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Apparently Ms. Milian has been living the glamorous life. Here's some pics from recent photo shoots.

Now thas what I call FAB-U-LOUS. Some celebs may wanna pick up a pen and take a note or two. Hmmm....

Ciara on Friday's Good Morning America Concert Series

Why ery'body tryin to channel Ms. Jackson these days? First Raven, now C. "Rhythm Nation" is all up in my head right now. And that hair is NOT ok. But her new video with her man Mr. Bow is the cutest.

Ummm I just have 2 questions:

Why did Diddy's so called girl group Dream think it was ok to wear these outfits? And 2...why did they think it was ok to go to the Lady of Soul awards lookin this foolish? I need Diddy to have a conference just for the people in his life (like his unfab Momma) and school them on what not to wear. Movin on...

Now Eva...why you actin like you wanna hide from the paparazzi all of a sudden? And why you look surprised that they caught you on camera? You know they peep you harder than Whitney and Bobby peep that crack. Fab hat though.

On a side note...I heard E rushed out of the hospital (that first pic) to get back to taping DH because she heard Sam from General Hospital (the winner of Dancing with the Stars) may be guest starring on the show. Someone feeling threatened??

And some ridiculousness was spotted on the black carpet of the BCBG flagship opening in Beverly Hills.

Traci Bingham at this week's BCBG event

I need Traci to know that Baywaych is over and she's pushin 40. So this outfit is so NOT ok. Yes, her body is fab (the real parts at least), but she needs to dress it fabulously. AND TAKE OFF THAT DAMN HAT!

But not all was bad on the black carpet.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon at this week's BCBG event.

Tracee Ellis Ross at this week's BCBG event.

Garcelle and Tracee (minus the ridiculously large grin) looked quite gorgeous. Fabulous job ladies.

And lastly, Fantasia is currently tapng a new video with sexy singer Life for her new single. I'm guessing she's his "gaurdian angel" or "conscious" or something. Either way...she need not wear that costume ever again in life.

The Randomness:

  1. Did Free leave 106 and Park cuz she's running from the Feds??? Allhiphop.com has the story.
  2. Nelly and Ashanti are rumored to be engaged. Nooooooooo. Allhiphop.com has the story.
  3. Eminem was hospitilized for sleep drug dependecy. Now Em, was it really sleep drugs??? MTV.com has the story.
  4. Have ya'll seen the new Ray-J video? Yeah the song is kinda hot, but why is he jockin Usher's style in the vid? Just wrong.
  5. Mase has left Bad Boy and will most likely be signing with G-Unit. Hmmm...interesting. MTV.com has the story.

Keep up the comments and stay tuned for the next installment. Law school is getting ridiculous and day 1 isn't till Monday. Why do we already have 4 assignments due on Monday ya'll? Just wrong!

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Is Dream still together? I

Is Dream still together? I thought they broke up (or is that an old pic?)
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