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B*$% Please!

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Aiight ya'll. I gotta split today's post into 2 parts cuz there is just too much goin on in the Wood (Hollywood for the slower ones) to put it all at you at once.

Mike just can't stay away from the white girls.

MT at a party this weekend

He just don't understand that it's just a matter of time before he's a wanted man when another white girl goes missin. And why are her shoe straps cuttin off her circulation?? Very unfab.

Speaking of MT...he's puttin himself on blast saying he wants to do a porno film with porn star Jenna Jameson. He says he needs the money. But Jenna is firing back saying she would never do a flick with an African-American male because it'll bring down her quality and popularity. B*tch please! You'd love it.

O.J. Simpson and his new girlfriend at the Vegas premiere of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Apparently, O.J. Simpson might wanna learn the same lesson as MT. Actually...he should have learned it by now.

Anybody been wondering what Dennis Rodman's been up to?

Dennis Rodman at the 2005 Maxim Party

Daaaaamn! Nevermind...go back into hiding. Oooh his momma should be shamed. Let's move on quickly...

Now here's something fab for the eyes. Denzel Washington and wifey were spotted here vacationing in Portofinio, Italy last week. Wait...let's focus on Denzel for a moment:

I swear that man gets sexier year after year. Just fabulous.

Halle was caught shopping for her pet (i think that cage is for a pet) last week in Malibu.

Damn. She even looks fab while shopping for a dog. I hate her.

Eva Longoria was shopping out in Bev Hills this weekend..sans Tony!

Isn't she cute just shopping her little fab heart out. I think I hate her too.

Fat Joe went to help the kiddies at the Latin American Montessori Bilingual School renovate their school on Saturday. Wait...so why are 3 out of the 4 kids in the pic black? Interesting...

And why is every pic in the gallery different angles of this? Joe, now fa real...how much did you really help?


Fall shows I'm gettin real excited about:

The Apprentice: Martha Stuart

The Apprentice: Donald Trump

Season 3 of Nip/Tuck

Season 2 of Desperate Housewives

shhh don't tell anyone...Season 2 of Being Bobby Brown(if there is one)...

And are ya'll watching The Law Firm and The Cut? Well...you should be.

Part Deux comin right up...

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o's picture

Just to clear this up...I'm

Just to clear this up...I'm well aware that many people of Latin American descent can look "black" at a glance. It's something I became accustomed to while living in Washington DC for a while, living in Europe last summer, and 5 of my line sisters in my sorority being African. They like to educate us on African heritage. ;) What I said was all in fun and strictly for laughs. If offense was taken...I apologize.
Natasha's picture

Yes there are millions of

Yes there are millions of latins with African heritage. Many latins that comes from mixed African/European backgrounds. It's only in the US that people seem to have a hard time getting their heads around this fact.
Anonymous's picture

There are many latins with

There are many latins with African heritage (see Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, etc.)that can look almost solely black but identify with Latin, speak spanish, etc. When I lived in NY, most "blacks" I ran into came from a latin country. You can't assume - Just FYI
Anonymous's picture

That chick with Mike Tyson is

That chick with Mike Tyson is gross.
Anonymous's picture

This will be the 3rd season

This will be the 3rd season of Nip/tuck and you'll be happy to know that Bravo has already given Bobby Brown options for next season.
Anonymous's picture

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http://joeylohan.com - the hottest black women in entertainment
Joey Lohan's picture

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