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Not So Lucky

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Is anybody else super glad that Seven was booted off The Black Apprentice (Ultimate Hustler) last night?? I couldn't stand that heffa since day 1. I couldn't live up in that piece with her. But hey, I don't fight, I don't argue....I just hit that b**ch with a bottle. On to the gossip:

Eva and Henry Simmons are engaged!!!!

Awww..how sweet. That's a cute couple. And Henry is hella hot.

Update: I got the info that they are engaged from some pretty credible sources. But hey, gossip aint a science so you just never know.

Ursher had his DVD release party and promo for The Truth Tour in LA on Monday:

AJ Calloway and his wifey Lao

Mike....what are you doing? Actually...Fergie...what are you doing?


Jennifer Freeman dropped by to show some support.

Now was this really necessary Usher?

The Big Man himself.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Usher and Tatyana Ali

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Usher's momma Jonnetta Patton and brother James

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas

Moving on...

The Hallez is HAUTE'! Here she is walking around Malibu yesterday:

It should be illegal for someone to always look this good. It's simply just unfair. Ooooh and that bag is cute.

Uber model Iman hosted her 1st book signing for her new makeup book at Saks on 5th Ave.:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She still looks absolutely fabulous. No matter how she keeps it up. I aint mad at her.

And she had an afterparty at Cipriani's restaurant in LA:

Iman and hubby David Bowie

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Dame Dash and Rachel Roy stopped by.

Update: Rachel is a designer and now a stylist for Roc-a-fella artists and videos. Check out her site here.

JD! What the hell is up with this "camo print? First Pharell.....now you? Let's not make this a trend people.

Naomi Campbell hosted this event. She looks the foolywang in this wig. That just looks ridiculous.

So Icey! Jacob the Jeweler (the one every hip hopper shouts out in their lyrics) stopped by too.

Now ya'll know publicity sluts Star and Al were up in that piece.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Was Star serious about this outfit???

Does anybody else think it's funny that Star is hugged up closer to Jacob than she is to her own damn husband Al? Not surprising....just funny. Ya'll know that chick is all about the ice.

Model Oluchi was there looking pretty:

Tyson B. came by:

Why he look like a really fine nerd?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jimmy Jam and wifey Lisa Harris

And finally, Wesley Snipes popped up:

Wait.....does he even belong on YBF? Ya'll remember how he said he don't like black women? And how he had a disgusted look on his face when he said it? Negros these dayz.

Obviously fun times were had by all.

AI's sexy self was at Rbk's Celebration of 10 Years of AI at the Canal Room in NY on Monday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wait..I got mesmerized for a minute. Let's move on...

AK was spotted leaving the Good Morning America set this week:


The Swaroski Fashion Rocks for the Prince's Trust Event went down in Monaco on Monday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Amerie and Georgio Armani

Mariah was there (with her Versace accessory):

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Uggh! Is that split really necessary? Just a mess.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Craig David
She scares the crap out of me.
Eva L. was spotted going for a workout this week....

Trying to catch her super cute dog.

Donell Jones had a listening party for his new album Gemini last night:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow. I'm not feelin the bald head. But I'm glad he's back.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

WWPR on-air personality Egypt was there also. Something just aint right about her. Here she is with Foxy B. at a recent fashion show for Katrina victims:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Just aint quite right.

Brandy is just lookin horrid these days. I don't care what nobody says:

And apparently Meagan Good thinks so too. This pic is even better than the first one of those two I posted:

Meagan's thinking: "Damn ho....what's wrong with that head???? That mess is lookin super rough ma."

Amazing what some airbrushing and re-touching can do:

Well ya'll know this is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The celebs came out to the Ya-Ya Spring show last night:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bill Bellamy and wifey Kristen

Nia Long and Tisha Campbell sat front row:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


CCH Pounder

I really need to know what that CCH stands for.

And the Antik show looked quite foolish:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What man you know...for any amount of money...would wear this feminine and ridiculous crap? I'm mad at whoever let them walk out on stage like that, cuz apparently someone got the clothing mixed up.

Ashanti was at the Neil Lane Boutique launch at Saks in NY tonight:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm not really feeling this outfit. Wassup with this bright ass lipstick she's wearing lately? And are these goldish boots a look for the season? Jennifer has them on above too. They're ok...just look like something you could only rock at a glam event.

Well...I was thinking about Ms. Aaliyah the other day while I was watching Dame on Ultimate Hustler...and decided to post some pics of those two. Let's take a trip down memory lane:

(Click on the thumbnails to make them full size)

That was truly a fabulous chick...fa real.

And switching to unfabness:

Oooh Kelis...girl. I need you to get it together.

I found some funny pics of Beyonce from one of the D-child concerts:

I think she was in the process of performing that flip that she does in "Baby Boy". Regardless...these pics are funny. Looks like a really bad version of Michelle's 106 and Park fall.

This is singer Chocolate Genius performing at the Flagship Virgin record store launch in Hollywood this week:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

"Chocolate Genius"? He sounds like he needss to be on a stage somewhere with a male g-string on.

Awwww check out pics of Young B:

The cuteness.

The Randomness:
  1. LL is looking unnecessarily fine in his new video with Kelly Price.
  2. Is every hurricane having PMS this season or what???
  3. Tyra B. is walkin the VS runway one last time Dec. 6th. Story
  4. Alicia Keys' Unbreakable has hit #1 on the Billboard charts.
  5. Has anyone invested in the $300 Sex in the City all seasons dvd set??? I'm thinking it'll be worth it.
  6. The Kellz is about to hit us with up to chapter 22 of Trapped in the Closet. I need him to stop while he's surprisingly ahead.


Fab trend: This Rebeecca Minkoff bag is HOT! How can you not love it?!

Price: $420.00

Check it out at here.

Stay fab.

Where my comments at people???

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Rachel Stuart is married to

Rachel Stuart is married to the guy who was one of the producers of Caribbean Rhythms. I can't remember his name now, but I know his brother. Anyway, he's a business man and made a lot of money BET got sold b/c he had some stock. She had a baby girl about 5 years ago and last I heard they reside in Chevy Chase, MD. She's a former Miss Jamaica...her husband cheats on her with a lookalike...
Anonymous's picture

Hot site girl! HOT ASS SITE

Hot site girl! HOT ASS SITE
Anonymous's picture

I invested $300 in the Sex

I invested $300 in the Sex and the City series, and it is worth it! Nothing beats having girlfriends over to see Samantha slut around,and Carrie dress like the fool.
Anonymous's picture

Hey I seen on another

Hey I seen on another blog.... that pic of Halle ... and It shows that her right foot has six toes.trent.blogspot.com
Anonymous's picture

OMG! Mariah needs to lose

OMG! Mariah needs to lose some serious weight. She is a hot mess! Just too much of everything....
Anonymous's picture

this blog is what's hot in

this blog is what's hot in the streets. you spit hot fire.
Anonymous's picture

you are the bomb, cousin.

you are the bomb, cousin. great site and i plug it where and whenever i can. keep it up!
Anonymous's picture

y is mariah tanning with

y is mariah tanning with donatella? not a good look mimi. and kelis i am totally disgusted with her. she had one milkshake hit got married and has lost her mind...kelis i want to like you but pull it together. and egypt...i think the problem with her is she tries too hard. its like remy martin meets j lo...i cant put my finger on it but there is defiently something wrong there. hahaha @ naomi campbell!
STYLE+GRACE's picture

You asked what man would wear

You asked what man would wear that feminine mess from the fashion show...and I immediately thought that was Lenny Kravitz's style all the way
Anonymous's picture

Great post, as usual! I

Great post, as usual! I don't know how you do this and your studies at the same time. If I have more than two homework assignments, I am thisclose to shutting down!Yes, I will be getting that SatC DVD collection, but I will not be paying full price for it. I will at least take my ass to amazon.com to get some kind of discount. And free shipping!Those Beyonce "flipping" pictures were mad funny.I am still laughing at your comment the other day on Snoop's french manicure: "Snoop...what in the fresh hell??" That was classic, there.Ashanti's outfit would have been really cute if she weren't wearing those gold boots with a loud-ass gold lame skirt! And the animal print blouse? That's three bold pieces all at once, and there go my damn eyes. At least Jennifer Freeman knew how to let the boots be the standout piece.That makes me wonder...where has Rachel Stuart from BET gone? She was the it girl back in the day.That's hot that AK's "Unbreakable" is #1.
Alia's picture

Today's posting was hilarous.

Today's posting was hilarous. Keep up the good work.MissBrowneyes
Miss Brwneyes's picture

Hey! That purse is hot!1.

Hey! That purse is hot!1. Dame has never looked as happy with Rachel as he did with Aaliyah.2. Brady is starting to look greasy!3. In Beyonce's "funny pic" don't her butt look WIDE. I wonder what she looks like in real life. All Praises to the black womans figure. 4. I wonder when Starr Reynolds and Mr Reynolds are getting a divorce. Holla!
mrs.tj's picture

Aiiight ya'll. I stand

Aiiight ya'll. I stand corrcted. I was shocked too when I saw that about Rachel Roy on another site. But yes, it aint her from Carribean Rhythms. No more comments about. hehe Happy Reading!
Natasha's picture

not the same

not the same Rachaelhttp://www.rachaelroy.com
Anonymous's picture

The CCH stands for Carol

The CCH stands for Carol Christine Hilaria according to her website.
StickThenMove's picture

I too am hooked to your site.

I too am hooked to your site. How do you do this and law school too? Wow. You really grabbed me with the Rachel from Carribean Rhythms thing. Is that really her? Keep up the great work.
Anonymous's picture

Why is Rachel with Damon

Why is Rachel with Damon Dash, uber Asshole!? Speaking of uberness...is anyone tired of Usher yet or is it just me? And how did AJ hit the jackpot? His wife is this fab doctor in NY. Go head, AJ. I would quit my job,too!There are no words for Mike Tyson...none.Iman looks beautiful,per usual! And so did Nia and Tisha! And did anyone think Naomi was Beyonce living her Gold Member days again? Because that who I thought it was...oops!
Anonymous's picture

This site is hilarious! I

This site is hilarious! I told all of my friends about it. I have been laughing all morning!Did anyone notice how Dame looks in the pics with Aaliyah and how he looks now with Rachel? It was heartbreaking! He never ever looks as happy with Rachel as he did with Aliyah. Those pics of Aliyah, he had love all over his face. I had heard rumors about his marriage to Rachel being a shotgun wedding of sorts (she threatened to sue for child support or something). I defense of Rachel, she is quite fabulous, but Dame clearly does not vibe with her the same way.
Anonymous's picture

Hey Tash!I first learned of

Hey Tash!I first learned of your website at dadnasdirt.com. Finally, we have something to call are very own! I even have people at my school (Nova Southeastern University) checking this site daily. Keep doing the fab law school thing! By the way, I am also a member of Curvy Girls Unite! We're loving you down in the M-I-A-M-I. Keep it up, and us posted!Love,MiamiGirlHere
Anonymous's picture

...right not rachel roy

...right not rachel roy
Anonymous's picture

Rachel Stuart is the girl

Rachel Stuart is the girl that hosted BET Carribean Rhythms and Planet Groove back in the day.
Anonymous's picture

Wow that's the same rachel

Wow that's the same rachel from BET,I didn't realize that? I thought her name was Rachel Stuart
mimi's picture

Natasha,as soon as I log on

Natasha,as soon as I log on to my computer, you're the first site I have to visit! Keep up the good work girl, you're doing your thang. As for Rachel Roy, she came a long way, from BET to being Dame's trophy wife. Anyhow..keep doing you girl and keep comin with all the hot ish goin on.
Anonymous's picture

Natasha, I've only been a fan

Natasha, I've only been a fan of your website for about the past 3 wks and I must tell you that you are doing the damn thang! I love it. You keep me crackin up with all the funny comments that you have b/c you say exactly what I would say! Keep up the good work. You definately have a new fan in me.
Anonymous's picture

I'm still not convinced thats

I'm still not convinced thats the same Rachael...
Anonymous's picture

Let me say this first --- I

Let me say this first --- I LOVE THIS SITE. its the first place i come to when i get to work. now, tell me how u came up with eva and henry being engaged from an article that simply states that they are dating? aren't u kinda jumping the gun?! the article only mentioned that he "was" previously engaged, not that he proposed to her. besides black people don't get engaged that fast !! they only been dating a few months. and my mouth completely dropped open when i put together rachel from "carribean rythms" and rachel roy the wife of dame dash. she had come a long way *smirk*. *lol*. keep up the good work!!!
Anonymous's picture

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