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The Fabulous World of Hip Hop

The Hip Hop Honors Awards went down last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. I'ma leave out the pics from the actual show so not to spoil it for ya'll that are gonna watch it. Now ya'll know how I feel bout awards shows...so let's check out the "red carpet" (it was actually beige)...

Big Daddy Kane

Anthony Anderson

The Bishop Don Juan

The Godfather of the Pimp Cup. He cracks me up.

Christopher Wallace, Jr. (Biggie's son)

He is just too cute.

"We are a part of a Ciaranation..." Just playin. She can't ever touch Janet. But apparently Ciara is channeling Janet Jackson 80's style. Rhythm Nation is all up in my head right now:

Oh Ciara...your quick stint at fabulousness is slowly fading away. She strugglin in them shoes too.


Lovin the green tee. Lovin the one in it too.

Faith Evans

Lookin fabulous....even though she's mistaken this for a photoshoot.

En Vogue

Still lookin fly.

David Banner

I see you Dave classin up the joint with a suit.

Fat Joe

Holly Robinson-Peete

Good gracious she's fabulous. She's 40 with 3 kids and lookin hotter than ever before. Don't ya just hate her?! Oh well...keep doin big thangs Holly! Check her out in all her fabulousness later in this post.

David Banner and Russell Simmons chattin it up.

Jason Kidd and his wife Joumana

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Grandmaster Caz

DJ Kid Capri

John Singleton and Nia Long

Nia is killin em with this look. She's mos def one of my fave fab actresses...ya'll know ya'll loved ya'll some Love Jones. Girl work it OUT then.

The fly LL...

Now thas what I'm talkin bout. Throwin it back to that 80's "I Need Love" and "Rock the Bells" jumpsuit, hat, and chain. LOVE IT!

MC Lyte lookin ultra feminine and fab.

Shoo Omarosa...just shoo. Go away.

The Nellz

*Sigh* With a huge smile on my face while I look at Nelly's pic.

Salt N Peppa

The Queen is here!

Ummm Ray J. Don't get it twisted. You are not tight.

Oh Remy Ma. I'm speechless.

Russell Simmons and Rev Run

I swear Russell looks like a real big kid.

King T.I. lookin fly.

Wendy Williams

What the hell is goin on with those shoes??

Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle

The Roots

They're one of the major reasons why I love Hip Hop.

Voletta Wallace with her grandbabies. Damn...I see Biggie's face all up in that family.

Enough of that...now that we've seen pretty much every body in Black entertainment in one room...let's move on.

Check out the fabulous Holly Robinson-Peete in her cover and photospread for this month's Heart and Soul magazine:


In Touch Weekly had a "Pets and Their Stars" party this week at L.A.'s Cabana Club:

Traci was back to her hoochie reject lookin self. Just a hot azz mess.

Camille Winbush

And Camille's tryna to be too grown in the worst way. This is the teen daughter from The Bernie Mac Show. Hmmm...did her momma really let her out the house with that top on?

Click here to check out a pic of Keyshia Cole and her cute puppy at the event.

Finally, our favorite mogul couple was spotted attending Kanye's concert at the Abbey Road Studios in the UK last night.

Click here and here to check out more pics of Bigga's (the new name for the couple) night out.

They look fabulous as usual.

And on the gossip tip: Here's an update on Bigga and D-Child: Jigga recently said in an interview that he will not ever discuss his 3 year relationship with Beyonce' in the press. So stop askin him. Matthew Knowles said he's not at odds with D-Child members as reported. He's managing all 3 ladies' solo careers. Beyonce' will film Dreamgirls in December and her album will drop Sept. 2006. Kelly's album will be out real soon. She's on one of Trina's song's "Here We Go" out Oct. 4th and will also be in 3 episodes of Girlfriends in February. Michelle will be in a few episodes of Half and Half and her next album will be mainstream R&B.

The Randomness:

  1. Chris Rock's old school teacher called him to offer apologies for any hardships she gave him during his childhood after she saw the ads for his show. Boo. Story
  2. Everybody Hates Chris beat all its competition on premiere night.
  3. There's been some whisperin that 50 ain't dating Nia but he's dating Puffy's Baby Momma Misa...(the one that's gettin that ridiculous amount of child support from Diddy and rumored to be the chick from the "One More Chance" video in the hot tub. Ya'll know I only like fact based rumors...so I'ma have to do more research on this one.


ALRIGHT FAB READERS: Keeping with the theme of Hip Hop, what's your FAVORITE throwback jam? It has to be at least 5 years old ya'll. The older the better. If I like it too...it'll go under the Fab Flashback Jam section. Leave it in the comments ya'll!

Fab trend: Crocodile skin silleto pumps. They're all the rage for the fall ladies. Real croc or mock croc...it's all fab. The ones pictured below are by Cole Haan.




Let's hear it for DA QUEEN

Let's hear it for DA QUEEN L-A-T-I-F-A-H...in command. Want some bass? Pump it up with LL's BOOMIN' SYSTEM. yeah. Nice and Smooth, Tribe, MC Lyte, Slick Rick, Smith and Wesson--is this the correct spelling? Anyway the list of old school hip hop goes on and on and on and.......
Anonymous's picture

On Wendy William's red carpet

On Wendy William's red carpet footwear...she mentioned on her show last week that she would be wearing flat shoes as she was interviewing people on the red carpet. Wendy is tall and her thought was not to wear heels and completely tower over the people she interviewed. She figured that she would only appear on camera from the waist up. I guess she didn't think about the still photographers that might take a head to toe shot. Wendy is forever talking about having your shoe game tight. I think she could have done better than black slippers. Oh well, she looked good otherwise.
Anonymous's picture

throwbacks: We got the

throwbacks: We got the Jazz:Tribe,Cool it now:New Edition,You gots to chill:EPMD
Anonymous's picture

umm... A Tribe Called Quest's

umm... A Tribe Called Quest's Electric Relaxation' .... "drive you insane, drive you up the wall" WHAT?!!! One of the best jams of Tribe's time. They should have been honored as well. or at least the jungle brothers and/or de la soul or perhaps even bush babees. the orginators of native tongue hip hop. boo, VH1. what happened to honoring Public Enemy... let me stop wigging out, i haven't even seen the show. but i would find it suspect if Public Enemy wasn't even allowed to perform.
epitomi's picture

Maxine from En Vogue is

Maxine from En Vogue is lookin' a hot mess, but didn't she always.Damn Joumana's darker than Jason and he's the black one.Common could sooo get it.Who are the mothers of Biggies children, I know his son's mother is Faith but what about his daughter...I don't like talkin' about kids, but....And, it's no rumor, that is Misa in the "One More Chance" vid the chick with the platinum ponytails in the hot tub.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture


OKAY...SMACK YOURSELF 3 TIMES AND THEN STOMP YOUR TOE JUST FOR EVEN BELIEVING COOLIO COULD BE A REAL THROW BACK....MAYBE A THOW OUT, NEVER A THROW BACK..and i'm mad at you for admitting its this first song you memorized...good thing you are anonymous(LOL)....but, I had a moment myself with with Salt n Pepas...I'll take your man...the beat is still hot to def and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Oaktown 3.5.7. hell even "juicy gotcha crazy" with b angie b swirlin her hips and screamin all over the place....now you know you can't front...that joint was hot...and if you wanted to slow it down...a good one would be....Tony Toni Tone' with "Just Me and You" You like those huh?(LOL) So how you like me now?!!!....Hell just saying that made me think of Kool Moe Dee...boy, i miss video vibrations!(LOL)
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That is an old issue of Heart

That is an old issue of Heart & Soul with Holly - I saw it in the archives at the library. It is 2 yrs old. I think Heart & Souls wemt under :( She still looks good and YES I do hate her!I need luv - LL Cool J
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haha, how about coolio's

haha, how about coolio's gansta's paradise? that was the first rap song i memorized, and i can still sing it now (i recently karaoked it...in houston!). love your site, keep it up!
Anonymous's picture

I gotta go with Tupac's "Keep

I gotta go with Tupac's "Keep Your Head" or 3 6 Mafia's "Tear The Club Up". I don't have a favorite because there are so many to choose from, but I've never gone wrong with Tupac or 3 6.I am soooo loving this site. Keep doing the dam thing.
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THROWBACK entry: "Guess Who's

THROWBACK entry: "Guess Who's Back" by Rakim.And holy hell Dawn from en vogue is looking old! I miss Lucy Pearl :(And is it me or do Ray J and Brandy look nothing like full siblings?
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