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Weekend Fab + "JJ" Makes A Comeback

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Cam'Ron is tryin to get yet ANOTHER cap in his azz. He's shooting a new video that's talkin sh*t about the Jiggaman. And guess who he got to play HOV himself:

Oh yes...Jimmy "JJ" Walker.

And then he went all out with a chickenhead Beyonce lookalike all up in his lap:

Sad, sad. That ni**a needs a damn hobby.

Some "celebs" were spotted at the Knicks v. Bulls game last night in NY:

Julissa B. from 106 and Park was there.

And so was Ja Rule's midget self.

Damn T:

Tocarra was bustin out all over the place at BET's Rip the Runway event. Well...B did say that if you got it...flaunt it.

One more pic from that event:

Hmmmm looks like somebody going for a change in her look.

Rumor Alert!

Ya'll remember Sammie? The lil boy that kicked off that young ass boys being lusted after by grown ass women trend? Well I'm hearing that not only is he coming out with a new album soon, but Teairra Marie is in his new video AND she's his new lil boo. The video is 40's inspired and will be out soon. Hmmm.

Rhianna did a new photoshoot recently and actually looked pretty fab doin so:

Image hosting by TinyPic

At least she has a tiny bit of originality to her look this time. And check out pics from her new video shoot for "Unfaithful" here.


The one time I watched American Idol this season.....this chick worked my last nerve. But she got booted the other night and it was well deserved. Check out D-Listed for the story.

Coolio just looks a damn fool and he needs to stop:

And Snoop hosted a party at Prive nightclub in Miami Beach Thursday night:

Snoop and Timbaland were there lookin BLOWED as hell.

That sexy man Method was there. And Chris Jones was with him.

The Randomness

  1. Check out Concrete Loop to see how Tamala J. b*tched slapped Wendy Williams with words. Loves it.
  2. Watch Robert Horry bite a b*tch and shake a ref here.
  3. Jackie-O was caught shoplifting from Neiman Marcus. Just a damn shame. Story
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Is Julissa B. dating John

Is Julissa B. dating John Abrams from MSNBC. I wouldn't put it past him to love the sistas.
Anonymous's picture

why did i think teairra was

why did i think teairra was hottie? i miss sammie though, i never thought he'd come back
Anonymous's picture

SMH @ Jackie-O. . .seems to

SMH @ Jackie-O. . .seems to me that if her "nookie" was that could, she coulda had someone buy her something from NM. . .lovin' the blog.
AquariusRising's picture

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