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All the Hoopla!

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Fabulous news readers: YBF hit and surpassed it's 100,000 readers mark today! And this happened in only 3 months. Big ups to all my fab readers and I'm so glad ya'll are feeling this. Black Hollywood definitely deserves all this media attention. Now on to the gossip:

Bigga is in Paris for Paris Fashion Week today. Here they are at the Agent Provocateur fashion show:

Ummm ok. I'm so not feeling B's outfit. She can definitely do better. It looks to frumoy and grandma-ish. Don't get too comfortable with ya man girl!!!! But the Jiggaman looks fly as usual.

And on the gossip tip: Jigga has finally moved into the penthouse inside the Time Warner Bldg. in NY he's been eyeing. And B is buying one only a few steps away..

Check out B recently at LAX airport:

Chris Tucker and his wife Benissima are also in Paris. Here they are attending the Stella Cadente Ready to Wear fashion show:

The Game has lost mad credibility after seeing this pic:

The Game on Change of Heart back in the day

Got straight punked by his girl...while lookin the fool.

Here's J-Lo filming her next movie Bordertown in Mexico:

That chick just don't stop with the movie making huh?

MJB has just officially announced that she will be partnering up with Crest Healthy Smiles. Doing what..I don't know. But it's something with the kidz.

She's lookin fabulous lately. She needs to gon head and drop some knowledge on J-Combs on how to wear blonde hair. Quickly.

Eva was out shopping in Hollywood...as usual...yesterday. Here she is on Robertson Blvd.:

Who is she using all these minutes on? I hope it's just T.P. she talkin to, but that girl STAYS on the phone. And check out the new bag...finally!

For all you Trey Songz lovers (I aint really in that group), here's some pics you may like:

It's just something about him that's just....off. When I figue out what it is, I'll holla back at ya'll with it. Moving on...

Star...you look really whack and out of place:

What was she thinking?

Speaking of Star...Wait, now this is a seriously hot, dirty, burning, ashy, foolish mess:

So many questions and comments...so little time and space. All I can do is ask "Why?".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Zoe Saldana at the after party for the Mets benefit premiere of Dirty Deeds

She is so fabulous. Love her acting and her look.

The Randomness:

  1. Bizzie Bone has a new reality series on the web. Check out the webisode here. FYI...I heard the website is trippin, not this link.
  2. Babyface and wife Tracy Edmunds are officially separated and headed for divorce after 11 years. Damn, ain't no marriage safe huh? Story
  3. Well I watched the Tyra Banks Show for the first time today all the way through. It was pretty cool. And today she had on that porn star chick who calls herself Tyra Banxxx cuz she resembles Tyra. Did that chick's voice annoy ya'll as much as it did me? Story


Fab store: T-Boz's Chase's Closet is hot. It's such a cute store for lil kiddies. Yes...it's high end. But the cuteness is worth it. Her main store is here in Houston. Check out the website here.

Inside Chase's Closet

Keep holdin it down ya'll and keep it fabulous!

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test's picture

Sounds perfect to me. I have

Sounds perfect to me. I have read this post with a great pleasure. You should write much more often.
Girish's picture

The woman you call Benissima

The woman you call Benissima Tucker seems to be a little anonymous herself. When I googled the name Benissima Tucker, 2 different women popped up in pictures. The one you have posted and another lady at some awards event pictured in yellow. Both are being titled Benissima Tucker. I had to search because the woman you have posted is a girl from my hometown of Jackson, Tn. She's a year or 2 younger which should make her 20-22... as I'm 23 going on the big 2 4. Her name is Wakeema Hollis and she's modeling. Do some research tell me what you find. www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/wakeema_hollis/photos
Anonymous's picture

I'm no Star Jones fan, but in

I'm no Star Jones fan, but in fairness to her, these pics are MAD old. These white bathing suit pics were in the tabloids a YEAR ago!!!Keep it current.
Anonymous's picture

i had to leave when i seen

i had to leave when i seen chris tucker and his wife together...got me all depressed....
Anonymous's picture

I know, Star has one of those

I know, Star has one of those "I'm SUPPOSED to be fat" type of heads
Anonymous's picture

You know some people arent

You know some people arent supposed to lose weight, like Star Jones, her head is so damn big, it doesn tlook right on her new body. I hope she recognizes that, because she is not looking right these days.
Anonymous's picture

oops sorry, I thought Chris

oops sorry, I thought Chris Tucker and Michelle from Destiny's Child was dating?
Anonymous's picture

I thought Chris Tucker and

I thought Chris Tucker and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child?
Anonymous's picture

Why the clothes at T-boz

Why the clothes at T-boz store seem more catererd to the gray folks? Because I don't know any sensible black folks who will put their constant growing child in authentic Dolce & Gabbana....Maybe the knock offs from the Korean Store but not $200 something outfit.
Anonymous's picture

That Trey Songz dude's body

That Trey Songz dude's body looks off because he's a skinny guy with muscles. Boy is all bone and tendon.His body has no "body". Don't worry, I think it will grow in after he went through puberty.
Icequeen's picture

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