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Baby Phab

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Did ya'll see The Apprentice tonight? I'm hella mad at Donald Trump for letting the men meet Wyclef (who they don't know nothing about to respect him the way Clef need to be respected). He had them make a song with Clef and it was HORRIBLE. A group of all these corporate white men rappin/singin/and spittin a song with Clef was the craziest thing I ever heard. And they just thought it was the crunkest thing.

Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for my girl Dawn on Making the Band 3. We were on the cheerleading team together back in high school and she is SO still doing her thing. And I'm so mad Diddy kicked Malika off.

Tonight's episode of Run's House was quite possibly the funniest scenes of a father trying to talk to his lil kids about sex that I've ever seen.

And now for baby pics of some stars {Thanks moonray}:


MJPrince on right
Andre 3000
Big Boi
Lil Jon
Lil Kim
Alicia K
Michael Jackson


Some things never change.

I'ma let ya'll take care of the captions for this post....

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this is my first time at this

this is my first time at this site, but i can tell you one thing it won't be my last. the pic of lil john is hilarious. i always wondered what he looked like w/out the permenant glasses he wears. also, is that really prince?
kendra ayers's picture

HAHAHAHA at Beatloaf. I

HAHAHAHA at Beatloaf. I kinda see your point.
Natasha's picture

Yes, that was Prince

Yes, that was Prince pre-relaxer and with his original nose. Yes, he had a nose job, but a good one!And I'm GLAD Malika was kicked off of Making the Band 3 (which really should be called "making a group" they're not a band). The girl COULD NOT SING! Plus she was just lookin' tired and RUFF. With all those bags under her eyes SHE should be called Puffy. I liked her personality, but she shouldn't open her mouth to sing another note ever again.
Beatloaf's picture

Is that Prince? As in the

Is that Prince? As in the Purple One? That can't be him!
Alia's picture

I know Ashanti was glad when

I know Ashanti was glad when she could finally afford to get those teeth fixed!And as for Lil Jon, no wonder he hides under sunglasses and braids, the man is fugly!
ms thang's picture

I love looking at the pics!

I love looking at the pics! Have you thought about starting a message board too?
Miss Browneyes's picture

Is that really Prince??!!!

Is that really Prince??!!!
Tanya's picture

Thank god ashanti fix her

Thank god ashanti fix her bushy eyebrows. She probably need a weed wacker to fix those bad boys up
safegurl's picture

Halle, Mariah and Lil Kim

Halle, Mariah and Lil Kim with their ethnic noses. Love it!
Tiger Lilly's picture

i'm glad someone introduced

i'm glad someone introduced Ashanti to the wonderful world of wax.
-high school ho's picture

Everybody still looks the

Everybody still looks the same- well mostly everybody. You know the old saying-"Black don't crack". I LOVE the site& read it religiously. Keep up the good work! ~Sheena
Anonymous's picture

Hey Girl... I

Hey Girl... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this site!!!! I'm so happy that there's at least one celebrity goss site that doesn't deal with just the "Hollywood It" girls.. You give US what we really want and that's what's up!!! Keep up the good work... P.S. I'm a HUGGGGE Bigga fan.. so thank you 1000x for all the great posts of them two!! LeLee
Anonymous's picture

I've seen that picture of Lil

I've seen that picture of Lil John before but I laugh harder every time.
-high school ho's picture

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