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The Foolywang Part 3

See, I wasn't even gonna update today, but this mess right here had me FALLING OUT:

What in the crispy hot hell is this?????

TV Johnny (Paul Wall's business partner) at a party hosted by On Tha Real mag @ Club Blue in Houston this weekend


My questions?

  1. What in the heezy is a TV Johnny?
  2. Has Paul Wall made it ok for everybody and their damn pet to wear a grill?
  3. Is anybody else slightly frightened by this pic?
  4. Do we need to enforce a "foolywang standard" that folks gotta pass in order to get into a club-regardless of who the hell they are?
  5. Should TV Johnny's pic be on the front cover of the "Why Grills Are Not OK" pamphlet?

Alright my peoples...comment and carry on....




This is the funneeeee-est

This is the funneeeee-est thang I've read in a good while. This blog is Tabasco! [Those damn grills gotta GO! Did anyone really like that "Some where over the rainbow" shit in Nelly's mouth at that All Star Game?! (Yuck-ummmmmmmms!) - Ree
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um anon. @ 9:21P-that does

um anon. @ 9:21P-that does NOT make this mess ok. You get with it honey. You are obviously ghetto fab.
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Please girrrll-get it real!

Please girrrll-get it real! Johnny Dang makes the grillz. He is THE man to go to in H-town. First grille-went to Lil Jon. He now outifts all of Dirty South hip hop including our own Slimm THugga, Paul Wall, Mike JOnes )should I go on and on?) Get with it honey...... :(.
Anonymous's picture

He is the dude who actually

He is the dude who actually makes the teeth for Paul Wall and dem.
mytruth's picture

Well being from Houston.. He

Well being from Houston.. He has a shop in Sharpstown Mall.. He went by Johnny the Jewler for a while then it changed to TV Johnny after Grillz came out.. He was one of the first people to start the whole grill fasination down here.. in Houston.. But now he feels he's too famous to stick to his word.. He stole soooooo much money from people down here its crazy... everybody in Houston wanna kick his ass..
Anonymous's picture

Yeah ... grills don't shock

Yeah ... grills don't shock me anymore, having lived in the dirty south and right next to Newark. But when you throw in Asian ... now that's funny as Hell.
taylorSiluw's picture

I'm laughing too hard to

I'm laughing too hard to think of anything to say. Goodness.
Free's picture

We all had to know that Paul

We all had to know that Paul Wall wasnt actually the brains behind the actual business end of things.
Anonymous's picture

I agree with sincerecaramel

I agree with sincerecaramel about TV Johnny, but more importantly, is there anyway to remove Serena's stank crack from the ads area? YBF is my homepage, and that is not the first thing (or any other subsequent numbered thing) I want to see when I get on the internet. Please help a sista out!
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We need to know why his name

We need to know why his name is TV Jonny...cause damn...he does not belong on TV!We have found the other Hung!
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Now when I should be studying

Now when I should be studying I had to come on to your page!! First his name is TV Johnny! Really? Are you serious? I am just mad at his Wal-mart button down. I live in the south. I will no longer be shocked by the "grills", though uh TV Johnny did raise a brow. Thanks for the laugh.
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