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Doin It Big

I've finally found an apartment! If ya'll only knew the level of drama and stress that I went through this weekend in Houston just to find an apartment...you would be worn out just listening. But the impossible became possible and I found a FABULOUS apartment that I can move in to next week. Shouts out to all the apartment complexes/businesses hookin New Orleans folks like me up in big ways. On to the gossip...

An NBA charity basketball game for Hurricane Relief went down last week in the H (that's Houston for all you non-Texans)...and all the sexy ballers kicked it at the after party.

Allen Iverson and Amere Stoudamire

A.I. kickin it with the fellas

(l-r) Carmelo Anthony, Duane Wade and their boyz

Mr. Wade is HOT fa real!

"All the girls pass the weed to ya motha &*#$ing man and get em high..." Apparently er'y body at this party was taking Kanye's advice cuz these fellas look throwed as hell in these pics.

But hey...high, low, left, right..they still sexy in ANY way. More pics for you baller lovers:

Steve Francis (l) and a friend

Steve actually does not look throwed. And is quite a cutie.

Tracy McGrady

Whoa. T-Mac's eye actually looks good. Do it then T.

Speaking of K Dubb...he performed last week at a party for Elle magazine.

I swear that kid is performin EVERYWHERE these days. And I'm still lovin it.

In less than 24 hours, Lil Kim will be rockin an orange jumpsuit Queen Bee style. She decided to hold a Meet and Greet in NYC a few days ago for her and some fans.

The pasties are killin me. I know that chick can afford a bra so why is this necessary?? But ya'll know what...I'ma stop hatin cuz she wouldn't be Kim if she just wore bras. Plus...all that plastic inside prolly holds up better than a bra. So why waste the dollars??

Lovin that tee by the way. The small writing says "Real men don't snitch".

And why does her album cover look like an old school Luke cassette cover? Oh well..do ya thing ma.

And to make sure we don't forget the lil lady we'll be bombarded by Lil Kim media left and right this year with her new reality show featuring her every move up until the day she turns herself in, her new videos, her new album, it just don't stop ya'll.

Here's an extra pic from the Baby Phat Fashion Show last week. Apparently MJB was accused of being "diva-ish" cuz she ordered a worker to move from in front the paparazzi that was snapping her pics.

Now ladies...ya'll know what that look means. I woulda did the same thing as Mary..diva or not. It is NOT that other chick's time to shine.

Damn Jada...you lookin a lil on the rough side huh ma?

Jada Pinkett-Smith with her band Wicked Wisdom at a recent performance

And your arms are definitely on the serious side.

While we're on the Jada tip..I found another interesting pic:

Hmmm. Moving on...

Jigga and Diddy present $1 mil to BET's S.O.S. Telethon.

Over $11 mil was raised by the telethon. Now thas hot fa real.

On the gossip tip: Jigga has announced he will be doing a "Hov Declares War" pair of concerts where he will be goin BAD on all the rappers he got beef with. He said people need to make up with him quick if they got a problem. It's bout to be on and poppin.

Check out the uberly sexy Will Smith at his recent Australian photoshoot:


And finally a pic of Vivica during Fashion Week last week:

For once I'm not laughing while lookin at a pic of Viv.

And on the gossip tip: Speaking of V...her ex-boyfriend 50 cent is now dating fabulous actress Nia Long. Don't let me find pics of this DL relationship cuz I will mos def put em on blast.

The Randomness:
  1. People are losing limbs...literally...fighting J-Lo about her fur obsession. Daaaaamn people. Story
  2. Seeing that Flavor Flav is on the verge of getting a "Bachelor" type new reality show....we most definitely need to kill reality before things get even more outta hand. Story
  3. Nick Cannon's show Wild N Out on MTV is surprisingly hilarious. Check it out.
  4. I said Brandy need to stop stalkin her own man. It's being whispered that Brandy and Quentin have called off the engagement. Cheatin? Stalkin? Smotherin? Well regardless of who and/or what...it's over.
  5. Speakin of Brandy...where's Monica?? Come back chick!
  6. Have ya'll seen the Apprentice show promo commercial with Martha Stewart and Diddy?? Just a hot mess.


Fab trend of the moment: Metallic and Dropped Sequins handbags. Get em in any and every color ladies. Bring attention to your fabulous self. They're hot for fall.

My fabulous readers...your comments keep me laughin. So keep em comin and stay fabulous!





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Danielle's picture

Wow...Jada has always been

Wow...Jada has always been fly (well not always...the sequence green two piece dress...not fly), but I'm not so sure about this look!Lil Kim does look like a cat! LOL!!! I love this blog! I'm a celebrity gossip junkie and finally there is a sight for our people!! Keep up the great work! Let us know something about Kerry Washington! She is fab!!!
Anonymous's picture

thats not juelz santana thats

thats not juelz santana thats cam'ron
Anonymous's picture

They are having the hardest

They are having the hardest time casting that Flav show. They have even started leaving his name out of the casting notices to get girls to show up.
StickThenMove's picture

Jada , jada , jada! is there

Jada , jada , jada! is there something we should know and am I little slow.
Anonymous's picture

Monica had a baby by a

Monica had a baby by a producer for a record company named Rodney. If Brandy and Q are over, why is she stalking him?
Anonymous's picture

sup emo...i don't know about

sup emo...i don't know about the lion king but i know her face a lil whopped to the right side...like a strong gust of when caught her surgery and it just kind of stuck that way...her lips a lil swole and look and sound like they hurt when she talk....but i'mma give it to her, that pic in the b-suit...(luke cover-lol) she had it going on......and word is she done dropped 5mics on this album so look however she wants...she the first female to do so...so more power to the "Simba"lol
Anonymous's picture

Jada is lookin' a little

Jada is lookin' a little tough. Like she really could wup somebody's ass. Is it just me or does anyone else think Lil Kim, looks like the lion queen? you know the woman who had all the plastic surgery to look like a cat.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Mike James is the other guy

Mike James is the other guy in the picture with Steve Francis. Mike plays basketball for the Houston Rockets.
Anonymous's picture

I believe Monica is close to

I believe Monica is close to or has already given birth to a child by young buck.
Icequeen's picture

Ugh...sorry. Pressed the

Ugh...sorry. Pressed the button a few too many times.I really gotta work on my patience.
marita's picture

My new fave blog!!! Keep up

My new fave blog!!! Keep up the good work!! Stay fab;)
marita's picture

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