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Shaq’s Big A** Party

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So Shaq celebrated his 34th birthday at a private residence (supposedly the Scarface mansion) last night:

Shaunie looks like she's about to pop that baby out in about an hour. She still looks cute though.


Shaq and Duane Wade

OK. Before we go on, let's take a minute to peep D-Wade's sexiness at the party:

Dwayne, Udonis Haslem, and Gary Peyton

D-Wade, James Posey, and Tracy McGrady

Dwyane and Udonis

Alright. Now we can keep it movin...

Alonzo and Tracy were there:


And much to my surprise...Vivica actually looked nice:

That white suit is HOT.

And even Star and Al looked nicer than their usual.

Scott Storch was there with his "friend" Erika.

Now that's just wrong. Those glasses are highly unnecessary.

Trick Daddy is on some bad sh*t:

I really want to run behind him with a toothbrush and Mr. Gillette.

Get the rest of the pics here.

And check out Kelis' brand new video w/ Too Short called "Bossy":

Hmmm..reminds me of a chick version of Grillz and a black Gwen Stefani. But the chick is still fab. And for all you Kelis fans-go here to watch her documentary/diary.

Stay fabulous folks!

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