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Rumors and Relatives

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Here's the hot ish...

Janet's alleged daughter

So...about this chick. Many sites are claiming this chick as Janet Jackson's secret daughter that James Debarge went on NY's Hot 97 talkin about. Apparently the youngest Debarge had already told. Now...I'm not confirming this is her, nor do I really believe it myself. But hey...just letting ya'll know this is the word/pic in the streetz.

As for the fact of Janet having a daughter, this rumor has been around since I was a little girl. And even then she didn't confirm nor deny. And we all know that in the celebrity world...that equals the truth. But I don't know if Miss Janet falls in that category since she did the same thing with her relationship/marriage with Renee and James Debarge. So is it true? James isn't coming out with a cd or anything soon so what would the lying be necessary for if it aint for publicity? So, I wouldn't be surprised...but then again...who really cares in the end. Check
here for the story.

Also in the news is Cameron "Cam'ron" Giles getting shot 3 times in DC last night. Now that is just a hot mess...he is too cute for that. And it wasn't even gang/music related like people think. It was a carjacking gon bad. And...he's even talkin ish about people that try to keep him down in the future. Check
here for that story.

Now for some pics of celebs and people they may be related to that I received {Thanks to my honey}:

Lil Kim...

and Mutley?

Remember Little Richie from Family Matters (now Devon on The Young and the Restless).....
looks like Allen Payne.

Solange Knowles' son...

and the The Wizard of Oz's Munchkins?


and Rick James?

Bluto... and Suge Knight?

Elise Neal... and Karrine "SUPERHEAD"?

Ciara... and Wanda Sykes?

Enough said here.... Jkwon and Bobby.... wait...this one could be true he got a million kids==========

Cedrick and that random chick on the left...

Yes, Usher looks just like the little troll...


and Little Oprah


Well, just take a look for yourselves...

Yep, a smile and a weave gets 'em everytime!

BruceBruce looks like a 'Turtle' standing upright:

Kay-Z and Jay-Z

Scar... and Nick Ashford?
Oh hell to the yes!

The Randomness:

  1. I'm super mad at the Get Rich or Die Tryin trailer. His attempt to do another 8 mile has failed miserably. Now if the trailer is super whack...ya'll already know that the movie will be sub-whack. Check it here.
  2. Now on the other hand, G looks like my kinda movie. Black folk in the Hamptons in a love triangle......involving Blair Underwood...FABULOUS! Check it here. It was released in a few places a while back...and it opens nationwide on the 28th of this month!
  3. Rosa Parks died today. She will definitely be missed. Let's keep the dream alive my people! Story


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I believe that is Janet's

I believe that is Janet's daughter if sh can Hide being married for 9 years she can hide a baby.
fabulous's picture

I know that your site focuses

I know that your site focuses mainly from the entertainment perspective, however; I think this is worth mentioning. Currently there is a big debate at Louisiana State University pertaining to the purple and gold confederate flag that is boldly being waved around campus, particularly during football games. Minority students want the administration to ban it from campus. However, administration cannot ban it because of free speech but they do not support the flag. LSU is supposedly the flagship university of the state desiring to reach academic, research, and athletic prominence. Nevertheless,that goal cannot be attained when a large portion of your university population and state population has concluded that the flag represents "Southern heritage." I would like your readers to make a decision for themselves by researching this story via the campus paper,The Reveille Online, at www.lsureveille.com. If you are in agreement with those students, please let LSU administrators know via letters, phone calls, protests, etc. For this reason, I think those LSU students are Young, Black, and Fabulous. Also whatbetter way to salute Rosa Parks. The battle still continues.
Anonymous's picture

good list of separated at

good list of separated at birth.
Ms. B.'s picture

RIP Rosa Parks! I can't wait

RIP Rosa Parks! I can't wait to see G,it sounds interesting. Keep doin your thing,Natasha.great blogsite!
Anonymous's picture

I am SO thru with that

I am SO thru with that picture of Lil' Oprah, lol.Keep doing a fab job, my down south Soror :) Ooo-oop!
Minx's picture

solange's kid is soooo

solange's kid is soooo cute!!!! His eyes are like, beyond gorgeous...and i think i see a lil' beyonce in there....?
marita's picture

this post was sooo funny. the

this post was sooo funny. the girl in the pic definitely looks like janet.
sweetlime's picture

hahahahahahah that was one

hahahahahahah that was one funny post
Anonymous's picture

okay, so i do believe it's

okay, so i do believe it's true, but for the record, i've seen it cited in several places that young debarge does indeed have an album coming out...
rhythm's picture

janet does have a daughter.

janet does have a daughter. i was a HUGE debarge fan back in the day and i clearly remeber janet being 8 months pregnant in RightOn! magazine with james, her husband. then the family dissolved the marriage because of his coke habit and no one ever saud anything about the baby. that's janet's daughter.
iwonekalia's picture

That pic u have of Janet's

That pic u have of Janet's alleged daughter is actually her brother Jackie's daughter Brandi.Love the site, keep up the good work, u crack me up.
Stephanie's picture

R.I.P ROSA PARKS :-(Solange's

R.I.P ROSA PARKS :-(Solange's baby is precious!!!
~ Eclectic Soul ~'s picture

Hmm Gurl,sooo sad, but

Hmm Gurl,sooo sad, but true..lol...its so funny, i got that exact email a couple dayzs ago..Im glad u reposted pics...keep up the good work-Toya
Latoya's picture

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