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I soooooo wasn't planning on updating this soon, but since this is my study break and there is just too much gossip to share for me to stay quiet...here goes:

The diva is back ya'll! She's coming back lookin fierce ready to regain her crown from all the wannabe divas. Check her out in her new Essence mag spread:

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Thanks the Lawd!!! What took you so long girl?

Talib Kweli @ party in H-Town recently

Somebody tap Talib and whisper to him that's a man he's posing with. He seems not to know.

Star Jones was at her book signing yesterday in NYC lookin like a damn slow alien:

Damn...did she go and get a face lift and not tell nobody??

Ugh. B*tch please!

Oh and that interview on 20/20 the other night...she know she wrong. She had the AUDACITY to get offended when the interviewer asked her if GAL was gay. Was she serious??

Raz B is screaming for help. He needs a hobby, perhaps his lil group back together. Or else he will continue to





Just wrong...for so many reasons.

Queen was spotted out kickin it recently:


Damn did she revert back to her "Set it Off" days already?

Check out Kyla on the cover of JET mag lookin very YBF:


Hmmm I guess that lil rumor about her dating that dude that plays her roomate on One on One (not Ray J) is untrue.

Kelly and B were spotted poolside in Cabo last week. Kelly looked fabulous so I can only imagine what she was thinkin. Ya'll know she can only take so much of being overshadowed:


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Kelly did a lil shopping last week after she got back from Cabo:

I'm sure this is all for Baby Daniel.

Ooohweee A.I. is HOT:

And Stuart Scott is lookin quite blowed.

Halle is lookin F-I-E-R-C-E in a newspaper spread straight Versace'd out:

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All these other wannabe models *cough* Nicole *cough* need to get a damn clue.

The Randomness:

  1. Get a NSFW pic of Serena here. Somebody slap her azz for this mess.
  2. MC's new song is the hotness.
  3. And her remix of "Don't Forget About Us" with Bone is tight.

Stay fabulous!




I love the mohawk. Okay, I

I love the mohawk. Okay, I don't love it ... but it looks cute on Raz.Everybody needs to stop speculating about his sexuality and let him do the damn thing. He's young, he's experimenting with new looks ... why does that make him gay?People need to lighten up ... live and let live. Have we forgotten that?
taylorSiluw's picture

Raz-B. How can you just be so

Raz-B. How can you just be so blatantly gay like that and think no one is the wiser..lolLauyrn looks very fabulous..bobby socks and all..lol
Takeitoutside's picture

In no particualr order...1.

In no particualr order...1. I'm mad @ Lauren's bobby socks.2. Raz-B ('the hell kinda stage name is THAT?) needs to either cut that Maddox hair OFF or grow the shit AROUND it...3. Latifah = questionable...don't front...4. Star needs to SIT HER ASS DOWN 9and gain that weight back - she looks like shit5. Serena looks a HOT MESS - and always does...6. Kyla's lil man is a hottie
That Girl Tam's picture

Some people weren't meant to

Some people weren't meant to be skinny. Star Jones is one of those people.
that-one-girl's picture

Your girl Eva made this

Your girl Eva made this year's worst dressed list!http://movies.msn.com/movies/gallery.aspx?photo=618067&gallery=10568#photos
Cortney's picture

Star needs to go sit her ass

Star needs to go sit her ass down!!!!!! You can't go around trying to act all brand new when your husband is a closet queen. There's no cure for being gay, sorry! Her bovine features make me wanna stab my eyes out every time I see her. I swear, she was cuter about 30 lbs. ago. And Serena.....you are NOT, I repeat NOT cute. Just stop it already. The only reason she gets any play is because of her body (and she's a cheeseburger away already). If she were the same chick from Compton w/ no hair and beads none of these dudes would be sweating her.
Georgia's picture

This blog is fabulous! I

This blog is fabulous! I found it at Blogrankers. I also use the word fabulous in my blogspot, but I live in Sweden and write my blog in swedish, so I guess you don't understand anything except from "fabulous"! ;)/Hello from Glamourprinsess in Sweden!
karolina lassbo's picture

Dang whats up with all the

Dang whats up with all the Maddox JOlie-Pitt look alikes recently? Forget clowning Ciara, Maddox has the most biters. I feel sorry for ol boy tho.. Raz B just trying to get a little interest started.Starr Jones looks silly in that pic, but Im not gonna lie, she looks AMAZING nowadays. Plus, why shouldnt she get mad people are clowing her husband? If people can accept pastors who say God cured them from being gay (DONNIE MCLURKIN), then why is AL different? WHo cares if he's gay, Starr is happy &you know she wasnt for all those years she was obese &lonely. Everyones obsessed about dissing Nicole from Top Model saying Nik or BRe should have won, think about how unlikely it is that Starr Jones, an obese Black woman who wasnt the baffoon or the sidekick made it to where she is in AMerican Media.
Anonymous's picture

LMAO that little B2K looks

LMAO that little B2K looks like a member of Fishbone back in the day WTF...
KHALLI 88's picture

Lauryn is looking good ;)

Lauryn is looking good ;)
Boogie's picture

kyla pratt's boyfriend is

kyla pratt's boyfriend is cute!!
Anonymous's picture

that certainly lookes like a

that certainly lookes like a herpes sore on raz's upper lip...gross...
Anonymous's picture

I am so mad at Serena!

I am so mad at Serena! Omigoodness. Great post.
Georgiapeach's picture

evrytime you use FOLLYWANG

evrytime you use FOLLYWANG that just cracks me the hell up!!!!
Dee's picture

Thank GOD Miss Hill is back!

Thank GOD Miss Hill is back! And Kyla is a cutie. She's really grown up!
princessdominique's picture

Natasha, you have me

Natasha, you have me screamin' with laughter everyday at your comments. I discovered your page about a month ago and since then, I've sent the link to about 20 of my girls to check it out. Keep up the great work! The Serena and Raz B photos had me with tears rolling... By the way, good luck with law school -- I graduated 5 years ago and I've been in the profession since. I don't know how you're keeping this page on point and getting your studying done as a 1L!! Good luck with everything!!!
Anonymous's picture

That Serena pic is old as

That Serena pic is old as hell. She still needs a style intervention though.Talib's date looks fine to me.
Anonymous's picture

I saw QL's new film Last

I saw QL's new film Last Holiday at a screening last week. The trailers dumb, but the movie is real sweet. All hail the Queen!
Anonymous's picture

Serena, you owe me $2.99 for

Serena, you owe me $2.99 for the Clorox bleach I just pored into my eyes lookin' at your hot-diggity-mess-azz!
Anonymous's picture

that serena link ain't

that serena link ain't workin'.
Anonymous's picture

that is Latifah's personal

that is Latifah's personal trainer and they look like they just worked out. LOL @ the set if off reference :)
Anonymous's picture

I still haven't gotten my

I still haven't gotten my Essence mag yet (the one with Gabrielle, Latifah, and Angela on the cover). Ugh! I miss my Suede.
Amina's picture

Those photos of Lauryn are

Those photos of Lauryn are hot. What the hell is that on Raz B's upper lip?
Jess's picture

I'm excited about L coming

I'm excited about L coming back too. I had almost given up. I been hawkin' my mailbox for my Essence too.Kelly really is fabulous...I hope her next solo project gives her a good moment to shine on her own. We know she's great at collabo's. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only adult Raven fan out there!
Quel's picture

I'm mad cause Dish went and

I'm mad cause Dish went and lost their Lifetime contract! Dammit now I'ma have to wait till lil Raven's movie comes on DVD.Where the heck my Essence at? Been waiting checking my mailbox daily for this issue. I give them 2 more days then somebody getting a phone call!
African girl, American world's picture

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