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Weekend Roundup

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The gossip...

Lisa Raye and the Kellz were at a party in Chicago recently:

Image hosting by TinyPic


Image hosting by TinyPic

meet Lisa. Lisa...meet the Chi.

Terrance Howard is capitalizing on his Oscar nominee buzz and is the new face for 310 Footwear:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Jocelyn Taylor, associate publisher of Uptown Magazine, Terrance H., and Stacie J at the party for 310 Footwear at Ultra Lounge at the Wynn Las Vegas Wednesday

He still looks out of place in this pic.

Wendy Williams had a party to celebrate her launch of her Champagne product in NY at the Spy nightclub Tuesday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

I promise ya'll Wendy is a long lost Jackson 5 member.

Tocarra was thee to help celebrate too. Now I heard that is her momma sitting next to her. I'm not sure about that....but I definitely wouldn't be surprised. Tisk, tisk.

Ray J. was also there to help celebrate.

Let's take a look back at NBA All-Star weekend to check out who was the best dressed:

Tony P. is my first runner up pick.

Channing Frye

I wasn't feelin Kobe's fit.

Shaq looked like his usual deacon board member self.

And my #1 pick is of course:

Mr. Wade. HOT!

Get your vote on right here to pick who was the best dressed.

Naomi Campbell is the Honour Godmother of Carnival in Brazil:

Image hosting by TinyPic

She is in Sao Paulo Brazil at the Gala Dance for the opening of Carnival this weekend.

Cutie Nelly launched a new Applebottoms line of clothes this week:

I'ma have to check that out.

Kelly R. and Duane Martin had their premiere of thir new staright to dvd movie Seat Filler the other day in Hollywood:

And Kelly is bustin a new look. Not sure if I'm really lovin it though.

Kelly and Duane

Jada brought her daughter to the premiere:

Oh my damn she got that lil girl dressin just like her.

And is all this really necessary Jada?

Chris and Malaak were there too.

Duane and Tisha are so cute.

Just a lil reminder for you folks who will be watching:

Why am I looking forward to this? Admit it...you are too.

Jenny Lo was lookin pretty fab at the Dolce and Gabbana show at Fashion Week in Milan on Thursday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

And Ci Ci was at the Versace show in Milan this weekend too:

Why does she always have that surprised and baffled look about her?

Janet was spotted out shopping in Beverly Hills this week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

That chick just threw on anything to leave the house. Oh, and apparently she's been ordered to lose some pounds.

Whitney and Bobby were spotted in the airport on their way back from Whitney's horrific Olympics performance:

They both just need to stay off that sh*t.

Remember the group City High?

Well Claudette Ortiz and Ryan (2 of the group members) got married recently.

The afterparty for "Thrill. Then Chill." was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion last night:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Actress CCH Pounder, Actress Angela Bassett, Producer Debra Martin Chase, and Actress Vivica A Fox

Image hosting by TinyPic

Oh Viv.

The Randomness:

  1. I'ma need for The Game and 50 to stop beefing over some damn Mya. Story
  2. Go here to vote for BET's Tyrone Awards in Entertainment.
  3. Check out some suspect pics here of Tyson's party at a gay nightclub in DC.
  4. Beyonce will be dropping her new album this summer. Story
  5. Fresh has some pics of the AOL Black Voices Reception here.
  6. Tracy Morgan is pleading guilty to his DUI charge. Story
  7. Damon Wayans is trying to trademark the word "nigga". Hmmm. Story

Keep it fab!

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Maybe Damon should take a

Maybe Damon should take a look at this clip with his sorry self. http://www.whas11.com/sharedcontent/VideoPlayer/videoPlayer.php?vidId=49293&
Anonymous's picture

It's really sad that we as a

It's really sad that we as a people continue to use the word "nigga". No matter what it will still have the negative images of the past and it shouldn't be used at all. It makes the world think that it is ok to think of Blacks as "niggas" because that's how rappers refer to each other as. I am saddened to learn the Damon Wayans is trying to trademark that term. Unless we get rid of that negative word the world will never take Blacks seriously. It doesn't matter how many successful affluent Blacks there are, they will always be drawn to the negative images and "nigga" is one of them.
Anonymous's picture

Let's get off the hair tirade

Let's get off the hair tirade and start shaking our fists about Damon Wayans attempting to trademark the word "nigga". Seriously black people, its time we woke up.
Anonymous's picture

exactly, she looks a hot ass

exactly, she looks a hot ass mess
Anonymous's picture

Oh ya'll need to stop. I

Oh ya'll need to stop. I know what you are saying, but sorry, this is the wrong photo to take your black power fisks to the air on. I have braids, and yes they are mine and my hair is natural--HOWEVER, Lisa looks beat down, and whooped around! If you viewed and read it in the right context, you would easily see that....I hope?! C'mmon, she's in a photo with RKelly....hello, that's what ya'll should be talkin' about!
Anonymous's picture

Natasha, for my part at

Natasha, for my part at least, I didn't mean to sound like I was accusing you of anything. I love your blog and your wit is superb! It is just painfully obvious that centuries of psychological abuse have created an almost subconscious revulsion for who we truly are. It's a painful lesson for our people to find that society undervalues our natural beauty and devastating to have to endure it from our own community--the one place where acceptance of our God given features should be embraced and revered in all its forms. Indeed, it was so--before slavery. I think, if we are honest, most of us who are descendants of slaves have had these thoughts because it is a unfortunately a part of our American culture. We don't really stop to think where these ideas and beliefs originate. We need to talk about them and teach our children about them. I am not condemning anyone for their views, just expressing how deeply troubling it is to be constantly bombarded with this destructive legacy of slavery. Even the great Stevie Wonder--a black icon--has the lyrics "His sister's black, but she is sho'nuff pretty" in his song "Living for the City". I have the same problem with the term "white trash". As if normally, everything but white is trash, but we have to give a special name for the whites who don't meet the standard. Forgive my language, but the slaveholders hit a homerun with this one--it is the ultimate mindf*ck--the gift that just keeps on giving, generation after generation.
Terri's picture

Just FYI and clarification-I

Just FYI and clarification-I am not sure if these comments about "self-hatred" are being aimed toward me or not, BUT...I rarely respond to comments on my board, but this clarification is needed for such a serious accusation. As stated before, noone who reads this blog knows me personally. Therefore, if there is a question about something that has been written, please direct the questions/statements to me personally without assuming that something else was meant. I'm not going to spend time convincing people that I believe "all black women are beautiful" because that should be obvious from this site that I love my black culture. However, not feeling a person's style and not feeling the "beauty of the black culture" are two different things. Trust me I am intelligent enough to know the difference. Happy reading everyone!
Natasha's picture

You took the words right of

You took the words right of my mouth Terri...that really needed to be said...loudly!We really need to check ourselves..for real!
Assata's picture

Well the last that I heard,

Well the last that I heard, Claudette and Ryan had a baby right after they had their hit single. They seperated and went on to date other people then she became pregnant by that particular guy and right after she had the "other" baby, her and Ryan got back together, she became pregnant AGAIN, and they've finally decided to tie the knot!---- All I'm going to say is, "He's a good man"!!!!!
mzcalinva's picture

I know you meant it to be

I know you meant it to be funny, but I have got to ditto Terri and Nicoletta we should be careful about the messages we send about blackness and beauty.Anyway, love your blog and hangin there with law school!
Anonymous's picture

I agree, Nicoletta--her hair

I agree, Nicoletta--her hair looks natural and pretty. White society has f'ed up our images of ourselves so much that we don't even recognize the level of disdain we actually have for our natural selves. Light skin, straight hair...I have heard so many people say things like, she is black but she's pretty. WTF? She's pretty even with the dark skin thing going on???? Self haters!!! This is some serious mind f'ing going on. I hardly think that our ancestors looked down on features that were natural to our race before being made slaves and methodically brainwashed into hating ourselves and aspiring to force ourselves into the white perception of what is considered beautiful. Oh my soul is grieved by these attitudes that are so pervasive in the black community, especially concerning black women. And come across more than one board with white women remarking with glee that our black men don't find black women as attractive. To some extent, concerning a lot of black men this is regretfully true. That is seriously messed up. We need to stop subconsciously passing these attitudes on to our children. The media does it enough without our help.
Terri's picture

That is the best photo I've

That is the best photo I've seen of LisaRaye. She looks so youthful, and I think her hair looks better that way...stop hatin' Natasha :P
Nicoletta's picture

I could have sworn Claudette

I could have sworn Claudette and Ryan got married a while back. Oh well.
Anonymous's picture

Well Claudette Ortiz and Ryan

Well Claudette Ortiz and Ryan (2 of the group members) got married recently.Never would have thought that would happen in a million years.
Anonymous's picture

I don't think Tyson is gay.

I don't think Tyson is gay. He's just one of the few stars brave enough to show love to his gay fans. I think Rod 2.0 has talked about it.God---but did you check out all those beautiful black men on that site advertising those D.C. parties? If your man was on the DL I guess that would be a shocking way to find out.
Anonymous's picture

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