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Come Hither

Gossip time...

It looks like Ursh has been hittin the gym again. He no longer looked like this at a Fox News press conference recenty:

And I've also heard that he's been going to the gym everyday to get back in shape. We'll see.

In honor of American Idol kicking off another season this week, what have the Idol rejects been up to lately?

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Tamyra Gray is in the midst of recording her second album.
Remember Frenchie...the chick that was disqualified for doin some porno like pics/movies?:
She's been acting in the Broadway production of Rent since 2003. She was doing this before her stint on Idol too.

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Jennifer Hudson beat out Fanny for the Effie part in Dreamgirls. It comes out Dec. 2006.

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LaToya London is pubbing her new album Love and Life and trying to get into acting.

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And Big Rube went on a diet and quit after losing 22 pounds. He's working on his 3rd album right now.
Edit: I'm well aware Rube won-just threw him in the mix cuz some of ya'll were wondering about him.
Some celebs came out to the Suns Celebrity Shootout Sunday:
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Shawn Marion and Jamie Fox
Ice Cube was there too.
Rain Pryor is....

... interesting. She's picking up where her father Richard left off and doing a few comedic performances supposedly. She also did a lil impromptu comedy at Caroline's on Broadway recently talking about her father's weakness for white women. Story (if reg. is req'd-user:222222@mailinator.com and pass: 222222)

It's the NBA Best Dressed Player of the week contest again. Here are a few of the nominees:

Paul Pierce

His azz is too damn tall for them short ass pants pants. Work that out Paulie.

Bobby Simmons

Not half bad-but that color AINT for you B.

My vote:

Ya'll already know it was for Mr. Wade. It don't get no better. Get ya vote on here.

Now the NY Post knows they are wrong for this lil cartoon:


Leave Ms. Jackson alone while she works herself out.

Here are some pics of Mya from a photoshoot that happened at some unknown point in time:

{Click Pics}

The chick's body is fabulous.

Another cute pic of LL and Queen at the Last Holiday premiere:

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MJB was signing some more copies of her #1 album this week in Hollywood:

Ok. I see you Mary and your lace front wig.

Awww the kiddies have kissed and made up:

Image hosting by TinyPic

They shook hands for the first time since their "split" at the game on Monday. Read about it here.

While we're on the subject of sports...why did my mind go blank not allowing anything but these pics into it when I saw this photoshoot??:

Kerry Rhodes is hands down the hottest dude in the NFL. I should slap Eva P. for messin that up. Tisk tisk.

{Click Pics}

Get the rest of the pics here.

Superhead, superhead:

That wig is against any and all protocal ma'am. Maybe that's why Bill Maher broke up with you.

For all you Scrubs fans:

Fabulous was spotted out partying in NYC at The Player's Lounge at the Taj Lounge Monday:

That's also model Esco in the white hat.

Oh Bobbaaaay:

Why does Bobby look like he's tryin to imitate "Wanda" but can't focus hard enough to do it right? Just sad.

The Randomness:

  1. Check out a Dreamgirls featurette here.
  2. "Judy" from Family Matter-the youngest daughter who recently starred in some pornos-will be on Oprah Friday.
  3. Cam'Ron-you are not hard. A rap beef with Jigga is not a smart move kid. Story

Stay Fabulous!




Kerry Washington is average.

Kerry Washington is average. That I can't deny.
Anonymous's picture

Did bill MAhr really dump

Did bill MAhr really dump superhead???? if sooo BiHo BiHo. I hate her and good! but seriously did he?
Anonymous's picture

... Kerry Washington is

... Kerry Washington is HAUTE!!! you just can't deny. MJB is the mf-ing queen of hip hop soul... no beef. mya got her boobs enhanced. i was wondering when that was going to happene. she still had a banging bode before them. I wish shaq would slam dunk kobe's head into the net. that would make me smile and happy.
Anonymous's picture

this is a tight blog.i'll b

this is a tight blog.i'll b back!
DizYaBoy's picture

How is Ruben a reject when he

How is Ruben a reject when he won???
Anonymous's picture

You really shouldn't

You really shouldn't criticize Mary when you think tacky, odd-looking Kerry Washington is 'faboo' or Beyonce is a good dresser.
Anonymous's picture

Did you know Trina is going

Did you know Trina is going to be on Desperate Housewives
Anonymous's picture

Thanks for the Scrubs pic! I

Thanks for the Scrubs pic! I LOVE Scrubs!
Quel's picture

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