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Unfab Candids

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Well well well. Looks like Cici is gettin in good with moms-Bow Wow's mom. They all took a family trip to the Louis Vuitton Store in St. Barts:

Oh uh uhn. Do they have on matching hats?

What you grabbin on chick?

Looks like Cici is back to her mannish ways:

Those arms are unnecessarily muscular.


What? Is Bow mad because he was told kiddies have to be escorted through the store? And they asked Ciara to be his male parental guardian? Yeah...they may want to take care of all that.

Usher was spotted out at a Addidas store recently:

Why does he look...special?

Aww hell naw:

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Don't act like ya'll don't see them.

Mariah is the only person I know that can make Louis Vuitton look a sh*tty mess:

Louis's original look is this.

But she did step it up a notch with this one:

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And the original look is this.


Jenny was caught spending some time out by the pool:

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That swimsuit is not cute...but her body is SICK.

On the gossip tip: It was just reported on Extra that she's been asked to sign on to play Sue Ellen in Dallas the movie version. What the hell? There wasn't nan a minority up in Dallas. I promise ya'll-J-Lo...and Hollywood...forgets who people really are sometimes. Story

The Randomness:

  1. Check out what Jawn had to say about Steve Harvey's divorce news and Alicia Keys' new anouncement about Broadway.
  2. Hoopz has a new movie role in a Mekhi Phiffer's new film Easier, Softer Way due out this summer. Guess she's finally getting what she's sexed worked so hard for.
  3. Juvenile is talking mad ish about Cash Money, Lil Wayne, and FEMA. Story
  4. Hmmm...Jay-Z wandering already? Or just a tabloid fabrication? You be the judge:

March 14, 2006 -- IT

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