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Still Foolish

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Barry Bonds is an absolute fool:

He played "Paula" in the SF Giants spinoff to American Idol on Monday.
Story More pics at D-Listed.

Kelly is lookin fabulous in her new ad campaign to help fight AIDS with ALDO Shoe Co.:


The campaign kicked off yesterday.

Speaking of the Kellz, she'll be on Tyra's show Friday talking about Secrets of Music Superstars:

Image hosting by TinyPic

She has a burping contest with Tyra and shares why the other girls in the group asked her to break the news to the world that they were splitting up. Hmmmm.

Let's take a quick break to murrinate on Reggie Bush's fineness. Here's some more pics of him from yesterday's GM 10 event:

*Sigh* Nice.

The Jaguar Oscar Getaway at the Anastasia Beauty Suite was in Bev Hills yesterday:

Anne Heche and Garcelle

I'm lovin those yellow shoes.

Angela B. was there too:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Lookin a lil rough.

Oh well....keep doin ya thang ma.

Kelis was at a party for some diamonds this week:

The girl always looks a lil off...but there is something fab about her. Maybe it's that perfect skin she has.

Speaking of perfect skin:

Alek Wek was spotted out at an event this week.

I'm on a mission to jack those chicks' skin care routines.

And while we're on the Kelis note, here's just a couple of random pics of Mr. and Mrs. Nasir:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

I'm really lovin them as a couple.

Ne-Yo had his pre-release party Monday night:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Yummy and Chamillionaire

Well Chamillionaire definitely aint the cutest thing.

David and Ghostface

Hopefully they were inquiring about some chapstick, blistex, carmex, sumthin while they were all u in the camera lens like that.

Zoe and Jay-Z

David and Hov

Melyssa, please don't try to look demure. It most definitely doesn't work for you.

And Ne-Yo...

Get some new dancers who don't dance in lingerie and a t-shirt.

Moving on...

Nelly and Pharell need to calm the hell down with all this ice:

Image hosting by TinyPic


The launch of the Hip Hop Won't Stop The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life Collection Initiative for the Smithsonian Institution was yesterday:

Image hosting by TinyPic


And Ice-T looked quite entertained.

Those southern boys took over MTV2 Studios yesterday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Three 6 Mafia

And yes, I'm still mad they're still performing "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" at the Oscars. Hopefully someone will come to their senses soon.

And Juve and Chamillionaire were there:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Just a damn mess.

Michelle W. went to speak to some middle schoolers I guess about her new ownership int he WNBA Chicago Sky team recently:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Source: smart.

Ummm John:

The "suspect" rumors would stop if you would stop wearing your shirt like this.

Oh no Fanny...

Why? Just why?

A pic of David C. and his wife and kids at his premiere the other night:

Yes indeed. And Dave is saying he most definitely won't come back to Comedy Central if they really start re-airing his lost episodes. It's not a game people. Story

The Randomness:

  1. Why am I not surprised? Story
  2. Apparently Nelly shot another video at first for his Over and Over song w/ Tim McGraw that was a serenade to his "girlfriend" Ashanti. Check it out here with all the pics of her he's longing over. Boo.
  3. Carmen and her stories of her sexcapades just need to stop! Story

Stay fabulous!

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Fantasia's a cutie!

Fantasia's a cutie!
Anonymous's picture

Hilarious. :) Although leave

Hilarious. :) Although leave John Legend alone. I like him; suspect or not.Great blog. Keep it up. :)
*'s picture

Fanny look like somebody

Fanny look like somebody drunk ghetto mama LOL
Anonymous's picture

you are hating on angie b

you are hating on angie b because she looks GREAT even w/no makeup! do you know how OLD she is?!
Anonymous's picture

Suspect rumors?

Suspect rumors?
Boogie's picture

Angela B. is just looking

Angela B. is just looking restless, I can't imagine she's getting any sleep with the twins...Babies are a handful
Allysia's picture

I love how Nelly always seem

I love how Nelly always seem to be enjoying the hell out of himself--very cute. As for Kelis, yeah, she does always look a little off, but there's something I like about her. Not sure if I love her with Nas though. I like him a lot, but he seems like he has a massive ego, which can be tough to handle.
KJ's picture

OK, I am so sick of seeing

OK, I am so sick of seeing all these rappers with these chaffed ass lips! Black, ashy, crusty lips are NOT attractive! David, please put the blunt down or just lay off it a little, please don't end up like Juve. Ps. Juve looks like he has a diaper rash on his lips, he is beyond Carmex's help, needs ointment.
Anonymous's picture

Barry Bonds? U sure that's

Barry Bonds? U sure that's not Serena? LOL
Anonymous's picture

chappelle's kid looks like a

chappelle's kid looks like a tiger woods when he was a little.i hope reggie stays classy throughout his pro career. and please dont post anymore pics of reggie standing next to his formerly-but-still-is-a-lil-cross eyed teammate matt leinart. LOL :o)
Anonymous's picture

yeah you right...the dancers

yeah you right...the dancers should stop wearing lingerie and tshirts. Assnaked! I cosign with you natasha. :)chamillionaire = geico geckoreggie mooned and farted and all the women just smiled talkin about how cute his gas was. the man can't lose!
zillz aka tie granny up's picture

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