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Emmy Madness

The 57th Annual Emmy Awards went down Sunday night. And pretty much everyone looked fabulous! The only thing I like about awards shows is seeing what celebs are wearing and who they're with. Other than that...they're a wash. This post is kinda long ya'll so beware.

Apparently the Entertainment Weekly Emmy Pre-Party the night before the Emmys was the ill cuz everybody was up in that piece. It was held at the Cabana Club in L.A.

Jill Marie Jones, Hill Harper, and Gabrielle Union

The very fabulous Gabrielle Union looks pretty even when she makes ridiculous faces.

Eva stopped by looking ultra casual.

Check out the bag she was carrying (pic taken at L.A. Confidential mag pre-party she attended also). Not feelin all that fur around the bag. It's fab without it.

CCH Patterson was looking quite...blue.

Oh Omarosa...your 15 minutes aint up yet??

Star Jones and her closet gay husband attended the party. Wassup with his shoes???

Model Roshumba Williams is weaveless and fabulous.

Harold Perrinaeu (far right) with his Lost cast members

Kimberly Elise

Whoa. This outfit is not ok Kim. But she makes up for it later on Emmy night.

Was Isiah Washington serious about this hat??

Mekhi Phifer

Still a cutie.

Traci Bingham

For once this chick doesn't look like a reject from Nelly's "Tip Drill" video. Ain't nothing on her matching...but she looks aiight. (Please refer to previous posts with her in them if you disagree)

Why does Nick's hat look bigger than his head??

Elsewhere in L.A., the L.A. Confidential magazine pre-party took place:

Karrine Steffans, b.k.a. Superhead and author of Confessions of a Video Vixen, attended the party with boyfriend extreme political "analyst" Bill Maher. Wow. They're actually making public appearances together. If that ain't an interesting couple.

And now for the Red Carpet of Emmy night:

Now Mrs. Jones...who did all the Red Carpet interviews... has caught a lot of flack for her so-called "Barney look", but I think she looks border line fab. Her makeup and hair team and weightloss have worked wonders for her. But I am quite mad she brought her dog (who's dripped in diamonds by the way) on the Red Carpet.

Here's Eva's fabulous self leaving her house before the Emmy's and on the Carpet:

Ok E...I see you tryna to work it like J-Lo in that last pic.

Aisha Tyler looked pretty. Just not too sure bout that hair.

Let's all bow down to the queen of fabulousness:

Halle was WORKIN that dress, shoes, hair, etc. Best look of the night...hands down. More pics of her later...

Paula looked pretty fab too. I just need her to watch those chi chis that look like they bout to spill out. She prolly thinkin, "If I bought em...I'ma flaunt em."

Sachell Brown and Veronica Brown

And there's a pic of 2 Katrina evacuees who were invited to attend the Emmy's. I guess that's a cool gesture.

Did ya'll see this performance:

Is ol girl/boy on the far right fa real?? I understand it's a costume...but come on.

On to the afterparties:

The HBO Emmy party had everybody and their grandma's dog up in that piece. It was at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center.

Actress Adina Porter

Alfre Woodard and her husband

The beautiful HB:

I see you Halle gettin ya drank on.

Actress Kimberly Kevon Williams

Hold on now. Mr. Jason Oliver is lookin quite cute up in that party.

Told ya'll Kimberly made up for her pre-party unfabness. She's looks absolutely gorgeous here.

For once Macy Gray doesn't look scary. If only she would stop makin those faces.

Big ups to S. Epatha Merkerson for being the only black person to win an Emmy...directly. (Harold Perrinaeu received one indirectly because of the awards his show got) She won Best Actress in a miniseries/tv movie for Lackawana Blues.

Traci Ellis Ross

The Entertainment Tonight afterparty sponsered by People magazine was also poppin.

One of my fave fab chicks looked absolutely stunning! I am surprised Gabby wasn't there with her husband. Maybe he was there and just chillin in the cut...

Gabrielle Union

Earth, Wind, and Fire was representin for the Old School. Wow. That hair is sumthin aint it??

Ananda Lewis looked fabulous.

Ya'll see how Eric Benet wasn't at the HBO afterparty where Halle was. I've heard they still got beef..maybe there's some truth to it.

Golden Brooks always looks the fool at events...but always looks fab on Girlfriends. I just don't understand it ya'll.

Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and their dates

I guess Paula tryna show off her new man. He is cute though.

Persia White of Girlfriends

And finally TV Guide hosted an afterparty:

Could Donald Faison be anymore obvious bout resting his hand on her ass?

Christopher Massey and Kyle Massey of That's So Raven

Awww aren't they precious??

Actress Niecy Nash

TV personalities Uchenna and Joy Cealu

Actress Nona Gay

Actresses (l-r) Ion Overman, Holly Robinson Peete, Busy Philipps and Reagan Gomez-Preston of Love, Inc.

I'm excited bout this show starting.

The Randomness:

  1. Did ya'll see the Finale of R U the Girl tonight?? Crunk! TLC's new song "I Bet" is definitely calling out Usher. Chili talkin bout how an ex callin her at 3:45a when he know he got another girlfriend. Hmmm.. Oh SO....Krispy. It was so good seeing those chicks perform again.
  2. And on the note of that show...why did Mira get criticized for being too much like Left Eye when Oh So Krispie looks and raps just like Left Eye (but noone compares to Lisa Lopez we know)?
  3. The movie Roll Bounce is donating 10% of their opening weekend proceeds to Katrina victims.
  4. The Season Premiere of Nip/Tuck was INSANE!
  5. Oprah's giving $10 mil of her own mula to Hurrican Katrina relief. *In my smallest little kid voice*"When I grow up...I wanna be Oprah."



only a test!

only a test!
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You definitely covered black

You definitely covered black Hollywood. I'm definitely going to link you. Glad you're okay too.www.princessdominique.com/blog
princessdominique's picture

Golden Brooks is a phenominal

Golden Brooks is a phenominal woman...who else could get into a street fight and still have enough time to make it to the red carpet?...Priceless(LOL)
Anonymous's picture

Was everyone at the TV Guide

Was everyone at the TV Guide party lookin' a mess?Mekhi's putting on weight. Check the double chin, not a good look.Roshumba needs a relaxer.Why does Star always pose like she's suckin' in for dear life?
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

I gots much to say ya! Okay

I gots much to say ya! Okay Star looked FAB in the purple! I'm not a fan of velvet but I think she looked great! Halle was killing the split in her dress! Giving it to them...making Eric Benet looking quite like a fool!!!Jill Marie and Gabrielle look great per usual! I love Jill Marie!Superhead aka Karrine is wack!!! She'll get no love from me...EVER!And my couple from Amazing Race (I love that show, I was soooo excited when they won!) looked pretty damn great! Okay, I see ya with your makeovers! Nona Gaye is all abour the ta-tas wasn't she! Hey girl, do your thing!I really though Mira would win, but knew she wouldn't because she meshed a little well. I knew they would pick O SoKrispie because they probably won't start a group with a teenager! Usher is a jerk, and is feeling himself a little too much! He was so much better when he was Usher Raymond! See that's what happens when you spend the summer at Diddy's...you become an Azz!!!Sorry for the length!
AKAten's picture

Chili...Do you girl! Do You!

Chili...Do you girl! Do You! Usher has to feel like a total Ass!Oprah!!! What can I say! I may not watch her show any more, I do buy the mag. She really is a role model for black woman - now if only I can get the money!
mrs.tj's picture

Star is starting to look like

Star is starting to look like the new Eartha Kit.Is Holly Robinson pregnant again?
Anonymous's picture

Did you hear Chilli's part in

Did you hear Chilli's part in the new song when she sang the line "Since you've got so many confessions...."Ursh is definately coming with Part 3.Golden must not use a stylist once she is off the set. Persia is doing somethnig better all of a sudden.One of Nona's friends looks like it will pop out.Star did look good but VELVET in that hot weather?!!
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