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So I've finally moved in to my apartment in Houston. This move was much better than previous ones since this apartment provided me with a cart AND an elevator. SWEET! And why are my professors startin off CRUNK with all these reading assignments due DAY 1 (Tuesday). Silly me thinking they would ease us back in to things. Anywho..moving's still a tiresome effort so this post may be a little shorter than usual....

Here's some pics of D-Child backstage at their last show in Vancouver:

Apparently ridin scooters is the new "It" thing to do.

Kelly touching up her make-up. She looks so fabulous.

Damn Eva...you takin the term "Desperate" to a whole nother level.

Work it out then.

Back to talking about D-Child...they encountered some serious FANatics recently:

Wait..is ol girl in the middle crying or just extra cheesy at this moment?

And yes...they were serious. A serious hot ass mess. I mean...I love B and Co. too...but damn.

Common is so hot!

He went on TRL last week and definitely heated up that set. Just sumthin about him...

Our girl Janet has apparently had it with the paparazzi. She's now trying to outrun them wherever she goes. And if that's how she's been getting her exercise...that explains SOOOOO much.

Now Janet...you know EVERYBODY knows that azz...you can't hide it girl!

Jenny was spotted kickin it with some drinks on her yacht in Miami recently..and with not so chubby hubby Marc. Hmmm...she's surely drankin it up...are the pregnancy rumors ringing untrue? It could always be a virgin drink.

He is so unfab. Uuugh. And this is why you won't ever see me post pics with J and Marc ever again.

And here's J again backstage at the American Express Gala.

She's looking very Audrey Hepburn-ish. But still fab.


Stupid Fmr Secretary of Education William Bennet

Instead of putting this in "The Randomness," I'm putting it here because it deserves to be put on blast. Former Secretary of Education William Bennet said on his talk show last week the following statement: (And I know it's true because I heard it with my own ears on the Tom Joyner Morning Show)

"If you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose -- you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down.
"That would be an impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down."

Sick. And people wonder why black people don't trust the government. Story Moving on to more improtant things (ha)...

She's definitely a YBF chick:

Kerry Washington and fiance David Moscow

Yes he's white...but let's get past that to more of Kerry's fabulousness...

At the Crash premiere

At the Hustle and Flow premiere

Winning the Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Award

Simply gorgeous.

Our fave puppy love couple shot the cover for November's VIBE. And had their own lil personal photoshoot.

Awwwww how precious. But they know they shot at a certain angle on that last pic to make sure Bow don't look like a midget..."I wish I was a lil bit taller...."

Here's a pic of Naomi's sister:

Supermodel what? That ain't nothing but some semi-good weave. Even her sister looks the fool. I'm sorry ya'll...I'm just not a fan...of either.

Check out Lil Kim's photoshoot for Source mag right before she got locked up:

Her legs STAY open on photos. She been showin her goodies since the 90's. Brought back some teenage bad girl flashbacks when Kim was my idol....By the way..she's lookin gorgeous on that first pic.

And finally...Star was lookin the fool in the face at the OK! mag party:

She need to gon head and add a facelift to the long list of surgeries. By the way...her diva-tude got her fired at E last week! Just a damn shame. Story Reg. Req'd

Stay fabulous ya'll!

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Bow Wow and Ciara are going

Bow Wow and Ciara are going to regret that cover when they break up next week.
Miz JJ's picture

Thanks for the Kerry

Thanks for the Kerry Washington Pics. She looks great...And yes her fiance is an actor. Star isn't looking too great even though she lost the weight!!! She needs to go ahead and get that surgery ASAP to take care of that hanging skin! Gross!And why are Bow Wow and Ciara the new "IT" couple. Learn from Beyonce and Jigga and keep on the low. You're like 18 anyway, so you know you're going to break up one day. Come on now!
Anonymous's picture

Isn't Kerry Washington's

Isn't Kerry Washington's fiance an actor too? He looks pretty familiar.Man, what do I have to do to give it up to Common...OMG. He could so get it. Yall just don't understand. Let me go wipe myself.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Poor Star Jones. Good for her

Poor Star Jones. Good for her for losing all that weight, but her face is way too big for her body. She needs a little help with that, you're right Natasha.
Anonymous's picture

Thanks for postin those pics

Thanks for postin those pics of Destiny's Child!!!I live in Vancouver, and had front seat tickets to their last show!!! (It was SOOO awesome up close, y'all have no idea!!) I actually caught Michelle's make-up stained towel at the end when they were all wet! I nearly peed myself laughing when i saw the pic of that big ol' black bodyguard (he's standing on the right of Beyonce on the scooter). He was right in front of me during the show!You made my day, Natasha!
marita's picture

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