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Welcome to YBF all my new readers! If you love the site...be sure to syndicate it over on the side panel. Now let's get it poppin with the gossip:

Kimora Lee Simmons was at Macy's last week pubbing her stank new fragrance:

What are these hideous boots she's wearing? And a matching top??? And I'm so not surprised.

Eva Longoria's day out to lunch was followed by the paparazzi yesterday:

That bag just doesn't go away.

Then she was spotted with her cutie of a boyfriend Tony Parker at this weekend's Saints-Buffalo Bills football game in San Antonio.

She know good and well she ain't know what was going on at this game. But you know we'd do almost anything just to spend QT with our fellas huh ladies?

The Macy's passport Gala event was this weekend at the Barker Hangar in Cali this weekend:

J-Lo has been lookin at the top of her game lately. Classy and fabulous.

Kyla Pratt and Robert Ri'chard

Ya'll need to take notice. Kyla Pratt is a true YBF star in the making. She's grown up so much!

Traci and her boobs were there:

Oh Traci...why must you look a fool EVERYWHERE you go? She lookin like a plastic peacock. Ri-damn-diculous.

Venus always has a fab purse on hand.

The special dvd release for Cinderella was this weekend and some folks came out to support Disney:

Note to KLS...your children are not happy with these dresses. And why do you look out of place at a children type event?

Star...why were you there?

And why in the hell did she allow them to take pics of her feet with all them corns? I'm mad and I need an address where I can write a letter of complaint about this nonsense.

Headline hungry Naomi Campell attended a star-studded event recently...literally.


Check out some more celebs at the American Way event last week:

Pam Grier

And Toni Trucks from the Barbershop series looked fabulous there.

Moving on...

Raven Simone is all grown up and hopping on the celebrity fragrance/cosmetic choo-choo with her new line.

It's called "That's So Raven" after her show. She definitely becoming YBF and making a name for herself. Young Black Hollywood is on the come up ya'll.

OMG. Leave it to Star Jones' publicity hoeing self to have photographers at her brother in law's farewell to Iraq. Her brother in law is Special Edwin Reynolds leaving from Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Al, Edwin Reynolds, and Star

Star and sister-in-law Pam Reynolds

That damn Star...

Now that's funny.

For all you TI lovers...here's a coupla pics:

He's definitely a cutie.

The Randomness:

  1. I'm SO glad Despereate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, and Black night (tonight) on UPN is BACK!!!!
  2. Beyonce will be gracing the cover of the next Vanity Fair mag. She'll also be discussing her "engagement" and "marriage" rumors saying everything is false.
  3. Wow. Singer Fantasia has now admitted that she is functionally illiterate and is now learning to read. Better late than never. Story
  4. Usher is doing a whole hell of a lot for the Katrina and Rita efforts. He's giving out hundreds of houses to families, putting on a star-studed concert, and so many other things for his Project Restart program. Big ups to him. Story


Fab Site: Ya'll check out The Style Society. It has great fashion and style reports for women of color. Fabulous!

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Is star wearing jelly's? and

Is star wearing jelly's? and why is that her feet didn't loose weight with the rest of her body?
Anonymous's picture

ewww on Star Jones. corns??

ewww on Star Jones. corns?? where the hell is her ankle??
gabsmash's picture

A friend directed me to your

A friend directed me to your site...and I musst say...I LOVE IT!!!Star is too fast and furious. She is not looking really good either lately...and I love Star. Plus, that was a totally bad time for a photo opp. Boo on Star.
Singing's picture

I thought about that too

I thought about that too anon.The link to the "The Style Society" isn't working.Not only should Star not have allowed Photogs to take pics of her feet because of those horrid corns but also because those shoes look way too tight across her foot.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Couldn't get to the style

Couldn't get to the style society linkThat moment should have been for the Reynolds family and not a photo opportunity. Really Star we know who you are already.
African girl, American world's picture

You notice in the story about

You notice in the story about Fantasia read: "Also in her memoir, which she dictated to a freelance writer, Fantasia reveals that she was raped in the ninth grade by a classmate. She says she blamed her flirtation and provocative attire for the attack. Later that year, the singer dropped out of high school and became pregnant with Zion at 17".....should you be a senior in High School at 17? Not a 9th grade freshman.
Anonymous's picture

Props on all the pics. For

Props on all the pics. For Star Jones brother in law its Specialist not Special. :)
Anonymous's picture

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