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All-Star Extravaganza

Aiight peoples...this is a long post so keep up...

This All-Star Weekend was extravagant and star flooded. Let's look at what went down at all the parties before the game....

The T-Mobile All-Star party went down Friday night in the H:

The Knowles fam was there in full effect:

I'm about one click away from starting the "Feed Knowles & Co." fund for B, Michelle, and Solo:

Aside from Solange's very unfortunate look, Kelly is lookin hella fab as usual.

Loves it.

MC Lyte was there lookin fabulous too.

Image hosting by TinyPic

It just wouldn't be Paul Weezy if he didn't smile for ya.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Dennis the Meance was lookin so cute at the party.

Image hosting by TinyPic

And ya'll know I love me some David B.

Get more pics here from that party.

Elsewhere in H-Town, T-Boz received one of the Women of the Year Awards from the NBA Wives Association for her philanthropy work in deaing with the sickle cell disease:

Image hosting by TinyPic

And no, I don't know why Trina was in attendance.

BG, Juve, and Manny were at the On Tha Real magazine party this weekend:

Chris Brown and his mom went to Kenny Smith's All Star weekend party:

Image hosting by TinyPic


And some pics from various other parties:

Damn, could Tigga look any harder at Me

lyssa's chi-chis.

Image hosting by TinyPic

By the way, M. Ford is being reaaaal secretive about which NFLer....or NBAer...she's dating. Hmmm.

Charles Barkley and Kenya Moore looked all cozy:

Kenya is fab.

Shaq was definitely partying it up.


Image hosting by TinyPic

Yeah I'm pretty speechless about that one. Dwayne...and sometimes Q. Richardson...is FINE.

Mike Jones had a meet and greet event at Yao's Skybox lounge in Houston Friday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Mike Jones

Why Chamillionaire, why?

And this dude might want to just put the bottle down:

The NBA Gala event went down pre-game:

Image hosting by TinyPic

All-Star MVPer Lebron and Savannah were looking super cozy and cute. Big up to Team East for holdin it down by the way.

Oh my damn a flash from the past:

Who invited the Kid?

Image hosting by TinyPic

Shaq and Shaunie still lookin cute.

Well I guess Savaughn (or however you spell the chick's name) is on the track to fabulousness:

I'm still bitter though.



A.I.'s wifey Tawanna hosted some event this weekend:

Yes, she just had another baby very recently. And no, I'm still not impressed.

Solange and Kelly brought baby Daniel to the Skills Challenge game on Saturday:

Baby Daniel is ADORABLE. Just like his daddy...

And finally, the All-Star Game:

Matthew Knowles and Tina were there chillin:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Um...hold up. Is Papa Knowles wearing letters? He's an Omega? Damn, guess that means I gotta stop talkin mess about my bruh (if he's not a perpetrator).

RIP Hamilton and his lady friend:

At least she's a fab chick.

Nelly's sexy self and the Jigga man:

MJB and Lady O were on the sidelines looking flawless and fabulous:

D-Child tore it DOWN with the National Anthem:

And then posed backstage with some men in uniforms.

Let's take a lil second to watch Mr. Iverson:

Getting ready for the Game

Dappin off his boy Jigga

Being his usual ballerific self

*Sigh* Let's move on...

Awww Shaq and Kobe have officially made up:

Image hosting by TinyPic

How cute.

Celebs were taking in all the sights courtside:

Oh hells no. Eva looks country as hell.

Image hosting by TinyPic

And she's still gettin all chummy with J-Foxx.

That damn STALe.

The Queen with a fab bag.

And of course, you already know Bigga's gonna end up right next to each other by the end of the night.

Stay fabulous peoples.




Just discoverd the

Just discoverd the site...love it...so FAB! What's up SOROR!
Butifulbrownie's picture

As usual, Hov and B standing

As usual, Hov and B standing next to each other like their brother and sister. Why's he so scared to show her some affection??p.s. Glad to hear your site's getting the recognition it deserves!
JK's picture

I just have to say... BG

I just have to say... BG needs to stop smoking that shit.. fa real
Anonymous's picture

Lmao.. Biz Markie &on there

Lmao.. Biz Markie &on there lookin like "U got what I Need" ..lmao
The Book's picture

Im definitely not impressed

Im definitely not impressed by AI's wife AT ALL and Solange has always been questionable in regards to style. I was all up on that NBA All Star Weekend hunny and DC was definitely on point, especially my girl Kelly.Panamanian Diva
Sharina's picture

Oh Snap. Soror, (I knw that

Oh Snap. Soror, (I knw that now that you mentioned Daddy Knowles was a bruh) I LOVE your blog! I read it everyday :) Good luck in law school. Quite a few of my Sands are in law school. OO-OOP!
Snoopy92211's picture

daniel is soooo cute I think

daniel is soooo cute I think he looks like grandma knowles.you must be young girl if you dont know biz markie. i'll let up on you cause even though you DST and not my beloved loved pink and green you have a cool site. My bestfriend of 20 yrs is also a delta. c10 the AKA
Anonymous's picture

I heard that Solange's

I heard that Solange's marriage was annuled. Don't know how true the rumor is but....its funny since she dropped Daniel you never see the daddy hanging around. Seems like someone may have been paid off....if you know what I mean.
Anonymous's picture

I have to agree Kelly has

I have to agree Kelly has this beautiful glow about her nowadays! Is it just me or has T-Boz had that same haircut ever since TLC first hit the scene....LOL yall are just wrong about Solange's baby having a big head.
duvaldiva's picture

I knew I loved your site for

I knew I loved your site for a reason! What's up Soror!That was a cute pic of MJB and Lady O. Star was looking a little old in her and Al's pic.
deltadiva's picture

Enough of Eva already.

Enough of Eva already.
Anonymous's picture

B looks nice as usual, and

B looks nice as usual, and why isn't Solange wearing her wedding ring. Another question, has anyone ever seen Solange holding the baby? It's always someone else. AI's wife needs a stylist quick fast and in a hurry.
Danyll's picture

Anonymous copped it before I

Anonymous copped it before I could get it out regarding Biz Markie's tired behind in that photo. It looks as if a few blasts from the past showed up: MC Lyte, Biz Markie and Kid.Forget all that, where can I find Queen L's bag?? I went to the Gucci site and it is not there!
Dee Love's picture

wow.. Kelly is OUTSHINING

wow.. Kelly is OUTSHINING Beyonce looks-wise to me, lately. Kelly just has a nice glow about her. GO TEAM KELLY!
Anonymous's picture

LOL about Tina Knowles.

LOL about Tina Knowles. Beyonce doesn't look that small to me and even if she did it was probably for that movie she just did. Trust me she'll gave back every pound plus some. Is that really A.I.'s wife? I mean really? I'm a little surprised. Lebron and his girlfriend look cute. I didn't know that Vivica had surgery? I Think she is still pretty, but maybe she did. I don't know. What to say about Al and Star? Oh lord. Al is gay. I'm sorry he just is. And Star's head looks really big since she lost all that weight. She needs to gain a little back.
The Blog's picture

How much plastic surgery has

How much plastic surgery has Tina Knowles had? And Solange's son has a big head.
Anonymous's picture

... "this dude" ?!?!?!?do you

... "this dude" ?!?!?!?do you not know that that's Biz Markie ?wtf ?!?
Anonymous's picture


LALA IS FINETHIS PICTURE IS SEXY AS HELL EVEN THO SHE HAVE SUN GLASSEShttp://photos1.blogger.com/img/109/2376/1024/lala.jpg-mario
mario4lyfe's picture

now how in the hell is melo

now how in the hell is melo OVERRATED?he averages 26 points per game and was the first player not in the Top 10 Scoring to not be in the All Star Game.He said that he wanted to be in it but it didnt matter as much as playoffs on tv and he wasnt gonna sweat it.How's that a cry baby?Get your facts straightCARMELO IS UNDERRATED! and lala is kinda cute i guess but lebron james girl is better.
carmelothekid's picture

Hmm finally a gossip site

Hmm finally a gossip site about black folks.
Mi_Mi's picture

lala look like a bug. she

lala look like a bug. she just light skinned and those other girls are dark other than that she aint no cuter. with those big ole eyes ang big nose. and where was melo and lala? he had his stuck up cry baby ass at home. i use to like him but he is so overated.
isaiditsowhat's picture

well im a guy and lala is

well im a guy and lala is definetely more attractive than dwayne wade's wife by far and probably the same as lebron's. lala has gotten fine!!!-ur boy mike
Anonymous's picture

hell no! lala aint cute

hell no! lala aint cute
Anonymous's picture

you know lala and melo cuter

you know lala and melo cuter than lebron and savannah + dwayne and siovaughn put together-tonya
Anonymous's picture

oh lord, gay al and star

oh lord, gay al and star
Anonymous's picture

what project did AI get his

what project did AI get his wife from thats just keeping it a little to real she look like she going to do the laundry not host a party. DC3 look really cute. lebron and dwayne have some cute, young, everyday looking girls they look like real people not all fake and made up so do shaq's wife. she looks like a natural beauty. speaking of natural vivica look like she is gonna melt under the lights she need to stop with the plastic surgery. Was it me or did beyonce look really light? all most white. she still looked cute just white and cute!
darknlovely's picture

Kelly is thicker than B now.

Kelly is thicker than B now. And do we know that Matthew Knowles is a Que for a fact?
Anonymous's picture

allen iverson's wife is

allen iverson's wife is definetely on my not so fab list. im pretty sure the picture with d wade is with QRICH not Melo? but id want me some carmelo and his dangerously sexy puerto rican/black self over mr. wade anyday.lebron james is ugly as hell.dwayne wade looks like hes grabbin his wifes tits or something!stay fab-Jess
Anonymous's picture

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