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Weekend Fab, Ctd. + Some Souuuul

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The 20th Annual Soul Train Music Awards were taped last night and all was fabulous in The Wood:

YBF chick Reagan Preston-Gomez was there lookin uberly fabulous:

I don't care what folks say, she's in the running for YBF spokesperson.


Mini Fox

Who is this chick and why did she think this nonsense was ok?

Another YBF spokeschick is Ms. Kyla:

Glad to see her lookin grown, but still youthful at the same time.

Look who's making a comeback in a fabulous way:

Dawn from EnVogue


Why does Vivica INSIST on believing showing those tats is a cute thing??

Cuz it aint.


Fire your stylist.

What?!? Michelle looks good in a pic? SHUT UP!

Kelly looked fab also:

And I must give it to the fellas for lookin hella hot last night:

Israel from College Hill

Avant is definitely a cutie.

And Tyrese...

Can make a chick pass the hell out.

Get the rest of the arrival pics here.

The hosts of the show were Viv and Tyrese:

The funny thing is, I'm feelin Viv's look right here. Yes, she looks a little like she flashed back to her "shake that azz on stage" video girl episode from last year. BUT, I likes.

And another surprise:

Mimi was workin it out. Do ya thang ma.

Damn that Kiki-


Always tryin to steal the spotlight and tryin to eat Mimi's face.

Check out the rest of the pics from the show here.

Enough of all that.

J-Lo was spotted working out at Compound Gym in Bev. Hills Thursday and Friday:

Image hosting by TinyPic


That chick's body is SICK. Must be nice.

Naomi did a fashion show for Giambattista Valli in Paris Friday:

Image hosting by TinyPic


Not really feelin the spandex look.

Eva P. is in the new ElleGirl mag in an ad for EckoRed:

Image hosting by TinyPic



And in case you haven't heard, Eva is playin Jamie's love interest in his new video for "DJ Play a Love Song":

Image hosting by TinyPic

Eve was spotted, without her African Prince of a man, on her wayto Hollywood hotspot Teddy's on Friday:

She actually is starting to step her game up some more. Loves it.

B is truly an international superstar:

She's on the cover of Cosmo for Bulgaria. Sweet.

And finally, Christina M. has some promos for her new album "So Amazing" due out soon:

Image hosting by TinyPic



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why christina channeling

why christina channeling ashanti in these pics?
Anonymous's picture

nice layout girl !

nice layout girl !
Anonymous's picture

I'm LOVING the new look here,

I'm LOVING the new look here, Miss Natahsa! Very fresh, very pink, very FAB! Keep up the good work!For my comment:Mimi has a curvy body, a lil ba-dunk-a-dunk and a good set of tatas, ok, don't dispute that. But WHY must she always try to squeeze into a size 2?
Anonymous's picture

Is Vivica SERIOUSLY wearing

Is Vivica SERIOUSLY wearing one of those accordian headbands I had from 7th grade?!?!?! With all that nonsense she keeps doing to herself, you'd think she'd get some Ambi for those elbows. Wow... I'm still annoyed ANYONE is performing "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" at the Oscars and since when is Eva Longoria speaking for the African-American community? I don't have anything against her, I just find it curious. Hmmm....
Anonymous's picture

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