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My law school finals are finally OVA!! Today was my last one. Damn I feel like runnin around New Orleans like Janice Combs would if she got an extreme makeover. Thanks to all you folks who understand that Law School is pretty much hell on earth 1st semester and all your well wishes. So yes...posts will now be back to normal. Now lean wit it...walk wit it....and absorb all this fabulousness.....

Let's play a lil catch up :

Well it looks like Destiny's children (including an ex-Child) are still doin big thangs:

LaToya is gracing this month's cover of S2S magazine in true YBF fashion.

And that chick B is on the cover of Cosmo. I'm sure she's dispelling the same ol rumors in the same ol way in the article. But ya'll already know I'ma still buy it.

And the uberly fabulous Kelly will be guest starring one of my fave shows soon:

{Click Pics}

Yep. She'll be appearing on Girlfriends sometime soon as Toni's disturbingly similar protege. I'll let ya'll know when it's supposed to air soon.

Check out Ms. T-Boz in Life and Style magazine:

{Click Pic}

Simply gorgeous.

Tons of celebs attended a makeup/beauty product giveaway recently. I'm need to know why the hell everybody was looking like they all got burnt up in the H.A.M. pot:

Tichina. Now this is cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe it was just a bad pic. And PLEASE...PLEASE don't ever make that lil girl make that face again.

See Neicy. Even your lil girl is HIGHLY HEATED that you keep wearin them damn flowers in your head.


Melinda Williams was there too:

Awww I miss her. She needs to get up in a movie or sumthin. Oh, but not another stint as a "Shorty Wanna Ride Wit Me" video ho.

Even the fabulous Kerry was there with her husband lookin a lil fabooo:

Oh well. She's still fab even on her worst day.

Now ya'll know Kimberly E. looks the fool in those damn updo's:


And the Kodjoe family was there in full effect:

Looks like all is still well with the Kodjoe marriage.

Am I the only one who didn't know she was preggers in real life? Oh well...my fave doc from Grey's Anatomy was there with her newborn. I wonder when they're going to have her have the baby on the show.

My girl Shar tries so hard....just so so so so hard. Keep the dream alive chick.

And if this aint the realest thing I've sen in a hot azz minute:

I swear people can just read my mind. I told ya'll she's been lookin like a damn slow alien in pics lately.

Speaking of Star, STALe news has hit the internet waves yet again:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

{Click Pic}

Where did her right ta-ta go? They photoshop her now small and saggy chi chis to make them look voluptious. They forgot one this time though. Star's people took the photo off her website as soon as they spotted the "discrepency".

Salli Richardson, wife of Dondre Whitfied, was spotted with their extremely cute daughter recently while shopping:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic


The premiere for Last Holiday went down last week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Robin Givens was there with her new beau. Where's she been hiding?

AJ's startin to look like somebody's daddy (the one thas always at the "young people's parties" tryin to get his swerve on).

Dammit Janice!

Image hosting by TinyPic

Didn't you learn ANYTHING from the YBF awards? Don't you care? She just needs thuuurapy. Quickly.

And some promo shots of Queen and sexy LL:


Here's B's new L'Oreal ad:

I must say I'm not really feelin this one. They have gone too far with the orange lipstick.

Nelly and Ashanti were at a party together this past weekend. It was a birthday party for a guy named Mike and Nelly was performing:


And ya'll know Ashanti wasn't too far away. They need to stop all this "takin pics apart" bit and gon head and be out with it. You don't have to talk about it...but you aint gotta hide it either.

And that brings us to Bigga. They were spotted at the Pacers/Nets game this week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

It don't get more fabulous than this folks. Glammed up at a b-ball game is something only B could pull off. It's black star power at its best. Loves it. And the Rocawear chairs are killin me.

OH MY DAMN! Mimi is lookin HAUTE:

Image hosting by TinyPic

She was spotted out in the carribean last week splashing around. Well keep doin ya thang Ms. Mimi. Whatever you doin is bringin me back to the Mariah we all know and love. (Maybe it's the fact she's not posing for her candids finally.)

Here's a few more pics of Kelis from her Unleashed magazine shoot:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

{Click Pics}


Fox Boogie was lookin glammed up on her way to court last week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

I'm glad she has a good sense of sight...but can she shift that sense of sight on over to that damn fuschia lipstick she been waring for about a decade now. It's really just gettin ridiculous Fox.

Anybody else want HITS to come back on BET? I do.

Dame once again pulled a muscle in his face tryin to cheese for the camera while posing with Rachel:

Funny how a new set of people will just INSTANTLY bring sunshine to that face.

I don't know how old these pics of Brooke Valentine are but:

How old is she? 17...18? Girl quit showin people ya draws and go put some damn clothes on. Shame.


I've just chocked her "look" up to she doesn't believe in mirrors in her house or in her salon.

A pic of some of the Dreamgirls cast and the soundtrack folks while they were taping the soundtrack:

Image hosting by TinyPic

This movie betta be good.

Ms. Ashanti was in OK magazine this month. Here's a few pics:

I must say the girl looks fabulous.

And speaking of uberfabulousness:

Ms. Keys was on TRL this week and she looks hot. Damn girl what you been doin? I guess she's not lettin that love bug she's got with Mr. Krucial cause bad things to happen to her body.

The Randomness:

  1. Kanye, Mariah, and John Legend are confirmed to perform at the Grammy's. But John hasn't had a new single out in a hot minute. Hmmmm. Story
  2. BOBBY AND WHITNEY ARE ON THE ROCKS....and their marriage is supposedly breaking up too. Here's an article giving the rumor/news floatin around everywhere right now. But please keep in mind that the actual Page 6 article stated "Bobby said WHILE HE WAS FLIRTING WITH GIRLS that 'Oh, me and Whitney are over'." Hmmm, sadly...I hope it's not true. {Thanks Angie}
  3. Oh Tyra, why am I not surprised? Story
  4. Sanaa has officially spoken out about the Denzel rumors. I'm still not convinced there was no affair. But I'm sure she was never pregnant. Story {Thanks Bibi}
  5. I don't think this is supposed to be as funny as it really is to me. Story {Thanks honey}
  6. Who allowed D4L to come out with another song? This ish has got to stop people.
  7. Rick Fox has moved on from his ex Vanessa Williams. He's now being linked to Sharon Stone. Surprise surprise. NOT. Story

I never would have guessed SO MANY of ya'll would be demanding an update on YBF. So I'm flattered. Thanks to all my fabulous readers for staying tuned in. Keep it funky my peoples.




I am glad you are back!!Lovin

I am glad you are back!!Lovin your site. Good Luck with Law school.Love Foxxy outfit. Do you know the designer of the bag? Lovin it
Anonymous's picture

OOOOOOOOOSasha catching

OOOOOOOOOSasha catching feelings!there's no crying in bloggging!p.s. if one can write gramatically incorrectly, one (you) should assume it is sarcasim, a 3rd year law student who can't recognize sarcasim? You gon have to study hard to pass the bar.
Anonymous's picture

no 1 should read - kelis

no 1 should read - kelis should know better.....my bad
Anonymous's picture

1. kelis should better than

1. kelis should better than to expose saggy boobs 2. In the first picture of Bigga, Jay Z is using his finger to dig something out his mouth...like ewwwww3. Also on Bigga, Beyonce is quite ghetto to me for dressing up so much to a sports game4. Why do black girls wear purple lipstick like Foxxy Brown has on?No matter what season it is or what the makeup trend is - black girls always have their purple lipstick. No human has purple in their color naturally except for those who need oxygen.
Anonymous's picture

Alicia Keys is looking

Anonymous's picture

Glad you're back, I was

Glad you're back, I was checking your page like a fiend!! Hope all went well on your finals.
Speedy aka Security's picture

Glad you are back Ma! Holla!

Glad you are back Ma! Holla!
mrs.tj's picture

Good to see you back. We

Good to see you back. We have missed you. Keep your head up and stay strong. Trust that your loyal readers understand that school comes first.....
Anonymous's picture

Thank Goodness Your

Thank Goodness Your BAAAACCCKK! I'm all for the education thing, but I can't live without my YBF!
Genise's picture

Obviously anonymous at 12:38

Obviously anonymous at 12:38 is ignorant-the grammer gave it away. Law school and college are 2 DIFFERENT THINGS. Mulitply the hectic life of college by about 5 or 6-plus add in all the other bullshit like being a victim of Katrina and having to change your whole life like I'm sure Natasha did-the first year of law school is the hardest year. I'm in law school too and I'm in my third year. There is no way I could have done a blog like this during my first year even under normal circumstances. I'm still amazed and I'm sure others can agree. Speak on only what you know of people.
Sasha's picture

I am a 18 year old student in

I am a 18 year old student in SC area I think cite is wonderful why dont you ever have a pic of yourself ms.editor?
Anonymous's picture

Welcome Back! I am so glad

Welcome Back! I am so glad that the regular updates are back on... I believe I'm addicted to your blog!
Anonymous's picture

Ok we git it, you in law

Ok we git it, you in law school, but we all got finals ya dig? If you start one more sentence with "ya'll know I'm in law school..." I'm gon' scream. Is you the first person in ya family to go to college or something?
Anonymous's picture

i'm @ work and when i saw

i'm @ work and when i saw that arabic doll i began to roll. i had to put my head down on my desk because tears were streaming down my face.thank you for the laugh.
Anonymous's picture

I am soooooooooooooooo glad

I am soooooooooooooooo glad you are back to updating, I was going CRAZY LOL, this site is the BEST, as stated before every day I pull up my local news, then CNN and this site, it's AMAZING. Keep up the good work
Anonymous's picture

Okay, I'm brand spankin new

Okay, I'm brand spankin new to this but not to your page, I'm not a regular with these blog sites, but can I say uh...DAYUM! Your site, Fantastic!You have the inside sense of humor of every black woman (well, those with common and fashion sense) You need your own show! But on the comment side of things, Does anyone else wear LL COOl J's clothing line but him? LOL! I love him though!
majorly_fab's picture

Congrats on your finals, glad

Congrats on your finals, glad to see ur back!
TheIdleReceptionist's picture

What would we do without you

What would we do without you girl?
Assata's picture

Glad to hear that your finals

Glad to hear that your finals went good. I am so happy you are back. I was going through withdrawal without being able to read you daily comments . So happy you are back, keep up the good work girl.
Anonymous's picture

Go head Law Student ....I am

Go head Law Student ....I am going to be in las school in a year or two ...trust me I did my Paralegal Studies and I know what it is like. As for your website ....I am so hook I was dying for your return...hope your exams went well GLAD U R BACK
Diamond from New York's picture

I'm uberly estatic that

I'm uberly estatic that you're back...now get on your job...hahahaSo, tell me what's this I hear about Fantasia and Kanye supposedly kickin' it?
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

This is the nicest i ever

This is the nicest i ever seen alicia keys look. Shes been workin out and its paid off. In m jealous of her abs. Kelis and ashanti look nice in their photoshoots. Tichina and Sally have cute kids.
Anonymous's picture

I think "Pam"'s daughter is

I think "Pam"'s daughter is so freakin' cute! When did Kerry Washington get married? Love Kelis. Welcome back Natalie!
Anonymous's picture

Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that fix. I was really missing you girl. Welcome back and congrats on the finals.
Annita68's picture

Welcome back!

Welcome back!
Quel's picture

Star Jones makes me sick. My

Star Jones makes me sick. My sister had that same surgery and she doesn't look horrid.Robin Givens' new beau is none other than Marcus Schoenburger (sp?) from The Surreal Life season with Da Brat, China, Adrien from ANTM 1 and Mini Me.I love Kerry Washington and Beyonce is my girl!
ranata's picture

Hey Tasha...glad to see

Hey Tasha...glad to see you're back girl!
duvaldiva's picture

Hey, all those photos of the

Hey, all those photos of the celebrities with their kids are from the jayneoni party in the boom boom room!I am aslo glad you are back, I can't find any other black celeb updates without you!
Anonymous's picture

OMG girl u took to long to

OMG girl u took to long to come back !! thnx that ur back now.
Mizzsexxy's picture

Okay, I haven't even read or

Okay, I haven't even read or really looked at the page yet I just wanted to say THANK GOODNESS you're back!!! I have find my addiction and it is this pg. I'm Whitney and you are MY CRACK!!! And law school was and always will be the devil trying to keep me from my crack. Congrats on finishing you're finals!
UILDiva'08's picture

O, hell no. You've been gone

O, hell no. You've been gone for more than a business week and all you got is some rehashed photos? come again. naw just playin, them Kelis photos are the bomb
dugla's picture

Actually I got that comso,

Actually I got that comso, and B actually finally admits that shes with JAYZ, she says she never hides it, she just doesnt put her business out, thats cool tho!
Anonymous's picture

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