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Thanks to the MANY of you that sent me Kerry Washington photos with her fiance David. They'll be posted soon. 'Preciate it. Lots of gossip to drop...so keep up:

Beyonce back in February

Oh B...what was "Your Fabness" thinking when you wore this top from the Girls section and/or grandma's house? I'm glad you've rectified the situation since then.

Bow Wow at MTV TRL London this week

Where did all THAT come from?? Well, well....what he lacks in height he makes up for in buffness. Wait...I feel like I'm committing a statutory crime just by saying that.

Eva looked fabulous last weekend on her way to the wedding of a friend. And since she's just dying for children...so she says...I wonder if she boo hooed her eyes out wishing it was her and Tony's wedding day.

And even the most fabulous gals carry flip flops with em when those stilletos are killin the feet. Ooooh that damn furry purse again.

OMG please somebody stop the celebrity perfume train! They know all they do is slap ther name on some new and unfabulous scent a company decided to concoct and who knew it wouldn't sell without a celeb name. And I'm sure Ashitty's ...I mean Ashanti's "Precious Jewel" fits that description to the tee. So unoriginal.
Click here for pics of Ashanti promoting her perfume: 1 and 2

Damn...Ashanti lookin like Tyrone Biggums from Dave Chappelle with those too-light lips. I need her not to forget she's Black when applying make-up. Movin on...

L.A. Confidential mag threw a party for Holly Robinson-Peete's book launch yesterday in L.A. Her new book is called: Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game! A Woman's Guide to Loving Pro-football. Now that should be cute. Her many celeb friends also came out to show some love for her:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Jimmy Jam with wife Lisa Harris (l) and Brandy Garnett (r)

Why does he look like he has nothing but devious thoughts on his mind right now? Just nasty.
Holly and husband Rodney actin silly.

Cover of HRP's book

Holly is looking gorgeous.

Speaking of book launching parties...hip hop legend David Liles had his yesterday also. His book is properly titled Make it Happen: From Intern to President.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(l-r)Edgar Bronfman, Bob Johnson, Kevin Liles, and Russell Simmons

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti

Now ya'll know good and damn well ya'll don't read. You wouldn't got in all that trouble with the IRS if you did.

Sandy Lomax

She's looking ever so classy and fabulous.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Gayle King and Russell Simmons

Trey Songz

I need him to stop tryin so hard. Anybody else think both of his songs out right now sound exactly the same?

Oooh Big Tigga is so sexy.

And while we're on the subject of sexy guys with cat like names...Tiger Woods was in the Times Square Virgin Megastore yesterday promoting his new game PGA Tour 2006.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What possessed him to die his hair blonde...and in zebra like fashion? Was it that blondie wife of his?? See what marrying the white girls do to ya??

Now I usually don't talk mess about Michael cuz I don't believe in beating a dead horse...but this was funny:

Shar's ex, Kevin Federline, is tryna take over the world with his raunchy style.

And Ms. Shar is starting to look decent again...somewhat:

Even though this outfit is cute...it just doesn't raise her up to a "fabulous" level. Maybe it's the bad weave. Keep workin at it Shar....

J-Lo looked incredible in her spread for this month's You magazine by Glamour. And FYI...her new perfume "Still" actually smells good, unlike her first one "GLO".

Fabulous as usual.

And I've discovered another pic from JD's Vegas b-day party last weekend.

MC at JD's b-day party

For once the short and tight dress look worked for her.

Awwwww...look at Kanye when he was itty bitty:

Now that's what I call CUTE.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ok...it's official. This is Monica's baby Rodney Ramone III (and it also was him in the post a few days back) . He's 5 months old now and if you're surprised...so were many others. She purposely hid the pregnancy and birth of her son. Her fiance/baby daddy (I swear those words should be added to Webster's dictionary) Rodney Ramone is the co-owner of Rocky Records.

The 80's hip hop throwback is in full effect these days huh?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Darryl "DMC" Mcdaniel at Spin magazine's 20th anniversary party

That hat and jogging suit jacket bring back some serious memories.

LL was spotted leaving the Tony Danza Show this week.

Just scrumptious.

Meagan Good was spotted at a party at Element in Holywood last weekend....in true YBF style.

Lots of black celebs attended the Nokia and MTV event/concert "Nokia Unwired" in Times Square the other day:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Dennis the Menace

Such a cutie.

Nadia Turner from American Idol

Only she could pull off this hair.

Why is L.A. Reid lookin like a kid G.I. Joe up in this event?? Tisk, tisk.

And the cutie Sean Paul was there.

Now Star Jones hasn't admitted to...or denied...having gastric bypass surgery.

But damn...this was a transformation due to some hard work on SOMEBODY'S behalf...either a doctor's or hers. Regardless...I think she's rising to the fabulous level. (She know she need to gon head and admit to that surgery.)

And finally, Venus Williams attended the L.A. In Her Shoes premiere at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Her weave has gotten out of control.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

OMG I just fell in love with that purse. Fabulous.

The Randomness:

  1. Why did Sharissa have on all that makeup and still not look cute in her new video "I'm in Love with a Thug" with the Kellz? I mean, how hard is it...really?
  2. I think Ultimate Hustler is gonna be at least 1 show I'll watch on BET. These kids these days need to learn sumthin about how to work for money...not just spend it.
  3. Uh oh. After Ultimate Hustler the number is up to 2 for how many BET shows I watch. They're about to start showing old In Living Color episodes. Crunk.
  4. Lil John is suing Larry Flynt over using his image unagreeingly in one of Larry's pornos. Now Lil John...you know u was just to tipsy of that Crunk Juice during that business meeting to know ya azz did agree to it. See where that drank gets you. Story
  5. And another one. Daaaaaaamn has anybody in Black Hollywood NOT sued R. Kelly? This just ain't his year. Story

Keep it fab!

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[quote comment="320"]i

[quote comment="320"]i thought monica had that baby with young buck? or is he who is mentioned in the picture caption[/quote] I KNOW YOU KNOW BY NOW. IT WASN'T YOUNG BUCK'S. LOL
LTBROWN's picture

star needs a neck lift..her

star needs a neck lift..her head looks superb compared to her new body...if u gonna get surgery finish it out star....knowing her she probably waiting on a freebie.
STYLE+GRACE's picture

i thought monica had that

i thought monica had that baby with young buck? or is he who is mentioned in the picture caption
Anonymous's picture

Why you gotta blame the white

Why you gotta blame the white girl for that man's hair?
Cortney's picture

Oh Star....who is Sandy

Oh Star....who is Sandy Lomax?
Anonymous's picture

OMG!!!Girl, I am tripping

OMG!!!Girl, I am tripping right now. I didn't know anyone else called her Ashitty. I've been calling her that for about three years. You know what they say, great minds know shit when they hear it. That's why I love you.
Candice's picture

whats up with ashanti and all

whats up with ashanti and all that Tinkle Bell Make up...I thought that was just for kids?
Anonymous's picture

What the hell? Poor dude

What the hell? Poor dude looking more like TONY the Tiger, and it's not grrrrreat at all! What's really good with him?Loving the blog, girl!
Alia's picture

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