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You're Fired!



After rumors swirled for months that White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers would either resign or be fired after the White House party crasher fiasco, she has just announced she is resigning: “As we turn the corner on the first year, this is a good time for me to explore opportunities in the corporate world,” Rogers told Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet, adding that it was “an honor and a privilege to serve this president and first lady, in what has certainly been a historic presidency.” Source This reeks of a paid-for resignation in exchange for being fired in order for the White House and President to save face. Honestly, I'm extremely disappointed. The tomfoolery of the uber basic and thirsty Salahis has now caused an amazingly talented woman to lose her job. Over some publicity thirst, lies, and nonsense of 1 fraudulent and delusional couple. I mean...really? Resigning for the corporate world after only 1 year? Hope the Salahis are satisfied now.... *UPDATE* The President & First Lady's official statement when you read the rest...

Evening Bits: Vanessa Williams, Gary Coleman, & Rihanna

The executive Mode doors have shut on Wilhelmina Slater. ABC announced tonight that they canceled "Ugly Betty." Which means Vanessa Williams and all her fabulousness is out of a job. And I, for one, am pissed. According to the AP: It's ugly news for all the fans of "Ugly Betty." ABC says the series will be canceled after this season. A critical and popular success with its premiere in fall 2006, "Ugly Betty" has struggled in recent years with audience erosion. Based on a Colombian telenovela, the warmhearted dramedy stars America Ferrera as an ambitious but style-challenged young woman out to build a future at a New York fashion magazine. ABC is promising that the series will conclude its run in a fashion that will satisfy its fans. ABC says eight episodes are left. Damn you ABC! More news with Rihanna and Gary Coleman when you read the rest.

BREAKING: Wizards Baller Gilbert Arenas Suspended INDEFINITELY WITHOUT PAY!

TIDBITS: Flavor Flav+Ms. Tina Knowles Loves The Tabloid Gossip+Tiger Loses AT&T Sponsorship

Check out the foolywang king of VH1's new video:

WTF Flavor Flav? Just WTF?? This ish just CANNOT carry over into 2010. It just can't. You're like 75 now. Auto-tune does not cover that ish up. Just stop. News on Beyonce and Tina Knowles and their love/hate relationship with gossip and Tiger loses a deal when you read the rest...

Que Kicked Out Of Day 26!

Que of Day 26

Rihanna's New "Lesson Learned" Tattoo+Tiger Loses Major Endorsements?

Rihanna has gotten a brand new tattoo. We all knew one was coming after the Chrihannagate scandal blew over and she wanted to show how "Hard" she's gotten. It reads "Never a failure. Always a lesson" under her right collarbone. And it's written in a mirror image in gray ink. She had her fave tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy of East Side Ink do it around 2am this morning according to him. Rihanna's explanation: "It’s kind of my motto in life for everything.’ Instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons.” I wonder if Cover Girl is gonna like this...

Oh snap.  Gatorade has ended Tiger Woods' endorsement deal with them. They have pulled the drink named after him. But they insist they had made this decision months ago. Right... Reports state that no ads featuring Tiger Woods have run on tv since Nov. 29th. This was less than 2 days after his car crash and mistress unveiling. Coincidence? We thinks not. More pics of Rih's tatt under the cut....

First Black Miss England In SCANDAL+Katt Williams SPEAKS!+YBF Celeb Teens Do A PSA+Janet's "GMA" Preview

Remember when Rachel Christie became the first black Miss England ever this past summer?  Well she just lost her crown because of some scan-duhl.  Very recently homegirl got into a bar brawl with another beauty queen, Miss Manchester Sara Beverly Jones (on right).  They weren't fighting over the crown, but allegedly over a man:

Apparently this guy "Tornado" from England's "Gladiators" show is Sara's ex.  And Rachel's current boyfriend.  After Sara proved via text message the two were still "communicating", Rachel went "Bad Girls Club" on her ass.  Rachel was thrown in jail that night and later released on bail.  So she has turned over her crown "in order to work on clearing her name".  Are we really losing a historic title over some dude in  '09?  I mean...I guess if you're gonna fight over a dude he should look like that.  Just sayin'...

Katt Williams was released from Coweta County Jail in GA and he went straight to the media to speak out. Please check it.

Here's the preview for Janet Jackson's ABC interview and a semi-sneak peak of her "Make Me" vid. More when you read the rest...