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Cover Girls

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Aiight ya'll...pics of Beyonce's cover and pic from November's Vanity Fair magazine are here:

Just fabulous. But wait...when did her chi chis get that big? She used to talk about how she didn't like her chest because it was flat. I guess havin a man does that to ya (gettin some chi chis)....or maybe it's just the airbrushing.

Check out pics from Al Sharpton's 51st b-day party at the Apollo Theater in NYC yesterday.

Al and daughters (l) Ashley and (r) Dominique
Harry Belafonte and Al
Jacque Reid and Steve Harvey
Now ya'll know Steve was crakin jokes on Al all night.
For some reason...everytime I think of Al I laugh. Therefore...these pics were a must-post.
Daaaamn...Chili loves her son.
Chris Brown and Twista went on TRL today:
Singer Chris Brown
Check out La La's ring if you can see it.


HB was spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday:

That last one's for the fellas.

I know Ciara is REAL pissed about this pic:

Ciara's cheerleading pic

Lebron James went on Oprah the other day:

Ooooh he is so sexy. And I never really thought so till now. Oprah brings out the best in EVERYBODY!

And here's a pic of him and his girlfriend:

Wonder how much her shopping and weave habit has picked up the last couple years??

Finally Mariah looks pretty in a magazine. Here she is on the November cover and spread of the UK Glamour magazine:

Thank God for photoshop. And THAT'S how you do candids Mariah. Not looking/posing for the cameras. She is so backwards. At least try to fake it next time.

Oh Tyra..now I see why you have so many issues. Please just work them out off the set of your show.

Tyra as a teen

Ummm..Omarion. You too damn old for all that "baby-hair". When you start shaving it down and gelling it up...it's time to stop.

And finally..Rhianna did a show at Toys R Us this week.

Seeing that she looks and sounds like everybody else...I'm bored. And her new video ain't nothing but a knock off of Beyonce's "Baby Boy" and Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat". I need her not to ever do that again.

The Randomness:

  1. J-Lo talks about how her stomach just aint flat enough. That's the kind of stuff that makes you wanna choke a b*tch. Story
  2. Ultimate Hustler is definitely a good show. Dame goes bad on them folks.
  3. The Fugees are dropping a new album soon. It's about time!
  4. I'm mad Usher and ex-girlfriend Eisha have matching tattoos. When will people learn? Next time you see them...check out the star on Eisha's chest and the star on Usher's hand.
  5. Lil Kim's new song "Brooklyn" has a tight reggae sound. I'm feelin it.

Stay fabulous!

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Danielle.'s picture

if you're talking about

if you're talking about Lighters Up... Welcome ot Brooklyn she bit the whole freaking flow, lyrics and rhythm practically from Damian Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock"prove it to yourself.. I can't take that girl man!
Anonymous's picture

I love your blog....check

I love your blog....check mine out. shoedreams.blogspot.com
Tania's picture

You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth! I said the exact same thing about Rihanna's video. A bootleg version of B and Aaliyah's videos. You would think Jigga would've put a stop that. Guess not.
*t*w*i*n*k*l*e*s*'s picture

Is it just me or the first 2

Is it just me or the first 2 pictures of mariah the SAME FACE pasted on two the two bodies? cause the shine is on the exact same spot eyes are exactly the same cheek and face position exactly the same. its the lighting on the 1st one kinda seemed funny and i noticed it was the same face
Anonymous's picture

Does anyone know where that

Does anyone know where that pic was taken of Chilli, or where you can purchase the bag that you put the pic on?
Anonymous's picture

Regarding Bee's Chi

Regarding Bee's Chi chis:http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archives/006513.html#6513
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