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FLAV…Are These Ya Chicks?

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Looks like Pumpkin, Goldie, and Hoopz are BFF still:

What's really goin on here people?


Reality tv at its best-chicks who front and are only in it for "friendship" and fame. And who really could give a damn about Flav. Season 2 of Flavor of Love is already in the works. (D-Listed has the story) But hey...do we really blame them?

And Sweetie was spotted at a porn convention a while back that Lloyd Banks was a guest at:

Image hosting by TinyPic


Looks like Lil Miss High and Mighty isn't so sweet and subdued afterall.

Jawn wrote the cover story about Regina Hall for the new magazine Jewel:

Image hosting by TinyPic

I've always liked her and her pics are definitely fabulous. By the way, in the article she talks about her relationship with Cuda-Kelly Rowland's ex she likes to not speak about. Hmmm. {Thanks Jawn}

And now for a random D-Wade pic:

Dwyane and Lebron at the Heat v. Cavs game a few days ago

I KNEW he would spot me in the stands...I just KNEW it. Lemme stop.

What was this nastiness at the Hills Have Eyes premiere the other day:

She has this innate ability to look trashy in outfits that are otherwise cute.

And Shar is...

Still trying....hard.

It's about that time again-NBA's Best Dressed of the Week:

Amare Studamire looked confused. Not feeling the casual/formal mix up on him.

My second runner up pick:

Quentin R. was lookin quite yummy in this suit. And very rarely would I say that about Q.

My pick:

Trevor Ariza

Now this dude is doin some thangs in that suit. Cast your vote right here.

Montblanc Co. had its launch recently:

For some reason...this outfit works for Aisha. I likes. BUT...

Image hosting by TinyPic

Why did her hair stylist let her walk this red carpet with her head lookin like that?! I just wanna run behind her with a rat tail comb and a container of gel....the good brown gel. Damn shame.

Ashanti and her ghetto girl pose were there too:

I'm kinda feeling the look.


And her makeup is FABULOUS.

Here's a new pic of Chris Rock and his daughter Zahra:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Source: CBB

They were spotted out shopping in The Wood recently.

Only Lenny can look this good in some Chanel sunglasses...

And not look suspect.

So, Diddy. How many chicks did you get ya swerve on with so they could make the band?

And how many of those chicks actually made the band?

@ Unforgettable release at Macy's this week

Can ya'll guess who?

The Randomness:

  1. See what happens when black folk...mainly Kanye... speak up: they get a damn movie. Story
  2. Juve the Great is #1 on the Billboard Charts. New Orleans wassup!
  3. Who's watching "Black. White."? Read about it here.
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