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Mini Fab

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Becuase I'm tired of waiting to announce news that pops up throughout the day..I'm instituting the new Mini Fab posts...here goes:

Is Star serious about her boo-hooing on national tv over her husband getting arrested? Apparently, closet gay Al was arrested for driving with a suspended license last night and the NY Post said Star did not come down to the police station after he called her. So she was all on The View this morn crying about the allegations
about her not coming to her man's rescue. She needs to stop covering up her real hurt about him being gay. That's what them tears are really for. Movin on...

SWV is lookin a hot ass mes these days. They were my group back in the day..but they key words there were "back in the day". These outfits are quite unnecessary.

DJ/Rapper Paul Wall got married this past weekend:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Yeeeeees indeed. I'm just not surprised about any aspect of this wedding. Because you definitely need the full effect of these pics...click the thumbnails.

The BET 25th anniversary celebration was taped last night. My problems with BET were reinforced thanks to what I spotted on that red carpet. But, my girl Whitney sang her heart out I heard.



That's just a preview of some of the nonsense that was there...I'll post the rest later. Trust me...it's a mess.

And Jigga's 40/40 club opening in Atlantic city on Tuesday night looked hot!

See..that's the kinda stuff that gets folks in trouble.

My girl B looked fantabulous.

That chick STAYS supporting her man.

Michelle didn't look half bad.

Serena, of course, did.

And Kelly looked hot in a "Halloween came early" kind of way.


The Randomness:

  1. Now why the Saints owners gonna go and do this? Just wrong. (Reg. Req'd)
  2. I can't wait till the Boondocks cartoon show starts up.


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I am happy for Paul Wall that

I am happy for Paul Wall that my Nigga for real. I knew he was going to marry a chocolate shawdy
fabulous's picture

did paul have a night

did paul have a night wedding? and was ole girl taking a picture of the ring? stop it!keep it up nat. i luv it girl.
LaNegrita's picture

Paul Wall finally completed

Paul Wall finally completed the wigger package oh no wait he needs a baby or two
Anonymous's picture

Hapee2bnapee,Since I've

Hapee2bnapee,Since I've discovered blogs esp. gossip ones I haven't bought any of those mags in over a year and this includes S2S. It's not worth it b/c I like up to the minute gossip news and pictures. I have a selection of blogs I go to for information and this is one of them. Missbrowneyes
Miss Browneyes's picture

ok I don't even need to buy

ok I don't even need to buy Us weekly or listen to the morning shows for entertainment anymore - you have everything first. Thanks!
African girl, American world's picture

Ms. Natasha,I'm feeling the

Ms. Natasha,I'm feeling the new Mini Fab Posts...as always, you're keeping the readers informed YBF style!
Anonymous's picture

Nice pics! Good job on

Nice pics! Good job on everythin and congratz for getting that interview that you posted the other day.
Anonymous's picture

luv your spot!!!! keep up the

luv your spot!!!! keep up the good work!!!
Dee's picture

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