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This Mardi Gras break has been the most fabulous thing on earth. No school and lots of eating....what else does a girl need? And on to the gossip...

Stankmora did some book signing of Fabulosity yesterday at Harlem's Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe. Why does she look special in these pics:



Image hosting by TinyPic


I'ma need for her to work all that out.

Moving on....

Sheila E. & Lynn Mabry's Elevate Hope Foundation "Circle of Passion" fundraiser and celebrity model fashion show was at the Pacific Design Center in LA on Sunday. Tons of celebs turned out to get their model on:

Image hosting by TinyPic

This chick fa real thinks she's the black Marilyn Monroe.

Image hosting by TinyPic


Gabrielle was there looking fabulous as usual:

And Essence Atkins and Hill Harper were also there:

I hear those two were a secret item even back when they were both engaged to other people. Hmmm.

Tichina Arnold looked fantabulous in a white pantsuit.

My girl Golden tries so hard.

Shaun Robinson

Victoria-this is funeral wear, not Fashion Show wear.


Image hosting by TinyPic

Yep, that's Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Jr.

Tifany Diamond

Looks like fun times were had by all.

JD had a party thrown for him at Judge Mathis' mansion this weekend:

Image hosting by TinyPic

So is that how big it is Ursh? Shhh. Don't tell nobody.

Fun times.

Alonzo Mourning and his fab wife were spotted out at Lucky Strike bowling alley.

Tocarra was looking fab at an event this week:

Loves it.

The premiere of 16 Blocks with Mos Def and Bruce Willis was at the Ziegfield Theater last night in the NYC:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

The cast of MTV's The Shop

I saw the previews for 16 Blocks when I went to see Big Momma's House 2 the other day...and I'm most definitley going to see this.

Ya'll remember Syrus from the Real World and The Gauntlet??

Image hosting by TinyPic

He was spotted out with Jessica from Laguna Beach.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Source: Bricks and Stones

Why am I just not surprised?

Heineken threw party for its new light beer:

Ooooh Taye:

This grunge look aint for you.


A random pic 0f STALe:


If you missed Oprah yesterday, you missed the real life "Barbie" giving O her very own Oprah Barbie Doll:

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{Click Pics}
Source: ONTD

I want one!

NFLer Jerome Bettis had a b-day Ballers party in Vegas recently:

Image hosting by TinyPic

And Mr. Superbowl MVPer himself was there too:


Now THIS is how you bring ya momma to an event:

Luda and his moms at the NAACP Image Awards

I'm glad somebody got some damn sense. Ending black history month right.

So I see Ciara and Bow Wow are still tryin to play that role, but..

Image hosting by TinyPic

Source: Zilla Says

Are we really surprised?

Ok...I see you J-Boog all grown and stuff:

Mmmhmm. Wonder how his baby/baby momma are doin.

The Randomness:
  1. Are Alicia and Kerry trying to pull a Bigga move? Listen here and here.
  2. And the trial begins for Master P. and Silkk. Story
  3. Wait, Jaheim had another #1 album? Story
  4. Oh hellls no. What possessed The Game to seriously record a song with K-Fed? Listen here. I guess the rumors were true.
  5. Busta! Why you tryin to hide?! We all know you in L.A. Story

Keep it fabulous my peoples!

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Kimora is a stunning

Kimora is a stunning woman..seriously. Essence Atkins is dating "ace" on American Idol. They've been together for over a year, he appeared on her show as the singing athlete.
Anonymous's picture

I meant a cute "fun" read.

I meant a cute "fun" read.
Anonymous's picture

For what it's worth, Kimora's

For what it's worth, Kimora's book is actually a cute, run read. I could do without the cover.Essence Atkins and Hill Harper look really cute together in that photo.
Anonymous's picture

LOL, I peeped Mr Usher in the

LOL, I peeped Mr Usher in the backround looking all coy.
Allysia's picture

I'm surprised no one

I'm surprised no one mentioned how gay Usher looks in that picture
Anonymous's picture

Golden's make up still isn't

Golden's make up still isn't matching, but at least she's trying!
Sykee's picture

J-Boog has a baby/baby

J-Boog has a baby/baby mama?!!! When did this happen??
Anonymous's picture

golden brooks needs to just

golden brooks needs to just stop trying because she is not fab. i dont understand why all the other girlfriends are fabulous but i guess she did not get the memo.
Ebony's picture

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