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Now I don't always watch MTV's My Super Sweet 16 reality show...but I just had to watch this episode with Bjorn. Did ya'll see this mess? The show is usually about some spoiled rich white chick becoming a party nazi because she wants her party to be the most lavish thing ever. Instead they had on a spoiled rich black dude that referred to himself as a "divo". And yes....he was very serious. As were his parents. Now ya'll know black parents don't play this mess....


But apparently his did. He said his prized possession was his Chanel bag/purse and he just had to have his "Beyonce' moment" while entering his party. This was honestly the most entertaining yet disturbing thing I've seen since Being Bobby Brown. Click here to see excerpts from the show. Too fabulous for me.

Beanie Siegel, b.k.a. Dwight Grant, was aquitted yesterday in Philly of murder charges. He and Damon Dash looked extra cheesy leaving the courtroom:

Watch out ya'll...it's on and poppin over at Roc-a-fella records now!

The Atlanta premiere for The Gospel went down this weekend. Black Hollywood was in full effect. I might actually go see this one and ignore my doubts about going to see black movies. Check previous posts for the explanation.

The star of the movie Boris Kodjoe was lookin HOT with his wife and baby momma Nicole Parker.

Now ya'll know ya'll need to stop callin that man gay. Keep brushing them hatas off BK.

Note to black parents: It is ok to nickname your child boo, honey, sweetie, baby girl, doll...but don't EVER sign that child's birth certificate with one of those nicknames as a real name. Just wrong.

China Doll McClaine

Regadless of how cute she is...now...how this girl gon find a job if actin just don't work out?

Update: As usual, the "other" entertainment industry got her name wrong...it has been verified that it is China Anne McClain. But the comments about how to name ya kids still stands.

I honestly believe this is the first time I've ever seen a stroller on the red carpet. My people, my people.

Chris Spencer and his wife Vanessa

Wifey's lookin fabulous though.

All the Gooding men:

Cuba Gooding, Sr. and his wife there to support son Omar.

Omar Gooding

Where's Cuba? Ya'll know he be absent from the Black Hollywood circuit. Don't act surprised.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The ultra fabulous Elise Neal.

Jacque Reid and Carlotta King

Now BET know they need to bring J back to BET Nightly News. She's the only reason why people even watched that....the very few that did.

On the gossip tip: It's being whispered that John Legend's new girlfriend is Ms. Jacque Reid. And ya'll know ya'll need to stop callin that man gay too. Mmmm can't wait to get validation on that one.

Keisha Knight-Pullam

This chick is gettin more fabulous every time I see her. And she know she need to gon head an admit she had a fling with Chingy. Hell I would...that boy is cute!

Do ya'll remember one-hit wonder Sammie? Yep...that's him. I swear him and Mario have the same nose.

Well obviously Monica's caught a drift of YBF asking where she's been hiding cuz she is just out and about all a sudden.

Monica and Kelly Price

And definitely lookin fab while doing so. Now I just need her to gon head and drop another album. Note to Keyshia Cole: That's how you pull off two-toned hair.

Nona Gay and Anthony Anderson

There's just sumthin about that Nona..... Possibly that ridiculously sized tat on her arm...

Mary Mary

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Perri "Pebbles" Mckissack and former NBA star Terry Cummings

{Crunk and Disorderly}

"Drank in my cup....MAN hold up..." Damn Tocarra....must you really drink out of a whole OJ carafe? At least use a straw.

I know not verybody's gotten Lil Kim's album that dropped today....but if you want a sneak peek into the album cover pics and promo pic....here goes: (Oh, and if you one of those people that like to be surprised by the cover when you buy the album...too bad)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Whoa...she looks uberly fabulous in the last pic. Definitely my fave...chic, classic, glamourous, and fab. As for the first coupla pics...it just seems wrong to make her look like a porcelain doll.

And for our daily Eva Longoria spotting:

The superfabulous chick was spotted walking her dog in the Wood this weekend. And wearing boyfriend Tony Parker's France b-ball jersey. Awwww how precious. Wait...is this what we call walking a dog? At least that's what the caption said.

Naomi Campbell on a rough day

DAMN GIRL! You lookin like that porkchop that pitbull wanted was tied hella tight around ya neck cuz yo face look a HOT ASS MESS. And then she has the audacity to be wearing a Chanel necklace while lookin this rough...making Chanel look this bad should be outlawed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Joy Bryant attended the recent Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Issue party at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. This outfit is highly countrified and highly hideous...but she's still a pretty girl.

Diddy was hammering away at Rockefeller Plaza this weekend with Habitat for Humanity. All these houses being made were part of the "Make a Difference Today" event.

Now Diddy...you know u ain't ever picked up a hammer a day in your life. And what's the deal with everybody wearing hats that look extremely large for their head??

And finally, KLS was seen at Sears the other day:

Kimora Lee Simmons promoting her new fragrance at Sears

Now ya'll know that heffa wasn't shoppin there! She was promoting her new very unpleasant fragrance. Don't be fooled by the good smelling magazine promo people! And I could SO imagine her tellin a lil kid that in the last pic.

The Randomness:

  1. Update on the fabulous Kerry Washington: She's engaged and getting married. Not sure to who yet but that will soon be discovered. She's also doing a photospread in In Style's Wedding magazine and the previews look gorgeous.

  2. The New Orleans Chief of Police resigned today (1 month after Katrina) with no notice or reason. Noone's saying if he was pressured or not. And the finger pointing begins. Story

  3. Naomi's up to her old tricks again. Story

  4. Andrea, R. Kelly's estranged wife, has dropped the petition for him to back the f up off her and her kids. Oh...will this marriage ever end?? Story

  5. I guess this is better than getting your head bitten off by an angry fan. Poor Layzie Bone. Story


Fab steal: There's a book on the market called Beautylicious! A Black Girl's Guide to the Fabulous Life. I haven't read it yet...but the excerpt is great. It's only $7.74 here.

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Thats a great book!

Thats a great book!
~*Tola*~'s picture

Hey! I haven't heard the one

Hey! I haven't heard the one about Jacque and John, but I think the model Jessica White who was in his video is VERY suspect. The kiss in the "So High" video was way beyond passionate and they were all happy, laughing and smiling at the MTV VMA's together. That's just my guess.And, since I'm just a few months short of being legal and we're not far a part in age, I must say Sammie is lookin' adorable!I actually think Kimora's scent smells pretty decent. My friend just recently bought it from Sephora.And Naomi, hands down, is flat out hideous--make up does wonders. That's it and that's all.
Anonymous's picture

the stroller...they have the

the stroller...they have the nerve to have the baby bag underneath...lol. and i am also loving kims look in the last pic...kim looks messy when she tries to do things her self but when she gets a lil help with her hair, makeup, someone to draw her eyebrows on str8, and some one to airbrush her pics she cleans up well.
STYLE+GRACE's picture

You know that pic of Beyonce

You know that pic of Beyonce was just in bad light. She still looks fab to me!
Anonymous's picture

First, great blog. Keep up

First, great blog. Keep up the good work. Second, that Naomi Campbell picture totally puts things in perspective for me. I'd always hear about her violent outbursts, but she always looked to pulled together and sophisticated. But I can picture in Technicolor that girl on the left throwing some bows for any or no reason at all. The miracle of make-up, I'm now a true believer.
202grl's picture

Yes, I live in LA and a

Yes, I live in LA and a friend of mine was out at the club and ran in to him (Boris). He was totally checking out all the females and he did indeed leave with one.So sad..I hope Boris can learn how to be faithful to Nicole.
Anonymous's picture

I love Kerry Washington!

I love Kerry Washington! Thanks for the update!
Anonymous's picture

You won't hear me saying that

You won't hear me saying that Boris is gay. That's because he is a serial womanizer. That man can not keep it in his pants and Nicole knows all about it. She takes it upon herself to call up his other women and yell at THEM. The stories from when they were filming Soul Food in the T-Dot are plentiful.
Miz JJ's picture

You can listen to Kim's album

You can listen to Kim's album at Aol in the listening party.
Anonymous's picture

Natasha, I'll email you pics

Natasha, I'll email you pics of Kerry Washington & David Moscow. They've been engaged for 'bout a year.
Alecia's picture

Beautylicous is a really good

Beautylicous is a really good read...it picks up where the BAP Handbook left off!!! A FAB Read!And Yes, Bjorn was a trip!
Anonymous's picture

I keep missing the beginning

I keep missing the beginning of this Sweet 16 epiosde. Who are this chile's parents? Is there ever gonna be a 'normal' black person on this show? Sierra was a happy one and that Sophie chick swear she got no black in her. Bjorn Bjorn....sad entertainment at its finest.
African girl, American world's picture

Just wanted to add:Girl, that

Just wanted to add:Girl, that episode of "Sweet 16" featuring Bjorn was absolutely PAINFUL!!! I didn't watch the entire thing, I was so hurt. I mean, we have to be very careful with how we raise our children because that poor boy was too flamboyant for his or anyone's good--I'm sure he can give even Diddy a run for his money.And personally, I didn't think Naomi looked that bad...she really just needed some gloss and eyebrows, lol.
Alia's picture

Oh, her name is KERRY

Oh, her name is KERRY Washington, not Kimberly. She's engaged to that actor David Moscow; he's the white guy that played the director in that Jessica Alba film "Honey". Love the blog to death!!!
Alia's picture

I love your site. just

I love your site. just discovered it. I just wanted to say that gettyimages got it wrong, the lil girl from "The Gospel" is named China Anne Mcclain, not China Doll. that sounds retarded.http://www.blackgirlfame.com/viewpage.php?page_id=187
Nikkia Hill's picture

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