could be a huge set up. But it also seems very unlikely that these two would do a show like Pop Fiction and this would be way more intricate of a plan than they usually do, but you never know. After all this drama, this ish better be real. And not just real Pop Fiction either. Videos of an alleged Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z entering his apartment building tonight, dressed for the occasion, when you read the rest...