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FINALLY! Bigga pictures are surfacing from their Holiday vacay to Cabo San Lucas. I've been going through withdrawls:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com


B also did an interview this morning on Steve Harvey's talk show talking about Dreamgirls and Pink Panther. She did say Kelly, Solange, and her cousin Angie went with her to Cabo and didn't name Jay...even though we see plain as day he was there. Boo. Silly Bigga. And I also heard Daniel was there with Solange from outside sources.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Vince Young on Jay Leno last night

Yeah I don't why why you so fine either boo. We both can look confused.

The premiere of Glory Road went down last night at the Hollywood Palladium:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush, and Mechad Brooks

Oooh Mechad is so...scrumptious.

Tatyana Ali was there...

Looking fab...and UNpregnant. Rumors, rumors.

And AK definitely stole the spotlight last night at the premiere:

Somebody's been working out and she is looking hella fabulous. And she and Krucial are just too cute.

Here's some pics of Raven cuz she personifies young, black, and fabulous:

And she's our newest inductee into CGU.

Queen Latifah received her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame:

Bout damn time.

Who's that girl strollin around poolside?


None other than Naomi C. Looks like she's livin it up. I aint mad.

Check out Lil Kim's photoshoot she did for Dolce and Gabbana a couple days before lockdown:


Dare I say she looks...halfway sophisticated. Hmmm.


Mike....WTF are you doing?

Snoop and Pharrell did an interview at XM Satellite Radio booth at the Int'l Consumer Electronics Show yesterday in Vegas. Snoop is the Exec Producer of XM's hip hop channel "The Rhyme" and hosts the weekly show "Da Church".

Aaliyah....is that you babygirl???

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

CiCi performing at the Orange Bowl halftime show this weekend

Oh hell naw...it's Ciara. If this aint some wannabe whackness at it's best. I usually don't get on to her about jocking Babygirl...but she is pushing it with this one.

Jenny tryna get back on the block apparently:

J-Lo on set of new movie

And that's momma Guadalupe in the background.

And on a sad note:

Lou Rawls has reportedly died of cancer today. Get the whole story
here. Another great one gone.

Check out this excerpt from a T.I. interview recently:


Since this is the




iight yall really need to

iight yall really need to stop hatin on ciara fo real dat girl got mad talent and she does have her own style and yeah sometimes she does remind you of aayliah but its not that she is trying to be her. i am a big fan of aayliah and i am a big fan of ciara and personally i see no resemblance besides them having the long black hair , baggy pants, pretty ,and dancers thats it but as far as music and dancing style is completely different. at least she aint tryin to be beyonce like everybody else. and yall need to feel me on that (R.I.P aayliah) keep doin you ciara forget da haters
yagirlree's picture

raven looks really tragic to

raven looks really tragic to my eyes: her clothes are always ugly and uncomfortably tight, her makeup is garish and unflattering and she seems not to know where to put all that ass... with all that money can't she find somebody
Anonymous's picture

On T.I., you took the words

On T.I., you took the words right out of my mouth...Keep up the good work!
Anonymous's picture

umm I just wanted to express

umm I just wanted to express my love for Mechad but i got distracted ...Lebron goes with a black chic? i thought he was with that spanish girl from 3lw ...Mechad is beautiful though i mean perfection must have kissed him when he was born
Anonymous's picture

The anonymous poster did

The anonymous poster did right by not posting contact info because they are DEAD WRONG.Ciara wears AALIYAH's STyle really well? NOT. I never recall Aaliyah being referred to as a "Tranny", and we all know there was never any confusion there. How is Ciara gonna come out with ORANGE hair and end up (TRYING) to look like babygirl, get outta here, go somewhere.... Ciara can dance, but AALIYAH was a true entertainer, there will never be another like her. PERIOD. Aaliyah NEVER slipped up with her style & she was always trend-setter, way ahead of her times.But hey, even that poster recognizes that Ciara is JOCKING Aaliyah's style ( "She wears her style well")so at least you realize that your girl "Ci-Ci" is a BITER! R.I.P. Babygirl
Sonia's picture

You are ABSOLUTELY right

You are ABSOLUTELY right about CIARA "trying" to be Babygirl, which she will never be! She could never even amount to her shadow, mind you I do like Ciara, but this is an insult to the late Aaliyah, aka BABYGIRL, the true princess of R&B, may she rest in peace, and she will never be forgotten by her most devout fans! She lives in our hearts 4ever and Ciara, needs to give it up!!! Thanks for noticing the biting!
Saiqa's picture

I just stumbled onto this

I just stumbled onto this site today when I was looking for pictures of Countess Vaughn's baby. I am HOOKED already!! Amen to the comments about the tired azz brothers who insist on looking over darker skinned sistas. I get so excited when I see such celebrities as Denzel and Lebron appreciating sistas that aren't either damn near or all the way! Thanks again for this forum.
Deelove's picture

That is unfortunate...

That is unfortunate...
Anonymous's picture

anonymous said: "but

anonymous said: "but apparently our brothers don't feel the same and it makes me really sad."Girl I relaized this years ago,I remember when all the rap videos (esp. by JayZ &JA) were ALL puerto Ricans. This is why I laugh when people hate on Black women in interracial relationships..how LONG can you stand getting slapped in the face &being told you are not attractive, even to your own kind? Im not mad at T.I. tho-he just said how most of these men feel. and YES most everyone from Jamie Foxx(ive heard stories from the Miami Vice set) to JayZ to all the sports athletes prefer them a nice lightskinned black, latina, or white woman.
Anonymous's picture

^PREACH IT! The really sad

^PREACH IT! The really sad part is that they do not have a problem with this type of thinking.I guess he's in the same boat as Bobby V.
Anonymous's picture

I hate to bring this issue up

I hate to bring this issue up for the umpteenth time, but...I'm getting tired...correction, I am tired of "our" black men not wanting just a regular old black woman. Why did T.I. feel the need to mention liking "mixed girls a lot". I know what that translates into. The light skinned black girls of the world better watch out too or they'll be riding on the same boat as us dark woman. This comment translates into girls having to look exotic or as Tiger Woods coined it "CAU-BLA-SIAN". Before it was enough to just look like a tragic mulatto, now you have to look Brazillian. I'm not saying one look is better then the other, but apparently our brothers don't feel the same and it makes me really sad. I felt compelled to make this comment because I've heard it on more then one occasion and I just wanted to exercise my freedom of speech....that's all.- A Pissed Off Beautiful Black Woman
Anonymous's picture

Ok is it just me or does

Ok is it just me or does Raven got a whole lotta ass? Damn for being so young, she carries enough ass for 3 grown women. But she is still pretty and my daughter loves her music.
TJ's picture

Did you see Starr Jones on

Did you see Starr Jones on Dr. Phil yesterday giving people make-overs? That's like Hitler teaching people how to love.
Cortney's picture

t.i....wowi don't know why

t.i....wowi don't know why the hell i expected more though
yasmin's picture


Anonymous's picture

T.I. did the interview...not

T.I. did the interview...not T.O.
Anonymous's picture

P.S. Ciara is trying too hard

P.S. Ciara is trying too hard to look like Aaliyah. Old girl need to quit. Ain't nobody hatin. Put a picture of them side by side.
nia's picture

Tiny get down with TIP and

Tiny get down with TIP and other girls anyway so her behind might not even care. DAMN FOOL!
nia's picture

who's TI??

who's TI??
Anonymous's picture

Lil Kim looks possessed in

Lil Kim looks possessed in that first pic. And that first pic of Queen L - oh my.No need to hate on Ciara - Aaliyah did not patent her own style and Ciara wears it well. That outfit is hot! Why not wear it? I would.
Anonymous's picture

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