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Mardi Gras Mambo

Gossip time....

The premiere of Madea's Family Reunion went down this week:

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Who's funeral is Tracy going to?

Uh oh...

Image hosting by TinyPic

Looks like Ms. Tyra is tryin to get a membership card into CGU. That chick was just WAITIN to eat a damn cookie huh?

Am I the only one who likes Reagan....

I don't care what ya'll say. The chick is fabulous.

But this hair on Kimberly's head:

Aint. Blair is still sexy.

Glad to see they're still a happy couple.

Jasmine Guy

And a serious blast from the past. But what the hell is she wearing? Anyways, the movie starts today.

Get the rest of the premiere pics here.

The MTV TRL Awards were taped Wednesday and will air today:

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Chris Brown and Ne-Yo were nominated for a few awards.

And Mariah still doesn't know what the word "bra" means.

Miss Tamala Jones is most definitely a YBF chick:

Say what you want but I been a fan of hers since the get. Ya'll know ya'll loved Bootycall. Check out Crunk and Disorderly for all the rest of the pics.

Missy is shooting a new video with the whole played out drum major/band type theme:

Image hosting by TinyPic

But hey, my girl Dominique Dawes is in that piece so I'm automatically lovin it. I haven't seen her in ages.

Lebron James, Jr. is one of the cutest NBA kids ever:

He decided to help the fans go down in the Guinesses Book of World Records on Tuesday. But why didn't I know this lil boy was this old already? Hmm.

Lenny is just....fine:

And Kobe and crew were spotted at the Pepperdine game this week:

Cute family....but is Vanessa still bitter?

No comment.

And B's new House of Dereon ads are HOT. I most definitely like them better than the first ones:

But on the real...are shorts ever cute? No, I thinks not.

Get more pics here.

The Randomness:

  1. Go to Cake and Ice-cream to see why the hell Trina needs to fire her stylist.
  2. Michelle "I can't take a good picture to save my life" Williams is a new minority owner of the Chicago Sky team of the WNBA.
  3. Nelly insists that Halle Berry and J-Lo are the sexiest women alive. Story Hmmm, no Ashitty on that list?
  4. The Apprentice 5 kicks off Monday. Hell to the yes.
  5. It's the big Mardi Gras parade weekend....so ya'll be safe if you're coming to the N.O.

Keep it fab!




sorry but what's CGU. love

sorry but what's CGU. love the blog, I can't imagine how you do it with law school? it's my memo-break luxury. thanks! :-)
lawlawland08's picture

House of Dereon is need to be

House of Dereon is need to be foreclosed, cuz that HAM is just wrong! The nerve to sell her jeans for an "inexpensive" price of $100- pullez! I'm with the others in this. If I were Tina I would be hiding and trying NOT to take credit for creating this mess! No, I'm not hatin' on them, I am hatin' those clothes however!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

love your blogspot. but is

love your blogspot. but is it just me or do these house of dereon ads look a lil incestuous? somthing about the recurring theme of beyonce half-dressed while her mom (fully dressed) gazes longingly from the sidelides is just plain wrong, creepy if you will. time to hire a new marketing team. (yes already)And Kobe: is someone still trying to prove to the public how much he just looooves his wife and family? somebody doesn't look convinced. guess $4 million rings can only do so much.
Anonymous's picture

reagan was cool on

reagan was cool on parent'hood, but i was in the other room while love, inc. was on today and realized just how annoying her voice isshe was cute in the young gunz video
Anonymous's picture

thank you i thought i was the

thank you i thought i was the only one who noticed they turned B's thighs from a size 10 to a size 2, knowing it looks like her body will collapse on those sticks. one thing i have always appreicated about Beautiful B was her womanly figure...well maybe i should change that to "used to"
Anonymous's picture

B's momma and B's thighs were

B's momma and B's thighs were airbrushed a lot. I am not feeling her fashion line.What do either Kobe or his wife know about college? Kobe is still ugly.
Anonymous's picture

I love Jasmine Guy, my face

I love Jasmine Guy, my face lit up when I scrolled down the page and saw her. I just bought "A Different World Season 1" on dvd, can't wait to crack that bad boy open. Long live Whitley Gilbert.
Anonymous's picture

Lenny Kravitz is the sexiest

Lenny Kravitz is the sexiest man alive. check out http://absolut.com/ for more pictures and his ad. he is oh-so-fine. Thanks for postin him sistah!
Anonymous's picture

Now I know you love you some

Now I know you love you some beyonce??!) but that very tacky, country, junk they are selling - is JUST that - JUNK.House of Derron, pff! just tacky
Anonymous's picture

Damn Jada! I was just

Damn Jada! I was just watching Jason's Lyric... you was the truth baby. Now you on stage looking like Bruce Lee.
Chap's picture

I Luv your post Natasha.....I

I Luv your post Natasha.....I like the House of Dereon ads but find it kinda creepy the way mama Tina is lurking in all the pics.
Allysia's picture

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