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Fab Blasts from the Past

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Tia, Tamara, and their Smart Guy brother Tahj were spotted recently at the Harlem Globetrotters game:

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Damn...kids grow up fast these days.

Here's a few pics from the Phat Farm party hosted by Russ Simmons last week:

Flav and Russ

Flav is fa real making his comeback a sure thing. Well, at least tryin to.

What is allllll this?

The Simmons kids were there chillaxin. Speaking of the kids, the new season of Run's House needs to premiere soon.

Source for pics

Fab is still a cutie.

Heavy D was spotted chillin with Rhianna at Ne-Yo's record release party:

Tyra....is that you??

Hov, Rhianna, and Ne-Yo

Awww Hells no. Once again, people and they ghetto fab mommas need to


And no, it's not Babs. It's Ne-Yo's mama. Call me what you want, but ya'll all know the truth.

The NAACP Image Awards were taped Saturday at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium and they air next week:

The cast of Everybody Hates Chris won an award.

Kellita Smith and her chi chis were there.

And AK's fabulousness was most definitely in that piece:

She received the Outstanding Female Artist Award, Outstanding Music Video Award, and Outstanding Song Award.

Brian Smith is scrumptious.

Jamie also won an award.

Get all the Award arrival pics here and the show pics here.

The President of the CGU organization has another picture in the Black Man's Playboy:

Terrance Howard has a jeep custom made in his name:

He attended the unveiling of a one of a kind 2006 Jeep Commander, which was personalized for Howard by Chrysler automotive designer Ralph V. Gilles at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Saturday in Los Angeles, California.

The vehicle will be auctioned on E-bay and the proceeds will be used to establish a scholarship for minority students in the field of automotive design.

Lil Jon was spotted at Ebony Crush Supper Club in NY Sat:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Will Smith was at Indian Idol in Mumbai on Friday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

He's in the process of launching an English language movie channel there. Maybe he needs to come his azz home and figure out why his wife has been lookin like burnt h.a.m. lately.

Oooooh finally they are unveiled. Here's a pic of Michael Jackson's always covered kids:

Should these kids' pic be on the evening news so that their real parents can find them?

Diddy is in Rio de Janeiro at Carnival right now. Here he's photographed leaving Copacabana Palace Hotel and Help nightclub in Copacabana (who is known to have prostitutes):

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

{Click Pics}

Here's a preview of the Celebrity Fit Club 4 cast:

Shar is serious about extending her 15 minutes huh?

And finally, Rev. Al was spotted looking his usual confused self out in the streets of NY yesterday:

The Randomness:
  1. Check out Free (her real name is Marie Wright) getting serenaded by B. Brown waaaaaaaay back in 1987 right here. Bet she never thought this would get out.
  2. Congrats to Tyler Perry for Madea being #1 at the box office this weekend.
  3. SandraRose has pics from T-Boz's Chase's Closet trunk show in the ATL here.
  4. When will Kelly understand that Solange writing her music is NOT a good look? Story
  5. Mariah is going to attempt to act again this spring. This chick never learns. Story


Fab trends:

Get your spring fashion guide right here. Buying new cute fits are such a welcoming event for spring.

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Love this site, keep it up!

Love this site, keep it up!
Anonymous's picture

Triple-sign! The blog is

Triple-sign! The blog is fabulous AS IS. Your comments are great. All this fun from a gal who is juggling law school no less!
JK's picture

mannnn I just said that last

mannnn I just said that last night how much Neyo moms look like Babs. Lol see and they thought I was being mean. I was just tellin the truth! lol
eb0nie's picture

^^i co-sign. i love the site

^^i co-sign. i love the site and your commentary. can we get some more pics of some recent best dressed nba players. and as always, please include a d.wade pic.
Anonymous's picture

hm, YBF, ur commentary is the

hm, YBF, ur commentary is the reason i come on this site. KEEP IT UP. ignore the post of the person at 503 am. since when is this school and u get graded? didn't ur momma teach u, if u don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. corny jokes, boy/girl please
jaurdyn22's picture

your blog is decent, but keep

your blog is decent, but keep thecommentary to a minimum, please. your corny jokes get you a downgrade.
Anonymous's picture

If you watch Marky

If you watch Marky Mark's(mark walberg)"Good Vibrations" video, you can catch Free back up dancing. They even show close ups.
Anonymous's picture

Al deserves his props. At the

Al deserves his props. At the State of the Black Union on Sunday, he was on point as usual. Here's a short video clip, which ended on a very funny note:http://www.canofun.com/blog/videos/2006/SharptonWhenDidTheyFreeYouandKeepMe.asxAs was Harry Belafonte (another short video on redefining terrorism):http://www.canofun.com/blog/videos/2006/HarryBelafonteOnTerrorismatBlackSOTU.asx
JK's picture

The Awards is a great

The Awards is a great presentation; lots of love, talent and spirit up in there, but keep on eye on the NAACP:http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2006/02/naacp-image-awards-are-nice-but.htmlAll is not well with the NAACP, most notably in the Northeast:First comes the summary. Rory Holland and I think the NAACP should stop and pay attention to its core values instead of throwing gala gatherings and aligning itself with the wrong/side and helping to stifle Free Speech up here. This includes agreeing with a recently-suspended Police Chief Martin Dunn in Jaffrey, New Hampshire who holds secret files on me -- a former legal redress chair -- as well as the Portland, Maine Chapter providing character witness to support Robert Kalex, who was found guilty of a Hate Crime against Mr. Holland -- a former NAACP court liason -- in Portland. You can surf into an actual Supreme Court Decision affirming a Hate Crime conviction
Christopher King's picture

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