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Rita is actin the fool ya'll. Please evacuate and go somewhere if you live in southwest LA or southeast Texas or on the La/Tex border. Trust me...being out of some money cuz you erred on the side of caution is always better than the alternative. Now on to the gossip:

Pics of folks with their makeup and hair teams on strike.

Arissa Hill from the Real World


That unibrow is ri-damn-diculous. Has Nelly seen this nonsense??

Traci Bingham

Veronica Webb

Ain't it funny how some look better or the same w/o all the extra? But some look the fool w/o it, ahem...Ashanti.

VH-1's 2005 Hip Hop Honors Awards were taped tonight (and airs on the 26th) but the pre-party went down last night in NY:

Fab Five Freddy and David Allen Grier

Big Daddy Kane

Still lookin smooth.

Ice-T and Biggie's Momma Voletta Wallace

I hope Janice Combs aint there cuz it might be a girl fight on hand. Ya'll know Voletta can't stand Diddy...so she says. And Ice-T was there with his porn-style Barbie (his wife), but I refuse to post the pic.

Salt N Peppa and Fab 5 Freddy

Q-Tip spinnin the tracks

La La and Ed Lover

I'm feeling that Chanel purse.

Vinny and Treach

Vinny looks like Mike Tyson's lil brother.

Oooooh I think I'ma have to actually watch these awards. They actually look like they gonna be bout sumthin.

En Vogue and Salt N Peppa rehearsing for the tribute portion of the show

Never realized how much I missed Salt N Peppa and En Vogue till I saw this pic. Can't wait to see the performance.

Monica, Ciara, and Baby {Crunk and Disorderly}

I haven't received 100% percent validation that this is Monica's baby, but regardless...that baby is CUTE! Oh, and C...is that what u call a disguise??

The premiere of Bow Wow's new movie Roll Bounce went down this week. Tons of celebs came to show support.

Bow Wow and JD

The man of the hour was there sans is main chick Ciara. Hmmmm....and on a big night like this? Come to think of it...they haven't been spotted together much at all lately. Why am I not surprised. We'll see how this one plays out.

Khleo Thomas and Magic Johnson

Marcus Polk

Awww he's grown up so much since his Moesha dayz.

Verdine White

Now Verdine...your hair been lookin like this for a hundred sumthin years. Do we need to intervene and perform an Extreme Makeover? It may be time for a change.

Nick Cannon and Meagan Good

See what happens when you aint around Christina?? On a side note...Meagan's dating some football player that she's real tight-lipped about and as soon as I find out who...pics will be found and posted.

Cal Mitchell

Brooke Valentine

Is that a bikini top beneath that jacket? Interesting.

J-Lo took a lil poolside vacay recently.

Hmmm...must be nice.

Whoa...a new cutie has entered my life. His name is Brian White and he's just given me a reason to move the movie Flightplan to my "must see under any and all circumstances" list and he aint even in the movie.

Actress Judith Scott came to show some support for her movie.


I would never chill in a bowl of water with my dog. I don't care how much money I have. So...Mariah...1) you're whack 2) you're still staging your "candids" and 3) you need a man in the WORST way.

Some pics from the OK! magazine party at Ono in NY yesterday:

Kim Porter

Ummm...why does her face look like testosterone has been injected in it? Hopefully this was just a really bad angle.

And her boytoy Diddy really needs to make up his mind on whether he wants his pants cuffed or not.

And finally...

Tyra getting felt up on her show

On Tyra's show that will air soon (or prolly already has) she brought in a doctor to examine her breasts...on tv..to prove they're real. And she even took off her bra...on tv....to show how much they droop without the bra to prove their realness. Tyra...was all this necessary? And was the cryin necessary? No...THIS SHOW AINT ABOUT YOU!

The Randomness:

  1. Nelly is gettin his own reality show. It's gonna focus on what exactly it takes to be "Durrrty" and it's produced by the same people as Swan and Hell's Kitchen. Some genie somewhere has answered my wish to get more Nelly. Thank you.
  2. Run's (of Run DMC) reality show "Run's House" kicks off Oct. 13th. Sigh.
  3. Grant Hill and Tamia are such a cute couple. We got to take an inside look into their marriage on the ESPN Hollywood Show. If they can keep up a marriage that's been through having 1 child, Tamia being diagnosed with very serious Multiple Sclerosis and Grant's ridiculous amount of injuries in just 1 season...there's hope for all marriages out there.
  4. Destiny's Child's Greatest Hits #1's Cd drops on the 25th. I'ma definitely cop it.
  5. Why is Diddy comin back with Makin the Band 3?? Obviously it ain't workin for ya D. Story





Danielle ~ Bless Your ♥ :)'s picture


Danielle → [Not Amused].'s picture


Danielle - *you think you're slick.*'s picture

Wow. If Ashanti don't get

Wow. If Ashanti don't get herself some Nad's...
Danielle's picture

Looking forward to the

Looking forward to the catfight.
Anonymous's picture

yep, K-E-L Mitchell, NOT Cal

yep, K-E-L Mitchell, NOT Cal Mitchell
Anonymous's picture

Traci Bingham looks much

Traci Bingham looks much better sans make-up. Nice post!
Safa's picture

Yeah I always wondered what

Yeah I always wondered what the hype was with Kim Porter?Please please please keep us posted about Brian White, he is very cute. Check out Amani Toomer from the Giants. He is along those lines of cute.
Mealone's picture

i live in columbus ga, where

i live in columbus ga, where kim porter is from and trust me, it's not a bad angle. the heifer is UGLY and MANLY. diddy needs to give her a makeover and a gift certificate to Sean
missannji's picture

Aaawwee ~ C'mon now! If

Aaawwee ~ C'mon now! If you're not a dog owner/lover and have never had a Jack Russell Terrier as Mariah has and I also own, you won't understand how adorable and loyal these dogs really are in character. My dog is my family and swimming in the pool is no biggie (really). The pool has chlorine people!
Anonymous's picture

I LOVE Verdine White. He's

I LOVE Verdine White. He's so much fun to watch play. They were here in Nashville last month with Chicago, and he stole the whole show.Mariah Carey needs to be shipped off to Antarctica. The penguins will like that gold bathing suit. We're THIS close to making Glitterati a Mariah-free zone. Be gone, demon!
jamie's picture

Another thing, and I promise

Another thing, and I promise this is my last time, if that's a bad angle for Ms. Porter, I truly feel sorry for her.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

And Also, Is anybody else as

And Also, Is anybody else as tired as I of seein' Ms. Mariah in this gold swimsuit? I mean this has got to be like the nth teenth time she's worn it this summer.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Going to see Flightplan

Going to see Flightplan because Brian was at the premier...you know you silly. You know he was in the movie Trois 3 with Reagan Gomez Preston, it's a good rent, he had some nice sex scenes.When did Spinderella have some kids, cause she's definitely blown up.La La's was lookin' good, I want to see a picture of the rock she's wearing from Carmello, got any pics?It's Kel Mitchell, remember Keenan and Kel?and lastly, I pray that the Ashanti photo was photoshopped.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Okay, after laughing really

Okay, after laughing really hard about Ashanti's pics, here are my comments. When I see Trech all I can think about is "Love and a Bullet" and how much I used the pause button. Verdine White - Is that a purse or a man bag?Is Spinderella getting fat? and Sitting in Doggy Water is just plain uckky! Holla! And all ya'll in the south on the coast be safe!
mrs.tj's picture

Awww Hell to the

Awww Hell to the Naw!!Ashanti! I am laughing to hard I'm going to have to come back and read the rest. Now that is comedy in the purest form. But for real, what's up with that unibrow?!?! HA!Holla!
mrs.tj's picture

I was googling around looking

I was googling around looking for some gossip about Tyra Banks and... TA-DAH!!!!... i'd found your beatiful site... ^_^
escort torino's picture

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