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The stars come out at night

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And on to the drama....

Hmmm so Nick really does need to be wonderin where his girl Christina is. She was all up in the BMI Urban Music Awards last night in Miami.

Yep. That's Aaron Hall and his bro posing with ya girl at the awards show.

And that purse is too fab. Love it! Hmmm I wonder if it was humid outside.

Lots of other random folks were there too.

The group Az Yet. Man I ain't heard about them in a hot minute.

Babyface and Darryl Simmons.

The Gap band was in full effect. Prolly only cuz Charlie Wilson is tryin to make a comeback. And why did Charlie feel that hat fit in anywhere in that outfit?

Lil John...stop makin the white folk drink yo crunk juice. That man looks partly scared. Poor thing.

The fab La La dropped by.

Joe Crack in this piece.

And ya'll know The Game was up in that piece. That man is just sexy. Maybe it's the bad boy image I'm lovin. Anywho...he was definitely sans G-Unit.

And ya'll know Lil John hosted the crunk afterparty for the awards at The Shore Club . It looked a mess.

John and Uncle Luke

Umm..was this "waitress" serious?

I think Lil Scrappy's whole wardrobe consists of white tees and tanks.

Now that's just sad.

Nope....I'm still not feeling the bald head JD.

Mr. ColliPark and Kaine

Why is Jessica Simpson's daddy, the former baptist minister, up in this piece?? Mmmmkay.

The second installment of haunting high school pics is here. {Thanks Erin}

Daaaaamn Lil John!

Well ain't that precious...our little Diddy, pre-mogul.

Who's this dude at Stuff magazine's party last night? Well apparently his name is Dennis the Menance. Whoever he is...his cuteness deserves some face time.

The ice was a-flowin at last night's Glam Slam kickoff event in NY.

The owner of Kwait Diamonds (on the left) gave Venus and Serena diamond tennis bracelets. Like they need to be given anything. Must be nice.

Taye seems to be enjoying himself. The Wimbeldon/Williams sisters are looking quite glam these days.

But that Brandy on the other hand...

Whatever. And on the gossip tip...I heard her fiance b-ball star Quentin Richardson of the Suns won't set a date for the wedding cuz that heffa is crazy. She goes to EVERY game..both home and away...just to keep tabs on her man. Do ya'll know how many games that is???? That man can't even breathe!

Wait...since when are The Sisters and Brandy BFF?

I guess diamonds have that effect on ladies.

Venus and Serena are EVERYWHERE these days. They popped up on TRL yesterday.

I absolutely hate the "long shorts" trend. Please make it stop people.

And finally our girl B was spotted on her somewhat recent trip to St. Tropez with her Jiggaman.

Oh the fabness blows me away.

The Randomness:

  1. Snoop D-O-Double G is launching a skateboard company. I guess diversity does = money. Eurweb has the story
  2. Usher got kicked off the movie he was doin with Beyonce'. The producers said he was way too demanding for his low level of talent. Hahaha.
  3. Awww hell to the naw. Tear. The season finale of Being Bobby Brown came on last night. I can't figure out if I should be happy or sad about it.

School's cancelled Monday and Tuesday cuz of Hurricane Katrina! Yaaaaaaay!

Stay fab...especially if you're living in storm central Southeast Florida.

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Yeah man anonymous, I totally

Yeah man anonymous, I totally agree! Why don't they pick up the "This Is The Only Right Way To Be A Black Person" manual and pick up a few pointers! Damn they should go get those color cards and see if they're the RIGHT shade of black because else you're out of the club!All this emulating Whitey and being all edumacated and shit, leaves them wealthy and able to afford hairstylists and that shit ain't right y'all.
Icequeen's picture

Hey I know you're from NO so

Hey I know you're from NO so I was just checking to see if you're okay. Leave a quick blog to let us know if you're alright.
JazzyBe's picture

all these black people on

all these black people on this website are so fake. weaves,glued-in hair. so unattractive. i mean what does beyonce or brandy do (or their men) when they have to look at their real selves. what i am saying is black is beautiful - embrace yourselves people!!
Anonymous's picture

Hi I am a fan of your board

Hi I am a fan of your board and know you live in NO but I hope you post soon so we will know you are okay. My prayers go out to you, your family and the people in your area and other places affected by the Hurricane. CM
Anonymous's picture

i just wanna say that I know

i just wanna say that I know you are from New Orleans, and I hope you and your family are doing well during this horrific tragedy.please let us know how you are doing as soon as possible.
-high school ho's picture

what the hell are beyonce &

what the hell are beyonce & jazzie doing in that second pic? stay safe!
gabsmash's picture

Why are Aaron and his brother

Why are Aaron and his brother dressed alike?
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Oh yeah also about The Game

Oh yeah also about The Game being a sexy mofo, here's a picture of him being on the show "change of heart". I can't keep a straight face whenever I hear his songs anymore:!http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/1561/game1zt.jpg!
Icequeen's picture

The fab LaLa should do

The fab LaLa should do something about those free range titties.And where the hell are her nipples at.Also Brandy could do with a sandwich, cause she's got that bobble head thing going on.
Icequeen's picture

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