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Mini Fab

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Yeaaaah! It's about that time ya'll...
Apparently the party scene is always on and poppin in the NYC. Check out pics from LaLa's celeb auction at Denimxx Furs in NY on Thursday:

Misa Hilton-Brim (Diddy's baby momma), Keisha Knight Pulliam and LaLa were lookin quite fabulous. I'm must say I'm quite surprised Misa is a semi-fab chick.
Keisha is lookin so pretty these days:

Well...looks like Q has moved on quite well:

Quentin and Keisha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Quentin and "model" Liris Crosse

And Tocarra was there too:

Shake wit it...shake-shake-shake wit it! (That Trina song is hot by the way.)

Enough of that party.

Dwyane Wade's gorgeous self was spotted at the Electric Ave. party at Eugene's in NY on Friday:

Quite possibly the hottest man in the NBA

Malinda Williams was spotted at SPIRIT in NY last Thursday:

Where'd she go?? I need her to resurface.

Check out Sheryl Underwood goin BAD on one of the transexual comedians on Comic View. When will people learn to not come on somebody else's show and disrespect them??

Clip 1 of what the tranny said about Sheryl.

Clip 2 of Sheryl's comeback.


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Well all i can say about

Well all i can say about Dwayne Wade is,Damn Damn Damn if his wife don't want ot act right shit he's more then welcome to holla at me lol....cause one woman's trash is another womans treasure REAL TALK!
DANYELLE's picture

In the pic of Monica from the

In the pic of Monica from the Sister to Sister Magazine, you have it titled "Monica, baby, and baby daddy". Her baby Daddy is not pictured in that spread. That's Dallas Austin at the top holding the baby and her brother Montez at the bottom holding the baby talking on the cell phone.
Michelle's picture

Whoa! Dwayne Wade is FINE!

Whoa! Dwayne Wade is FINE! Would I be wrong if I said I wanna do him?
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Anon,Actually the credit goes

Anon,Actually the credit goes to the photographer and/or company. Let's relax about the pics a little bit before a freelancer or picture house goes on a rampage and starts sending nasty letters to the bloggers. I'll leave it at that for now but you can be sure that as soon as a blogger starts making money somebody is gonna want a piece of the pie. :-) Until post all the pictures that you want.
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Oh the Comic View clips had

Oh the Comic View clips had me cracking up at work!! I love Sheryl..she's funny as hell.
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Hello Natasha, I am the

Hello Natasha, I am the website owner of Cake and Ice Cream and I promise you, I did not write the comment above that is under anonymous. I enjoy your website and I've told you this. Pay no mind to the person that wrote above comment. There is only one person who does the Cake and Ice Cream site and that is me. Whenever I leave comments on other websites I leave them under my name. Once again let me say, I, in no way, shape, or form had anything to do with the above comment. Keep up the good work. Sorry for the confusion
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Seeing that the web address

Seeing that the web address for cake and ice cream is on the pic if I get it from there...that is giving credit. Please realize "anonymous who I'm sure is part of cake and ice cream" that the pics on cake and ice cream come from other sources and many other sites have the same pics. So just because it is also posted on cake and ice cream does not mean I got it from there. By the way...the only reason I'm replying to that message is to let everyone else who has a problem with "crediting" pics know the deal. Many blog hosters are having problems with people harassing them about giving credit and I'm not about to be one of them. I don't have time to address individual problems. In general, unless you took the pic yourself and it is an exclusive...please refrain from clogging up my comments board with nonsense. And if you just must say something...send me a piece of hate mail instead.
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I am soooooooo out of the

I am soooooooo out of the loop. What have happened with Brandy and Q?? LOL
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