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Sorry for the wait. Law school + moving is a beast. Here's a long post to make up for it.

Bigga was out and about in Europe last week and this weekend:

Here's the couple at the La Suite party in Paris:

H-E-L-L-O! That lipstick is horrendous and I need B to throw it away right now! And then fire that makeup artist that commited this crime.

That chick on the left looks a mess.

While she's in the firing mood...she needs to fire the stylist that picked this outfit out for her. Or was her stylist not invited on the trip and she had to fend for herself??

Here they are chillin around town in Paris:

They also went out to eat at Nubo restaurant in London (It's a European restaurant...not to be confused with "Nobu" here in the states) :

They look so old Hollywood...I love it. Check out the cigar in Jigga's hand. They are definitely the spokescouple for how to live the fabulous life.

I must say...I'm disappointd in B's fashion sense lately. I'm not feelin the dark, frumpy look with oversized hats. I just know her fabulous self is hiding behind these ugly frocks.

More D-Child gossip in a bit.

Check out AK in a somewhat recent photo for Esquire mag:

Now this is probably the most fab I've seen her. Lovin the look.

For those of you Eva Pigford lovers (I'm so in that group)... check out her fabulous self in some photoshoots:

Now she does Chanel some justice. Traci Bingham can't pull this look off..but my girl Eva can.

Here's some of her DKNY ads:

Ummm...that long hair is NOT for her.

And here she is in October's Essence mag:

She's pretty much the only black person that can pull of bright blondish hair and look ultra fabulous doing so. And yes...those are her real eyes for all you haters.

Speaking of fabulous chicks named Eva, check out Eva Longoria in the Glamour Mexico magazine:

In between all her photshoots and movies and DH, she finds time to practice being a NBA wifey. Here she is at the San Antonio Spurs training camp watching Tony yesterday:

Check out the "9" necklace (click on the pic and then expand to full size to see it)...she loves her some Tony.

House of Deron magazine ad

Now Mama Knowles makes some jacked up outfits sometimes...so I'ma need to check out the House of Deron line of clothing B and mom hooked up and I'll let ya'll know wassup.

The Former Miss France, Sonia Rolland, was spotted out and about in Paris yesterday:

And on the gossip tip: The French newspapers are going nuts about a story they've discovered about Miss Sonia having an affair with Eva's boyfriend Tony Parker. Knuck if you Buck then chicks.

Here's Mariah on the set of her new movie New Number:

Why in the hell do people keep letting Mariah make movies?? I just don't understand it. Apparently people haven't learned from the last 10 movies that flopped and weren't even good enough for "straight to DVD" status.

Update: I know some of you are saying this is from a new video of hers for a song called "Get Your Number" (which will definitely be dropping soon), not a new movie, but I've heard several folks talking about a new movie of hers called "New Number" also. So this could also possibly be a video for the soundtrack of the movie. We'll just have to wait and see.

Halle was caught out in Malibu this weekend. She just bought a new Malibu beach house and says she finally has time to enjoy it.

OMG that bag is FABULOUS!
That chick looks fabulous no matter what...even in a cowboy hat and jeans.

Sheryl Lee Ralph hosted her annual "Divas Simply Singing" benefit concert yesterday in LA where all proceeds go to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and The Black AIDS Institute :

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Shut up! Michelle Williams is actually lookin pretty fab in a picture. She must have taken YBF's advice and taken a class cuz ya'll know that's a rareity.

Kelly Price

I guess she's on the same mysterious diet plan/surgery plan as Star Jones.

Laila Hathaway

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl's ice

SLR is lookin too fabulous. All that ice aint bad neither.

Vanity Fair mag did a hip-hop music section in the latest issue:

Pras and Lauryn Hill

And for all ya'll hatin on her "mushroom" hair do...it's called modern couture style. Learn it, live it, love it.

Lil Kim

Is there a reason why Missy felt the need to look real country in all that plaid?

A random Samatha Mumba photo:

That one's for the fellas.

Check out Lil Kim on the cover and photoshoot for I-9 Couture magazine:

I guess she looks good in a waify, black white girl , air-brushed type way.

Awww...Tyra and her Mommy look cute. Moms looks a little like Mama Knowles in this pic.

Speaking of Tyra...why is she a new LensCrafters spokesperson?

Vivica in the May issue of Stuff magazine

Hopefully they're paying her a ridiculous amount of $$$ cuz there's no need for LensCrafters to become fashionable and equally no need for Tyra to model eye glasses.

Oh Vivica...

You try so hard but you still....just...look...hoochified.

The Baddest Chick had a cd signing in Plantation, FL this weekend at the F.Y.E. store. Trina and Kevin Lyles

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Her fabulous self is still one of my faves...ya'll quit hatin. Wait...is the name of that city really "Plantation"? Sad. BTW, I'm kinda feelin her new song with Kelly Rowland.

And on the gossip tip: Trina went on a NY radio show the other day and shot down all the rumors about her and Lil Wayne being a couple. She says he's happily married. Girl...like that matters. Don't trip.

And finally, Lauryn Hill performed at Al Gore's Current TV's "Take Back TV" event:

She's bringing us back to true Fugee days with the 'fro.

The Randomness:

  1. The Gospel is a pretty good movie. Ya'll know how I feel about black movies...but this one's a goodie. But I aint gonna lie...Boris' feminine tendencies were in full effect in this movie.
  2. This earthquake has devastated pretty much a whole continent. Sad. Story
  3. Toni Braxton's new CD "Libra" debuts as #1 on the charts. Big ups to the comeback queen.
  4. Gas may as well be $1,000/gallon these days. Just a mess.
  5. Yet another "George Bush Don't Like Black People" type song is on the net. Check it out here.
  6. Michelle WIlliams of D-Child has a UPN series in the works. Apparently UPN gives any and all black people a show.
  7. Destiny's Child has 3 new songs on their #1's album: "Stand Up for Love", "Feel the Same Way I Do", and "Check on It".


Fab trend: Slouch bags in fall rich colors. This one's from Target for $16.99. Cheap and fab.

Keep leaving ya comments and keep it fab!

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You cannot banned anyone

You cannot banned anyone really...they can hide there IP address and say want they want??
?'s picture

Lauryn Hill's hair is not

Lauryn Hill's hair is not "couture"! Couture is fresh, new, exciting, exotic and different. Miss Thang is rockin' a 1984 Tootie 'shroom, no buts about it.I guess she thinks that the worse her hair looks, the more "true" she is to the music!Love the blog, btw!
Anonymous's picture

Someone beat me to the punch.

Someone beat me to the punch. Kevin Liles not David Liles (pictured with Trina). Love the site and what you're onto it HOT!
Gemini's picture

Loved the site and your

Loved the site and your comments bring some flair to the pictures.
Shelia's picture

Have to laugh at those pics

Have to laugh at those pics of Eva Longoria, she just looks great. Eva Pigford is hot too--wow, that was probably the best ATM pick, such a great face.
Jason Elias's picture


http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001014/Above is a list of all movies and TV shows she has ever done or is in production for...currently a movie is in production for her. click the link in the site and see what the plot is...I almost lost it, then I thought about how much she can look like a pit bull, so I guess the role can be appropriate for her!! LOL
melissaamy's picture

There is a whole different

There is a whole different looking light skinned chick also identified in many pics as Bessima..Chris Tucker's wife..I'm not sure that the one you have is the Real McCoy...lol..
LittleTigger's picture

that's from mariah's new

that's from mariah's new video, get your number. Its only going to be shown in europe.
vagitis's picture

The guy in the Pic with Trina

The guy in the Pic with Trina (yellow Shirt) is Kevin Lyles former president of Def Jam not David Lyles.
Anonymous's picture

Awesome blog. Just a head's

Awesome blog. Just a head's up, Kelly Price lost her weight the correct way through proper nutrition and exercise...not the Star Jones method.
Anonymous's picture

Love your site! And I know

Love your site! And I know hey Tyra is the new Lens Crafter's rep.... she is tryin'ta make that MONEY!! I ain't mad AT her! LOL
Robyn's picture

Maybe B is wearing those

Maybe B is wearing those horrible baggy clothes because she is pregnant and trying to hide it. WATCH, I'm usually (not always) right about hidden pregnancies
Cortney's picture

I love your site and I think

I love your site and I think it's great, keep up the great work. Just a little note it's Nobu not Nubu. http://www.noburestaurants.com/If you're ever in Dallas, Miami, LA, or NY you should definitely check out their food because it's great and worth the splurge!
Anonymous's picture

Bag from Target!!!!LOL

Bag from Target!!!!LOL
Anonymous's picture

oooh thank goodness for the

oooh thank goodness for the update!!I was just about to die without my daily fix!You keep me laughin!
marita's picture

I love your site and the

I love your site and the updates on the African American celebrities. You do a really good job. You never know you may have to represent one of them someday.Keep up the good work!
chadsbabe's picture

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