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One Night Extravaganza

Shouts out to the DJ's at K97 outta Memphis, Tenn. I heard that they put me and YBF on blast in a fabulous way to all of their listeners. That was a wonderful surprise. {Thanks Lydia}

I know ya'll have heard all about the Golden Globes, but for those of ya'll that haven't, here's some highlights:

Jamie and Eva were hella hugged up all night. Tony couldn't come because he had a game that night. But Eva fa damn sure wasn't lonely. Are they just...




I don't know but I do know that Eva was on Extra talkin bout they're "just friends." Is that why ya'll were at MJB's surprise 34th birthday party together too? But I promise y'all that when I saw the footage of them that night at the GG's-Jamie wasn't sayin NUTHIN when the papparazzi were screaming "Jamie-you're a pimp!" Boo. They were also spotted going to AND leaving the afterparty together in Jamie's car. Hmmm we'll see. I wouldn't be surprised.

But...Jamie did take a pic with many ladies that night:

Jamie and Camryn Manheim

And obviously he aint lookin at her like he was looking at Eva.

That little boy Tyler is just too cute-and talented.

Obviously Christina has been failing her "how to pose without lookin foolish" classes:



Christina has also been talkin noise about Nick Cannon's bedroom skills. And the drama begins.

Tichina looked fabulous that night:

Loves it.

Sanaa also looked great:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Sweet and simple. Don't forget to pick up the new Essence to read about her speaking out about her non-fling with Denzel.

Joy Bryant looked gorgeous that night:

Terry and Joy

Rejection is a BEAST huh Terry.


Mariah is still lookin fabulous:

I think she looked great in this black and white number. Much better than this mess. The white material in her cleavage area is made of diamonds. Sweet.

As usual, Kerry looked stunning:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Big Ludaaaa:

Quite sexy I might say.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Gabby and Traci Ellis looked cheery. Is that a tweed dress? Good God I hope not.

Aisha looked like she belonged on top of a damn wedding cake or sumthin. All that crinkliness..

Al Roker and J.R. Stewart-host of Access Hollywood-were kickin it in the Kiss for a Cause room at the GG's.

And Alfre Woodard was there with her husband.

Stay tuned for another post today.

The Randomness:

  1. How to know you or your teen watches too many videos- Click here.
  2. Lenny Kravitz is the new spokesperson for Absolut Vodka. Like anybody needs another reason to get the drank flowin. Story
  3. R&B's MVP is back on top. Story
  4. AK is getting her own tv show on UPN loosely based on her life as a mixed child. Story
  5. NY Knick Antonio Davis almost pulled a Ron Artest yesterday. Check out what went down here.



I wish I could find that

I wish I could find that little girl and get some lessons.
Anonymous's picture

video girl was crunked out!

video girl was crunked out! She needs to really get paid for that. Good question, where indyhell are her parents cuz ol' girl need some counselin' for sho'!
Anonymous's picture

4yrs. from now that child

4yrs. from now that child will be working the pole in some seedy club..Hey Lenny, way to sell out!!!
wordygrrl's picture

rick fox looks amess

rick fox looks amess
Anonymous's picture

Where were the parents of

Where were the parents of that little girl dancing to "My Humps"...lil mama was getting down. Tasha keep doing it big girl...I absolutely LOVE this blog!!
duvaldiva's picture

Mariah's dres was entirely

Mariah's dres was entirely too tight. Silky fabric does not stay scrunched up when it fits properly. And Sanaa Lathan is not so hot looking either
Anonymous's picture

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