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It’s Royalty Baby!

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And the drama goes down like this.....

I need Ashanti to really chill out with the airbrushed pics.

We all know what you really look like. So stop wasting your time.

Jigga's I Declare War/ Power 105.1's "Powerhouse 2005: Operation Takeover" went down in NJ last night. It looked oh so crunk:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nas, Jigga, and Kanyeezie

Ummm Diddy...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I don't care how much paper you got..wasting "drank" is never acceptable.

Yep...Jigga dismantled all the beef with Nas:

So wish I coulda been there...but oh well.

I just so happened to come across this extremely fabulous/extremely airbrushed pic of Beyonce:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

{Click thumbnail for larger image}

And now for the BET's 25 strong: The BET Silver Anniversary Special event that celebrated 25 years as the leading network for African Americans. (Aint it the only one really) It was taped in LA on Tuesday and will air Nov. 1st.:

Warren G

I'ma need him to gon head and come back to the game.

Victoria Rowell looked fabulous.



TI-TO!!! Good to see somebody's come out of hiding.

Oh Tempest. You still look like.....this?

Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle

Good God Shondrella looks the fool no matter what she wears...sad.

All that make-up Sheryl has on is simply ridiculous.

She's baaaack. I'm so glad Shanice is making her comeback...and in a fabulous way.

Apparently Kellz is ready for war...

He need to be ready for his trials while he trippin.

Ummm the Pimp Up, Hoes Down party is next door. Thanx.

Oh my damn:

It's Paul Wall baby! And I need him to not wear a t-shirt with his own face on it.

Aaaaand she's STILL here:

Ooooh and that hair definitely aint hittin ma.


Sans Ashanti.

What is Mos Def's purpose here?

Mike looks like he's bout to eat somebody.

Now Mary....you have been looking oh so fab lately. And then you go and do something like this. Why did she feel the need to channel early 90's Janet, post removed rib, with this outfit? Just a mess. But those abs are lookin RIGHT!

"Actress" Melyssa Ford

LL and wifey

Who isn't jealous of her right now?

Lisa Raye was looking white hot, excluding that nest on top of her head.

Leon was lookin quite "suspect" on the red carpet if you know what I mean.

Now Laila Ali is a pretty girl...but there is no need for her stomach to be out. Just no need.

First of all, is Kym serious about having 2 different hairstyles in her head at one time? And secondly, this grey blob of an outfit just AINT for her.

Kel Mitchell

Judge Mabilene may wanna rethink this foundation. It makes her look ghostly.

Hold on just a minute...John Legend was looking border line suspect in this outfit. He may wanna rethink this also.

Whoooa Hammer. All this purple and sheen and fur and satin and sateen is just a bit much.

George Clinton

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ed Gordon and his fabulous date

Gayle King

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bootsey Collins and his equally crazy lookin date

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kirk Franklin (held up by Donnie McKlurkin) looks like he has some dirty thoughts on his mind right about now. Hey...he's the one that admitted to being addicted to porn. Hope Kirk gets that worked out soon.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jimmy Jam and wifey Lisa

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Daaaamn Quentin love the sistas huh? First Shar, now this chick. Oh well....obviously he knows wassup.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I liked Vanessa Bell Calloway with short hair better. And is that a leather dress??

Ya'll know Bobby was there to support his wifey and to do a surprise co-hosting job with her too.

Bob Johnson

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In what alien world did Big Lez think this dress and shoes were ok? Just a mess.

And Ananda looked fabulous as usual.

Moving on...

Joy Bryant, leading lady of Get Rich or Die Trying, hosted the "Inked" party for a magazine on Tuesday in NYC:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Very much a YBF chick.

Bun B was there to support too....all draped up and dripped out and stuff.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



So Wendy Williams attended Life & Style's 1 year anniversary masquerade party in NYC on Wednesday. She shouldn't pose with a mask on...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh...my bad.

Can Lil Wayne PLEASE make up his mind about which side of the insanity he's on.

One day he's wearing a G-UNOT shirt...

And another he's snapping pics at the G-UNIT offices in talks of gettin up on the label.


On the gossip tip: We all know Trina went on a radio show a few weeks ago talking about all those rumors about her and Wayne weren't true...but then just the other day, Wayne went on an interview with Allhiphop.com and he brought Miss Trina along. They were definitely holding hands and talking about how much in love they were. Huh? I put 5 on it that all this is a publicity stunt. He has a CD dripping soon and Trina's just did. Ya'll know the damn deal.

In other news, the T-Mobile Sidekick II Limited Edition launch party went down at Marquee in NYC on Tuesday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Coltrane Curtis and Ice-T

Inga was there looking cutesy.

Micheal Strahan


And the Rock was spotted out in Paris pubbing his new movie Doom:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

He is definitely the hotness.

Life was definitely the Dash at Dame's Tiret Watch Colletion Launch in NYC:

Rachel, Dame, and Boogie

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Can Dame look any more unhappy? Everytime he's with Rachel he looks supersad. He may wanna re-evaluate that relationship.

John Legend's cute self gave a concert at the Apollo Theater in NY on Wednesday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And finally, Naomi hosted the "Night of Stars" for an Int'l modeling foundation at Cipriani's in NY Wednesday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Model Alek Wek looked beautiful.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue (Andre Leon Talley), yes Vogue, was there to support too.

The Randomness:

  1. So does this signal an end to gang violence?
  2. The Pink Panther, starring our girl Beyonce', will hit theaters February 2006.
  3. Star tried to chalk yesterday's outburst up to stress today on The View, and she gave the NY Post a lil piece of her mind. Story
  4. It's sad when a nominee is smarter than the person who nominated her. Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the Court. Thank goodness. Story
  5. Cam'ron may be full of that ish...police aint believing the carjacking story. Story
  6. Due to all the people all up in arms about 50's ads for his new movie (people been saying the billboards promote too much violence), Paramount has pulled the ads. Whateva.
  7. Ya'll know I HATE pregnancy rumors...especially about B...but this article has now hit the NY Post in Page Six. And they're actually a pretty credible source:

October 29, 2005 -- THE best rumor to emerge from the debut of the Atlantic City outpost of Jay-Z's 40/40 sports club is that Beyonc

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B know she pregnate and she

B know she pregnate and she need to stop lying she was hating that her sister got pregnate before her and took the spot light for a min. But I don't like the bitch anyway not to be hattin she know that she took all the credit for DC and Kelly and Michelle stupid for staying in the damn group.
fabulous's picture

ol' school

ol' school tracks:HappyCrystal WatersSardines & pork 'n beans?This was the s***!Boomin' SystemLL COOL J
Anonymous's picture

Love the site Soror!

Love the site Soror!
Anonymous's picture

Andre Leon Talley is the

Andre Leon Talley is the "Editor at Large" for American Vogue not "Editor in Chief". And why so harsh on Wendy Williams? I know she does not always get her facts straight but she's cool peeps, NYC loves her. The YFB is the shizznizle! Keep it up.StyleMaker NYC Holla!
StyleMaker's picture

Dame does look sad in most

Dame does look sad in most pictures with wifey.Not sure why:she is cute,has her own hustle and usually dresses fab (except for that Victorian dress). Maybe he is still sad about the split with Jigga. Seems like everyone was invited to Jay-Z's War concert but D Dash. fav throwbacks:"All I do is think of you"-Troop"I like the way(the kissing game)-Hi-Five"How can I ease the pain"-Lisa Fischer"Around the way girl" LL I know someone else already listed this one but it was my sonng"Can't you see" Total w/Notorious BIG
Anonymous's picture

E-40 - Sprinkle MeKaren

E-40 - Sprinkle MeKaren White-SuperwomanRogerand Zapp-Computer Love
Anonymous's picture

And I thought the same thing

And I thought the same thing emoshun when I saw the trailer. But I thought it was just me. They had good chemistry in the "21 questions" video.
Natasha's picture

Melyssa Ford "Actress" =

Melyssa Ford "Actress" = HilariousI think Meghan Good should've been in Get Rich or Die Trying instead of Joy Bryant. Don't get me wrong Joy is beautiful and a great actress but Meghan would have brought it.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Fav throwback:"You Gots Ta

Fav throwback:"You Gots Ta Chill"EPMD"Vapors"Biz Markie"Fight The Power"Public Enemy"If It Isn't Love"New Edition(while I know that doesn't match, I love me some New Edition)I hope Beyonce isn't pregnant but hey, she's grown unlike her sis and Brandy.John Legend: is he or not? Damn shame. What about Leon?Diddy needs to realize he's just making people mad with his waste of money but then again, he wouldn't be P. Diddy, Puffy or Puff Daddy if he didn't so, I guess I should just stop hatin'.Paul Wall: Please! Someone stop him before he becomes his own worst enemy. And his wedding pics are just a hot mess!Love your site girl!
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So many H.A.M.s... *lol&Fav

So many H.A.M.s... *lol&Fav throwback joint?"Rock This Funky Joint" Poor Righteous Teachers"Award Tour"Tribe Called Quest"Strictly Business" EPMD"Check Out My Melody"Raakim
~ Eclectic Soul ~'s picture

Scroll up, way up, and tell

Scroll up, way up, and tell me, who is "Tommy"? Because I LOVE him.
Anonymous's picture

Throwback Jams:Donnell

Throwback Jams:Donnell Jones:Where I wanna BeSWV:WeakXscape: My Little SecretXscape:Who Can I run toTotal:Can't U See
LaToya's picture

I'm feelin the blog, girl..

I'm feelin the blog, girl.. keep it comin!Throwback joint(s): Come Inside - IntroChante's got a Man - Chante MooreWe Can't be Friends - Deborah Cox & R.L.How did you get here - Deborah CoxEarly in the Mornin - Gap Band p.s. I don't think John's outfit was "suspect" or "questionable"... I just think his stylist needs to be fired...quickly.
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Stop dogging my peeps wendy!

Stop dogging my peeps wendy!
Anonymous's picture

The Pharcyde - Passin Me

The Pharcyde - Passin Me ByGreat job on you website keep up the outstanding job! : )
Rae's picture

hmmm...Hot Boyz

hmmm...Hot Boyz (remix)-Missy, Nas, Lil Mo, Eve, Q-Tip
Anonymous's picture

Love, Love, Love your site!!

Love, Love, Love your site!! I can't start my day right without reading YBF and Pink is the new Blog. Keep up the good work and good luck with law school!!
wordygrrl's picture

Jon B. -- They Don't

Jon B. -- They Don't Knowdammm, i love the man. i also love your site, keep doing what you do.
Candice's picture

Hey,Just came across your

Hey,Just came across your site, it's fabulous!Thanks for the snapshots :)Holla!~Faraji
Faraji's picture

**Beyonce isn't pregnant.

**Beyonce isn't pregnant. Think about it, she starts filming Dreamgirls in January which means she will be at least 3 months when filming begins which mean she will begin showing, filming will last about 2 months which means she would be filming a musical while she's 5 months pregnant. Beyonce's life is too organized for her to allow herself to get pregnant at such an inconvenient time. This is just another false pregnancy rumor the Post is starting. They were responsible for sparking some of the J.Lo pregnancy rumors. I don't believe any celebrity is pregnant until there is an official statement from their publicists, or a statement straight from that celebrity's mouth.Anyways, I like your site, I enjoy reading the opinions you leave beside each picture. John Legend did look a bit questionable...:)
Cake & Ice Cream's picture

hey, i'm a girl from

hey, i'm a girl from australia and came across your site, LOVE it! katie
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