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First Black Miss England In SCANDAL+Katt Williams SPEAKS!+YBF Celeb Teens Do A PSA+Janet's "GMA" Preview

Remember when Rachel Christie became the first black Miss England ever this past summer?  Well she just lost her crown because of some scan-duhl.  Very recently homegirl got into a bar brawl with another beauty queen, Miss Manchester Sara Beverly Jones (on right).  They weren't fighting over the crown, but allegedly over a man:

Apparently this guy "Tornado" from England's "Gladiators" show is Sara's ex.  And Rachel's current boyfriend.  After Sara proved via text message the two were still "communicating", Rachel went "Bad Girls Club" on her ass.  Rachel was thrown in jail that night and later released on bail.  So she has turned over her crown "in order to work on clearing her name".  Are we really losing a historic title over some dude in  '09?  I mean...I guess if you're gonna fight over a dude he should look like that.  Just sayin'...

Katt Williams was released from Coweta County Jail in GA and he went straight to the media to speak out. Please check it.

Here's the preview for Janet Jackson's ABC interview and a semi-sneak peak of her "Make Me" vid. More when you read the rest...

*UPDATED* Katt Williams: It Wasn't Me!+Larry Johnson FIRED!

For the umpteenth time over the past few years, Katt Williams was arrested for some foolishness. He was charged with burglary of a Georgia home. However, Katt says this ish is B.S. and he's been staying in the home for 3 weeks. It's his record producer friend Barry Hankerson's place: The police report said about $3,500 in jewelry and collectable coins were stolen, which his lawyer said "we absolutely deny." "Mr. Williams wears more than that in jewelry on his person," Briggs said. Briggs said Williams argued with the employee, prompting the burglary report. Hankerson spoke with investigators Monday afternoon to assure them Williams had his permission to stay indefinitely in the home he was accused of burglarizing, Briggs said. Alan Clarke, the Georgia lawyer who presented Williams in court, said Williams' bond papers were being prepared. "The community and law enforcement have been very welcoming and kind to him," Clarke said. "This is a misunderstanding which will work out quickly."
He was arraigned this afternoon and posted bond.  So all this was over a male catfight Katt? Somethin' aint right. Just like his mugshot. Was he trying to steal money for a touch up too? UPDATE: Here's the 9-1-1 call.  This is a damn mess. News on Larry Johnson when you read the rest...

Source Confirms Charlamagne Fired Over Beanie Sigel Interview

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Frankie & Beyonce

Frankie got a bit tearful...ok a lot tearful...on the BET Awards red carpet this weekend when she talked about her money situation and her daughter Keyshia:

Kanye & Lady Gaga's FAME KILLS Tour CANCELED!!

AFTERNOON ISH: Weezy, Diddy & LaToya

Check out ya boy Weezy talking about his craziest groupie/tale. And it involves denying groupies his peen and them shooting up his tour bus. Diddy has officially announced he's moving Bad Boy to Interscope. Check the vid of him chillin' with Interscope head Jimmy Iovine the other day. And Diddy's explanation of his move: “I had started some previous business relationships with Jimmy Iovine. We had a great chemistry with each other. When I sat down with Julie [Greenwald, Atlantic COO] and told them that I had an interest to go sign with Jimmy and they didn’t make it rough for me. Lyor [Cohen, WMG Chairman] and Julie were nice enough to let me get my [Bad Boy] name. I was able to take the name over to Interscope and to still in stay in business with them. I am not abandoning any of my artists over there, I still have that imprint. But all my future recordings, including my recording contract, that will be at Interscope Records.” According to Combs, the new Bad Boy label with Interscope will operate like a small boutique label, with an emphasis on signing unique talent. “We are going to take our time with the amount of acts that we sign,” Combs stated, adding that the label will cater to “superstars.” We want to find those very unique artists. We want to build something very special that’s not already out there.”
Source: Allhiphop.com
By the way, Cassie (and some other Bad Boy folks) are reportedly being left at Warner Music. Looks like f'in for tracks got you stuck out boo. Womp womp... More ish when you read the rest...

Usher's Boo Grace FIRED From Def Jam?!